Scam letter(s) from Vanessa William to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Darling,Why are you now talking like this,You know that we have time different and you think i come online to begged and asked you for money...I dont know why you have thought like this to me ..I have a problem to get online..where do you want me to get computer to use now ..
Letter 2
Wel,It doesnt matter to tell me to stop talking about suiced,Im doing to do it if this gonna be the end of my life...See Mark,I never thought things will turn like this and the way you arre now taking it with me putting up a triger on my kneck ...Yes i know we have been on this things for long but doesnt matter how long...I know you have to think about this...Mark i love you and i always pray for goodness for you ..I never thought of anything bad to you darling,I always wanted to be with you..See honey ,Mr vincent said he had just 20$ that he willn give me ..Pleas never lose every hope on me ....Believe me matter what i will be at your side it may take long but i want you to know i will stand at your side soonest ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINE
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Flight: Kuala Lumpur - Seattle - One wayMYR 5,041.00
Wed 7 Jul 10 Departure: Kuala Lumpur - Seattle
Wed 7 Jul 1023:15 Kuala Lumpur (International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia) -
05:55 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)
Class: Voyageur / Economy
Flight number: AF8398
Aircraft type: Boeing 777-200 |
Operated by: KLM
Thu 8 Jul 1008:05 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) -
09:25 Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport, France)
Class: Voyageur / Economy
Flight number: AF2341
Aircraft type: Airbus A320-200 |
Operated by: Air France
The waiting time until the next flight is 1h05
Thu 8 Jul 1010:30 Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport, France) -
11:50 Seattle (Seattle Tacoma, Washington, USA)
Class: Voyageur / Economy
Flight number: AF0306
Aircraft type: Airbus A340-300 |
Operated by: Air France
Total travel time 27h35 Ticket Voyageur Economy Passengers Miss vanessa william (adult) Please note that your name is spelt "VANESSA WILLIAM" on your ticket
Date of birth Thursday 15 March 1979
Frequent flyer programme Delta SkyMiles (Delta Air Lines)
frequent flyer number 2589108667
Telephone number 1 0060163123931
Telephone number 2 0060163123931
E-mail address
Seat preference Window
Special meal Vegetarian vegan meal Price specification Adult
Ticket price 3,780.00
Booking fee -
Fuel surcharge 901.00
French airport tax 77.00
Airport Passenger Service Charge international 56.00
US international transportation tax 53.00
Airport Passenger Service Charge 51.00
Security charge 30.00
Airport Passenger Service Charge 200.00
US INS user fee 23.00
US customs user fee 500.00
US APHIS fee 100.00
Netherlands noise isolation charge 9.00
Price (per passenger): 5,041.00
Number of passengers 1

Total price for all passengers5,041.00
Total price: MYR 5,041.00 Ticket conditions Departure flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seattle - Voyageur Economy
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Letter 3
Darling,I see that in our conversation,you seem to be angry on me because of my situation and you dont want to understand and believe me for anything again,I know you are right and i also feel thesame way of you..I want you to know that have think about this but i cant go anywhere ,You are all i got,this morning when i ask the woman about how im going to get ticket,she said she is going to give me the 300 and i told her that ,my fiance have done alot for me ,that i dont think you can do,she now said i should begged and give every assurance that i wont dissappoint again because i have told her everything about this ,Dear,i have learn my mistake and it wont repeat itself again,I promise you,there is not going to be any dissappoint of anything again,theer is no way i can get 220$ to make a booked for my ticket,You have told me not to ask you for anything again and i have also make up my mind,but my love in your heart and the one in my heart can not go away,You always in my heart and my thought mark,thought we are not together doesnt mean we are not in same thought of been together...I love you and i want you to know i dont have anyone in life,I got you and i stand by you.the last time that you said you didnt see me online for one week,I travelled to Brussel because of my coming to State,to get all this immigration works,thats why i was'nt online for those moment,Honey pleas i want you to believe and trust me for just last time...If you dont see me in Des Moines International Airport.. i swear to almight god ,dont believe me and dont do anything for me again even if i ask you ,Dont trust me again if you dont see me this time ,I m sure of what im saying ,Pleas i just want you to open it in your heart and do give me and try me for last chance ,I want you to know that i will make the dream come true finaly...Pleas in god we trust..I will chat with you in the morning when you wake up...sleep wel and have a nice night ...My love and my kissess..
Letter 4

Okay,i dont know you were not online then,I have gotten this 400$ now,remain 120$....I have been crying since yesterday and i cant help myself...
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