Letter(s) from Ludmila Mushanova to Daniel (Israel)

Letter 1

Hello Daniel! It is me,Ludmila:)))))I found you on www.lavaplace.
My native language is no English but i know it rather well and if you know it too, we can try our luck! I think we could find many things in common if we search and allow it to be so. do you agree that exploring each other is the best way to determine all the things we share in common? Daniel dear hope you will like my photo and will send me yours pictures!
my kisses

Letter 2

hi dear Daniel.

How are you and how was your day? Nice to read from you. Many thanks for writing me today,i like very much photos and it's great that you know Russian language,better to speak it or in English?of course chatting would be good way but i have no such opportunity. anyway i hope we can start something and find out if we can see each others eyes one day!

wow,i guess you live in wonderful place,the weather is warm!)) i live in city Starobelsk,Ukraine. I'm 29 years old,finished college and work in hospital,it's a small one in our city,where people know a lot about each other. I'm a nurse and like my work. Daniel i think your have very nice works and good you combine one of them with hobbies.

my family is very small,i live with parents,my mother is very good woman with modern view on life and we are very good friends with her.
she was also a nurse but already retired. my father was a driver,now they stay at home and look after our garden,our small calm house. we like to make picnics in our summerhouse and grill meat. always invite our relatives and friends.

I'm glad to know that my Daniel is good man,so what qualities are you looking in woman whom you want to be your wife or partner? i want to find special man for me that I will love and been in love and never want to leave and I would like to have together good and special moments and also to enjoy life and life’s pleasure and of course to take care of each other.

waiting for your letter,

Letter 3

hi my Daniel!

what a nice surprise,i hope you are doing well and not so busy. thanks for answering to my questions,i think better to communicate in English and don't worry i will find words to show myself.

Daniel I'm glad to know that you want to become father. In my opinion, my future husband,partner,couple will get from me all my time mind efforts because he will be the most important part of my life. he will be in my mind 24 hours per day, even if he will not be close to me, and I will always want to feel her in my heart. I will enjoy a lot with friends but I will do it much more if he is with me. The same walking by the city, shopping, watching films... Of course, he must feel or think the same! If one of both has doubts is because we are not really soul mates. I'm sure I will get married only once! I want my husband to become the happiest man in the world with me and the only way to get that is if I am the happiest girl in the world with him!!

Daniel,i haven't planned anything on this summer yet,maybe it's a chance for us to meet each other in person?i like travelling but unfortunately never been abroad.

I will look forward to your letter,
sincerely your Ludmila

Letter 4

hi dear Daniel.

Yes, your idea sounds like a dream, but like a very sweet dream. And I like it very much. So why not make it happen in reality? Spending some time together - getting to know each other - feel how it feels to be together and feel the other presence I think this is nothing we can describe with words. Feelings are something very special. And you make me feel very special too. I am very happy that communication between us is so easy in English. That is a great basis for some interesting talk while going for a walk, or sitting on the couch, holding each others hand. Also Daniel,i think that it's very important to visit Israel,country where you live and spend time,explore your life as i will need to change everything if we decide me to move to stay with you in Israel. how soon can we arrange it?

I'm sorry but my phone is broken,i put it to repair store and will give you my number as soon as i have it. ok my Daniel??i want to hear your voice!
your Ludmila

Letter 5

hi my sweetheart.

I must tell you that you are having a definite affect on my life. Last night I did not sleep well as you were constantly on my mind I tossed and turned wondering what you were doing at this minute, were you thinking of me, what you were doing at work and many other things.
Then I got up and had a glass of warm milk to try and get to sleep, but with no effect. So i started doing other things around the house at 2 am in the morning. Funny right, how one person have such an effect on another when their heart feels loved. They say that the mind wants what the heart feels, and I want to be together with you my Daniel as soon as possible. I know that we need to have direct contact,so as soon as i get my phone repaired i will give my number to you. ok??i write you from Internet cafe as you know and there is no camera,my friends have no Internet at home so i think that we will keep in touch directly via phone.

Daniel,i don't know about visa,i should find out what i need to visit you in Israel! i think that soon we'll be happy together,i want to enjoy your presence, my honey you are always in my mind!

with warm kisses
your Ludmila

Letter 6

hi my lovely Daniel.

I'm happy that you like my words that come from my heart and i always want to share it with you!you know dear, now I'm just dreaming about our meeting together!! I look so forward to kiss you for the first time, to talk with you for the first time, to keep you tight unto my skin for the first time, and then kiss you warmly!i begin to live this moment of our meeting,it will bring us so much emotions,people remember such events all their life. you are very special for me and i want to become woman of your life,i want to feel you close to me!yesterday evening i was siting on the window and look at sky thinking what you are doing at the moment..i hope my sweetheart that we'll look at they sky together very soon!

yes,i was in travel company and have found that i don't need visa to come to Israel,i need to make international passport, it's possible to make it at police office,but i feel upset my Daniel,because i don't have money to pay for it,it can be done in 2 weeks and it cost 250$ in 1 week the cost is 350$ and in 1 day- 500$.

Dear,i don't know what to do,i feel upset,don't want our dream will be ruined. i asked my parents,but they have no such money,they know about you and our communication and very happy i met such wonderful man,i told them that you are serious about me and want to bring me to Tel Aviv. But how we can manage with this difficulty?i so would love to be with you, to put my arms around you and embrace you, keeping you warm and feel your heart beating.

waiting for your letter,kiss you my Daniel!
your always Ludmila

Letter 7

hi my dear Daniel.

Your letter brought another day full of sunshine. I am so happy that we agree on many things and that we are on the right path to an eventual meeting and finding our true happiness. I am not a woman to fall so quickly for a woman but there is something that has happened between us that has made me want to be with you forever. Each of your letters makes me have that butterfly effect in my stomach, always looking for the next letter from you. Daniel you are something like an addictive drug that i can not get enough of you,it would be great to share our thoughts talking via phone and allowing them to sink into our mind so i can dream of what life would be like with a wonderful and attentive man.

I'm sorry but i have no phone at home,i have one at work and will find out if i can use it to talk with you!

Daniel,i have found in net what is scammer and i feel sad you think i'm not real, only because i have no such opportunity to borrow money here,life is poor here and people just have no such sum of money to borrow me,i can't also to ask parents because i know they have no money,they receive only pension and i earn 150$ in a month,i have no idea how to over this difficulty,i want to be with you and afraid my Daniel that our dream will be broken,i hope we'll don't allow it to happen.

waiting for your letter,kisses
your always Ludmila

Letter 8

hi my dear Daniel.

I'm happy to receive your letter and i like your words that you are going to make everything possible to meet me,to be together as it can be very serious step that will lead us to serious relations. i like your letters,your thoughtful words and think that we could become wonderful couple,but you know there must be a trust in our relations,but i don't feel your trust me and i worry about this. you begin to write me about scammers,you wrote about the girl who didn't come to Kiev,how do you think that i will be so awful person to hurt you,the man i was waiting for all my life??Daniel,please don't make me feel sad,don't offend me,i want to see you and your country because i want to know your way of living,everything that surround you my Daniel!

you see you even don't know where you live,how will you get here??it would be hard,there are a lot of mafia,bad people but i want you to feel safe,i know in Izrael there are another culture and people are much better. don't you think that it will be perfect meeting for us??

my working number is +380668734251,i will wait for your call during my working day till 6 pm,ok??i think we'll become closer hearing each other voices!

kiss you my sweetheart!
always your Ludmila

Letter 9

hi my honey Daniel.

i was very happy to talk with you yesterday,you are so direct person and i like your way of talking,at first i felt butterflies in my stomach because i was nervous..it's our first talk and then of course i feel better. the whole evening i was thinking about you,about our meeting!

you are so wonderful and i want to be with you,to get closer,i want to know everything that surround you there in Israel!

Daniel,i was in bank in the morning and found that you can make the transfer via moneygram and western union. dear,you will need this information:

my name is Ludmila
surname is Mushanova
city Starobelsk,
ciountry Ukraine
zip code is 92700

i will need transfer code to receive money in bank and your full name Daniel Kremer,right??

kiss you and will wait for your call!
always your Ludmila

Letter 10

hi my dear Daniel.

i haven't heard from you last week and i really felt upset,thought that maybe you don't want me to come to Izrael,thought that maybe you misunderstood me on the phone.

yes,i received calls but didn't hear you. sometimes it's easier to explain better via letters and sometimes on the phone. i understand your situation,but you can't understand mine. you offend me by no trust me. why i never combine you with my past relations???because i know this is hurtful!people in bank have no rules to suggest you what to do with transfer,it's only up to you my Daniel,and when you wrote about id copy,you make me smile..this is also not a prove to bank workers,you wrote that you want me to send a photo with paper of something written,this is a joke????we are talking about meeting,about relations and you want to make me fool,i know and will never belive that bank workers need this photos from me to make the transfer,it's only your hesitation and only you know trying to find a reason not to help me. if you don't want to help me,just write me no and that is all. i respect myself and Daniel,i will never allow someone to offend me this way!