Letter(s) from Patricia Kromrie to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

My Master/Daddy,
I am very surprised at your act and the way you talked to me in your email today sir, but i have thought about how i should prove myself to you, i feel with this you should value me and take me so close to your heart, i had the chance to go out to a shopping complex with my Drivers license today so i got it scanned and i wanted to send u a copy so you would know i am not just here to fool u or lie to you, a real woman would always do her best to show how sincere and serious she is to her man, You do not need to nag again, its long past civilized world, the only gift of fear is in its removal from the thoughts, Do you agree with me? If i am not real i would not have a valid ID, i believe i can trust you with it thats why i am sending it to you, and i wouldn't like you to share it with anyone, its just a thing that should be between two people, a relationship is something between two people and not the whole world or with a third party, Your money would not give me extra life on earth, it wont buy my love, i gave you my love without you spending a dime before now, and i gave my whole heart to you and also shared my nude with you, This is what a good man should value and cherish, I have made up my mind to drive to you, if you do not take me as i am and give me the chance it would mean u don't value me, you don't value the feeling of a woman in love with you, You don't respect my wishes, and take me for my words, This would serve as a first commitment from you to me when you have the funds sent to me and also my driving down to you would serve as the first way you can use in trusting me, I do not need you here, i need you to be there for me in trusting me, i am all capable of doing all i need to do here, all you need to do is prepare the house there and give me a warm reception, i am sorry if i hurt you or make you feel bad in any way sir, I felt as a slave i should never hide anything for my master and that i should also share every status of my well being with him , this is what a good slave should do, I am more like an less privileged girl to you, my being willing to devote my full heart and mind to you is something that comes from deep part of my heart, when we started this master and slave relationship you talked to me like i could confide in you and that you could watch my back. tear roll down my eye and you can imagine how if feel when one is being said such things to. like you telling me to contact my Ex master for aid and assistance, you felt i am just here to be a burden on you and to take away your money. but i am not here for your money, all i want is a good life and a good partner, master, man someone who i can call on as my own. someone who i can always look up to and someone who i would worship all the days of my life sexually, physically, and emotionally. but you hurt me so bad with your statements this morning. I am not a slave who is always carried away by riches, money, treasure , all this are Vanity and are the routes of all evils.material things should not be a front line thing in a good Master and slave Relationship, i might only be in need of your giving me a hand for now, in the future i can be a good asset to you which would worth more than material things, and would worth more than money to you sir.

I do not want your money master if you do not give it out with your full heart, when giving something out, one has to do it willingly and not with a double mind or heart. You put your slave first in everything and not worldly things master. money is not what can buy your slaves heart and happiness. but our willingness to do things that would make her happy and convenient while she is with you and when she is far from you. We have come a long way from now and This should not be what would keep us apart. we have better things which we would share together when we are together sexually, emotionally, morally, physically. you should value me more than you value money and material things sir. i only felt the pain but i felt we are all human and can say hurting words at times, so i didn't take it personal, i still want you as my master i would never hold anything against you or hold your wrongs against you bcos i know we are human and i know it just came up. so i am still very much your slave. but you would have to let your past go down the drain and willing to move on with me as your slave and not putting anything to my feelings. you can only judge me when you know me in person sir. you can imagine how much hurt you have hurt me with the words you wrote in the email.

And Sir until you are ready, You are not worthy of finding love. Delete the worries and let's upload the future together. Some say, the past shape our present, but i say, our presence is shaped according to those experience we decide to accept,. You should refuse to spend the rest of you life in worries and not keeping a good woman you have found sir, because the person who has feelings for you is out there in pains and in wonder, lost with thoughts and with worries all over, and is such person worth being thrown away? so you must let go of such worries and embrace a new dawn and a good woman.

Do you know that everything starts with a dream Master? To dream a dream is to awaken your inner self. Your wants, your desires, your passions are given life. Proverbs 31:10-11 says,."When one finds a worthy wife, or woman, or slave, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband, man entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize." I advice you to drop worries, thinking i am a burden or arrogance, don't give me the chance to love you, first give yourself a chance to be loved. Do things willingly and don't think negative about a new woman who you just met, You cant tell if she is your best half sir,i swear a good hearted woman will understand this and then you will find that love in abundance, Do Not think i am here to hurt you sir.

I would want you to think twice as a master and don't let the your mind worries and thoughts make you loose or throw away a valuable property, slave and pet who would be useful to you in so many way, you can either take me as your everlasting slave and doing what would get me to my good health and good shape and not letting the worries you down and make things go negatively for we both sir. With the few outlines i have written it should appear to you i have a deep love for you and that i am the kind of woman you should cherish and the kind of slave that is worth being owned by you and i should be put into your loving heart.

I would wait to hear from you as i know you need some time to cool off and to also let go off the worries, i would wait for your message again. I have added some more pictures for you to make you happy and they should make you more happy with me and more willing to take me into your heart and to never make me feel like i am not loved.

Your new Slave Pet