Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Syzon to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

My sweet loving, baby,
PLease, don't be angry with me because sometimes I miss some your questions! I try to explain: here the internet is rather expensive, at least for me, that's why usually I try to read your letters as quick as I can and then I try to write you an answer quickly also, coz I haven't got much money to pay!!! PLease, baby, forgive me for that, but I really didn't do that knowingly! Honey, today I' sending you my passport(ID), today I've got the money, baby, please, don't worry about that! Today I'm taking it to the agency! Today I'm explaining why I still work! The thing is one of my colleague caught a bad cold, my chief asked me to substitute for her, I agreed coz I had to give a helping hand as there was nobody to work now!!! Besides, I think extra money will never be superfluous! As for the phone, honey, my friend didn't get any message from you!!! May be you dialed the wrong number? Honey, I'm taking the money to the agency and they will start the processing immediately! Please, don't worry! You ask me to contact you every time from morning till night, you see baby, I am not able to do that as I work again, I'll work till the day I'll fly to you! Hon, please, don't be angry with me, ok? I'll try to contact you as often as I can, honey! I love you very very very much!!!
I have to go to the agency, baby, otherwise it will be closed!!!
i'll write you tomorrow, my Love! Please, don't worry, everything will be ok!!!
I love you so much, baby!
Your Tanya.
Letter 2

My Love, everything is ok!!! I'm in Kiev already!!! The flight was good, I found the net cafe here so I'm here now and writing to you, baby, I want you to know that I got the pocket money, everything is ok!!! Yesterday I forgot to send you the scanned passport, so here it is, honey, I attached it in this letter. Baby, my next flight is at 14.45, so my Love, I have some time to see the sightseeings, I won't go far away, only near the airport! I love you, baby, see you soon!!!
Your Tanya.
Letter 3

Oh my baby, my sweet loving baby,
I don't know what to start with!!! I'm writing to you and tears are falling down, I almost can't see anything.
Honey, a terrible thing had happened!!! I can't find all the necessary words for explanation! How the fate maybe so cruel for us? Dear, can you imagine the situation I've got into today after writing to you?
My baby, as you know I decided to see Kiev, just here not far from the airport, I was walking and thinking of us, everything was wonderful, then I decided to come back, coz was afraid to be late, I was sitting at the Borispol airport, I decided not to go somewhere, just sit and wait. All my packs were with me, there were so many people!
All of them were scurrying about the airport to and fro, you know, baby, it is a very dangerous place, overcrowded with people, I don't know how but at one moment I found myself in the very crowd. You know, baby, there are a lot of people here who are living dishonestly, mean thiefs and pick-pockets. So, you can guess, my love, what I'm driving at: somebody has stolen my hand bag where I had all the documents, the plane tickets and the money!!! I cried, I shouted, but nobody could help me to find the person who had stolen my bag! Can you imagine, how I felt?! I called for a policeman, but he couldn't do anything, I went to the police-office and wrote an application, hope they will find that man!!!! Now I don't know what to do, honey! I'm alone without the money and documents !!! I feel miserable, shocked and disappointed...I am about to die....Thanks God, there is some money in the pocket of my jacket, I think it will be enough to buy a train ticket, so I'm going back home. What can I do??????
Dear, I'm crying since that moment constantly....The luck and happiness was so near...
I was almost in your strong and tender arms! What should I do now???? I'm at a loss... I'm so much shocked after the tragedy......
I don't know how can I go on after all that..... I love you, baby, baby, but I don't know will you ever forgive me this careless mistake of mine...
My Love, if you never forgive me, I'll die!
Please, honey, please, don't do it with me, us! I love you,please, write me, baby, I know you will be crazy, angry, mad with me, but I deserve it, I don;t know how that could happen! How those awful people could do it with me? Why? Why? Why?????
I'm the unhappiest girl in the world now, if you don't forget me, my Love, I'll **** myself...
Your forever,
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