Scam letter(s) from Juliet Abel to Fino (Austria)

Letter 1
My Dearest Friend , Good day and nice to meet with you,
Going by my promised i have to tell you About myself, I hope you will not be discouraged with this news, I am an orphan residing in a refugee camp as a result of current war in my country Sudan in which all my family members were killed by the rebels when they attacked our house one mid-night early last year. and luckily for me I was in the school when the incident happened which is why I was able to escape been killed along with my family members. Seeing the dangers in staying in Sudan with my step mother I had to escape to a west African country called Senegal where I was admitted in a refugee camp. For a brief information on myself and my family. My name is Juliet Abel, aged 24 single and never married, first daughter of late Engr. Sam Abel, who was President/chief executive officer of Sammy Petroleum Company Ltd situated in Southern Sudan. Before the incident I was an undergraduate of University of Khartoum, Sudan studying International Relations. This camp is head by a catholic Rev. Father And to enable you talk with me on phone which I will appreciate so much, you can call his number Tel (+221-76-513-2316) tell him that you want to speak to Juliet from Sudan at Women Hostel, Block A4 Room17, within minutes he will send for me from the camp to speak to you. His name is Rev. Martin Johnson, his Email address is ( Here in the camp the life is so terrible as a result of no good food, Clothing, Medication and Accommodation. Meanwhile i have a secret which i will tell you but i will like to know more about you first.I will tell you more about myself in my next email. Attached here is my picture though I am not all that photogenic,i hope you wouldn't mind and I will also like to see your picture.
Hopping to hear from you soonest
Yours in love
Juliet .
Letter 2
My Dearest, How was your day i guess fine? I received your mail, it is grateful for your positive reply.

This is how to help me based on my first mail to you. When my father was alive he deposited US$3.7 (Three Million Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in a leading Bank and used my name as Next of kin to inherit the money when he died. This may sound so strange but that is the only way for me to survive since I cannot help myself now based on my current situation. I have been praying over this that God should bring me a man with good heart who will not betrayed me.

So after the death of my father, I have contacted the bank and informed them about his death and requested how I can withdraw the money as next of kin. This information is known only between Rev. Martin Johnson, you and myself so i will want you to keep it secret to your self.

The bank has ask me to present a bank account where they can transfer the money for me. But unfortunately, as a refugee I do not have the right to operate a bank account here in Senegal and even do not have International passport to go to the bank as they requested.

In the alternative, the bank advised me to look for a reliable foreign partner who can receive this money for me in his bank account. And to get a reliable person who will not be wicked and cheating to me, I prayed and fasted before contacting you, because since I do not know you, I need God to direct me. And as soon as the Bank transfers the money into your account, you now withdraw little from the money and send to me to get my travel documents to meet you in your country to finish my university education.

So if you have agreed to this arrangement, I will give you 25% of the money and also you will manage the rest of the money to invest it in any lucrative business in your country.

If agreed I will like you to provide these information to send to the bank as my foreign partner as requested by the bank.

1. Full Name;
2. Contact Address;
3. Telephone No.
4. Occupation;

On receipt of your above personal information, I will give you the full information of the money and contact of the bank where the money is deposited for you to contact them for confirmation. Honey, this is what I appealing to you to help me. I am really suffering here in the camp.
Waiting for your urgent reply, Your lovely,
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