Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Medvedeva to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello dear!!!
I have come to internet cafe again to receive the letter from you. Your letters make my mood magnificent on all the day. I wait with impatience each new letter from you.
It is pleasant, that you studied my some ideas in the last message. I usually do not tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but to you has written,
because has felt desire to open it to you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which can to open and trust - sometimes frequently it happens hardly to reflect on all these things. I am glad, that has found at you understanding me, you see it happens not frequently.
It is a pity that Internet - cafe is too far from my home and I have no opportunity to visit it every day.Today I’ll tell to you more about my work. I have spoken you that I work as the waitress in a bar which name is Sports mooring. It is a bar for sports fans.
I have spoken, that I love my work because I like to observe sport meets. But in general it is a hard job because I should work up to night and many people visit our bar, after work I have to go through some quarters to my home. It is hard to find good work in Russia, so I don’t want to complain. It is better to work in such place, than to not have work.
Many people in Russia haven’t work, they speak that cannot find suitable work for itself, these are people who don’t want to work, they want to earn money and also work as small as possible, I think that if the person wants always earn money, he can to earn but only by work. Are you agree with me??? As we talk about work, tell me please more about what you are doing on work. It will be very interesting for me.
Good buy. Anna.
Letter 2
Hello my honey!!!
I enjoy by yours letters. Yours thoughts are very pure and are good. I admire with you.
Yesterday on my activity, there were large problems. One of the visitors of a bar of saws there is a lot of ***** and beginnings to all to go combat. The guarding of our bar has deduced him from a bar. However, he at first did not want to leave.
He has made combat. Then by his force have dragged on a street. In one hour, he has returned, but already with the drunken friends. There was a large combat.
Then there has arrived police. We were compelled to stop activity of a bar. Our chief was very malicious. I am very much disturbed. Because one of gangsters has given to my girlfriend, (she too there works) on a head a bottle and she lies in hospital.
Today I shall go to her. She the very good girl. Our bar cultural putting and we do not start up the drunkards. It happened in maiden and I to have because of it poor state of health. Only your letters and hope about our future occurring do to me well!
In Russia, there is a lot of disorder. It is country of chaos. I shall not write more about poor. I only shall write to you, that I enjoy by thy letters.
Yours Anna.
Letter 3
Dear! Thanks for this e-mail from you. your letters are very pleasant to me. This week there is a new theme for considerings, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know as you ^^, but for me starts to have importance our exchange e-mail. These are new emotions in my quiet heart. For me it is not usual, to get acquainted with the man on e-mail, for many miles from me and it is possible to have relations.
I was happy, when read this letter. At me all is good. My girlfriend will work tomorrow. I want that you knew that I constantly think about you. In this letter I want to tell you more about my work, I think you is interest this! About my work:
My work will be to accept the order at visitor to transfer its barman or in a dining room and then the ready order to bring tothe client. ( ***** the most popular drink!
***** is ***** almost by all Russia. I not against that that the person drank *****!
It is not pleasant to me when people drink too much and cannot will stop. Tell, you when or drank Russian *****?). Also it is necessary to change ashtrays and to wipe a table if the client has casually poured a drink. We receive the tip from some visitors.
Basically it is rather rich constant clients. Other visitors simply do not consider it necessary to pay the tip. But there are exceptions! At us, it is many visitors in a bar and consequently without an affair to sit will fail. It is difficult and hard work.
It is necessary to keep up always everything that occurs in a bar. I have to smile and be affable with all clients even if this visitor is unpleasant to me. But I think what better to have such work than to not work absolutely. I have got used to earn for the residing independently. And to me like to be independent of others. Hope you understand me? you should not have excitements of that is present distance between us.
I such woman, that if I shall like the person for a meeting with him, I shall reach even on the moon. I not I worry about it and even I have devoted feelings, having got acquainted with The person on the other hand. For me it is very interesting feelings- to find out the person with other culture, thinking, traditions. It one of things - which draws me to you. Not the main thing,- but new and interesting. Probably if our relations will be strong and you, you can find out the mysterious Russian woman.
I hope, that for you it is interesting to find out and test love of such woman? I I think, dear That you cannot resist to mine for a long time female magic, If happen so, that we shall be the person to To the person.On it I finish my message to you.
I to send you other my photo. I wait for your messages. Yours Anna
Letter 4

Hello dear!!!
I am very grateful to my girlfriend Marina, that she has advised me search for my happiness through the internet. I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to find out your opinion that I spoke you in my last message. Our exchange of opinions is interesting to me and I think, that now I can make some opinion on what your character. I send you a new pictures. How to you? I too would want to see more than your pictures. I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to communicate with you. I want to know about you as much as possible.
It makes me near to you. Dear, tell me please more about yourself. What do you do in time of resting??? Where are you spend your days off??? I like to have a rest more on the nature. In the summer I and my friends go to campaigns, well you know tents, the open sky, a fire… It's a great pleasure, to walk on a green wood early in the morning, to breathe fresh air, to listen to the birds singing. And if do it together with loving person, it is probably indescribable feelings. I have spoken, we have very beautiful places behind our city. There are a lot of fish in the river. It is a pity, but I cannot frequently afford it, in summer I work also, and the free days off are seldom. But if I and you, shall decide to meet to learn our approaching to each other, I am ready to give up work, for happiness I am ready on all. Certainly, it is early to speak about it, we should at first learn each other better. I love sports meets. We, in Russia, have different kinds of sports.
In the end I'll tell to you about my city. It is not very big city. Near 450 thousand persons live here.
There is a park of rest where I like to walk with my girlfriends. We have two modern cinemas. There is a stadium where carry out sports events, but I don't like to go there because of men which drink and fight always. I like to go to theatre; it is very interesting to look for game of actors. But if to speak frankly in the last these entertainments give time I have less than pleasure. I frequently dream of romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk. I think, that in it there is a lot of charm. You like cosy evenings with the family? I very much love holidays when all family gathers, behind one table. It is very cosy and comfortable for me. excuse me for a question: you write still to women, except for me? I think, that you are good, as the man and To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me. What your private life now, please tell about it.
Probably you have to me any frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about yourself, I am ready to listen about it.
Also our city is very green and clean. Tell to me about your city, what interesting place is there???
I want to know all details concerning to you. My embraces. Yours Anna
Letter 5
Hello dear!!!!! I am happy, that I have opportunity to come to the Internet cafe and to get letters from you because it is a uniqu chance to communicate with you. It is hard to live in Russia, you are person who pleases me, I receive from you a charge of energy and I am wait each your letter. I want to tell you that the Russian wedding rings are worn on the right hand. In the photo is my friend. I'll send you the photo you want. The life in Russia is very difficult, though I have custom to this, but sometimes I feel so tired what I want to leave it all. I think you have changed my life. I am glad that I live because I have you. I earn 2,6 thousand roubles (94 $) a month on my work, and it allows to me go to the internet cafe and to speak with you and so I am very happy. I hope that you will not cease write to me!?! I'll tell to you about life in Russia. It is very difficult to find work in Russia, as I sad, and I happy that I work in bar and receive my 2,6 thousand roubles a month. I concern to an average layer of the all people in my country because it is a lot of people hear which can't pay for light and gas because receive less then 1 thousand roubles a month, it only for food. But I do not want to complain I can contain myself though sometimes it's very difficult. Tell me please about life in to your country, it will be very interesting to me get more informance about of your country. Today on work I thought of you and, it was pleasant for me to know, that there is a person, which which thinks about to me, reads my ideas and writes something for me.
And how you? You these days missed on dialogue with me? I think, that we with you could carry out perfectly together evening. I hope, that we shall make still it in the future and we can well have fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for us Ed! We shall drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can maintain it. And after that we probably shall reach somewhere else....., and where I shall make with you some things. Ideas about it me beforehand raise. My imagination very much advanced and I can represent for myself many details of ours appointments. Probably, dear, it is time to me to finish this letter, and I now shall write that a lot of superfluous and I shall have then confusion before you. I wait for yours e-mail, my lovely. Embraces and my kiss!!! Yours Anna.
Letter 6
Hello my nice! I am glad to get your letter. With each your letter I get accustomed to you more and more. You have a good joke)). I understand that your country is different from our country. As well as salary. Now I completely trust you and want to tell you that nor to whom did not tell earlier. I want to tell in detail about my relations in the past. I think if we are going to develop the serious relations between you and me that you have a right to know about it. This especially personal information so I ask you to pertain seriously to my story and save this in the secret. I trust you and do not want you to disillusion me. In my life one man was only. His name is Max. We got acquainted two years ago on the birthday of my girlfriend. In that evening he was shown me very fun and careful man. He spoke me many compliments and took care of whole evening. I do not know, may be, he just tried to like for me!!! Anyway, but he could. I do not know, who has said him my address, but the next day he came to my home and brought the bouquet from 30 white roses. He politely said "Hello" and invited me to the cinema. I always was surprised with the bounty of the Russian men. They are ready to give everything what they have to get the girl. But as soon as girl get accustomed and love him, then they begin to consider themselves winner, their bounty and care disappear, and they begin to behave crudely and powerful. Considering that if once upon a time he spent his own power and facilities on me, that now I have to be him grateful for the whole life. I hope you are not such man? With each day he liked me more and more. Soon we began to live together. First everything was fine. He came home from work and brought the bottle of good wine. But soon the goblet of wine did not enough to drink with me for supper. He became to detain in work, not to stay at night and come home in drunken condition. He began to forbid me to meet with girlfriends. I asked him, why he so solved and he answered that does not trust them, and that they render bad influence on me. I never lied him and did not give the cause for mistrust. I am very honest person, I can not lie and so I want people to be honest with me too!!! I thought that if he is jealous, so he loves me and I agreed with him. For the sake of him I ceased to communicate with girlfriend. I loved him, but he made condition every day. Certainly, I did not like it, but I loved him and did not want to lose. Once upon a time, when I went to the shop, I met with my school girlfriend. Her name is Lena. She has said that next week she will have a birthday, and she will take offence much on me if I shall not come to congratulate her. I promised that I shall come. In the evening when Max came home, I said him about it. But suddenly he began to yell on me and forbid me to go. I said that I promised to come, and I have to restrain the promise. He knocked me and said that in general I do not have a right to contradict him. But with tear on my eye I yelled that you are not husband and not father, and you do not have right command. I ran in room and began to collect their own belongings. Max saw this and became to ask the pardon from me. He spoke many tenderly and tenderly so how it was at the first day. He said me many warm words, and I forgave him. In week, when I will go for birthday to girlfriend, I called him with myself, but he said that he needs to work. We began to celebrate the birthday in Lena's home, but then we go to the disco. On disco I met my former classmate. His name is Dima.
In the eighth class we was friends, I thought that I loved him, but we were very young and our relations remained just friendly. We sat for table to drink coffee and recall the school years. You do not believe!!! Suddenly Max appeared and knocked Dima to head with bottle.
I yelled and everyone, who was in the disco, called attention on us.
Dima lost the consciousness and fell on the floor. Max was much ***** and hardly stood up on foot. I was afraid and ran away from him. He ran for me and yelled: freeze *****!!! I shall **** you!!! The freeze!!! Thank god, guard of the disco knocked him and handcuffed on him. But he did not quiet down and continued to threaten. Soon the police arrived and arrested his whole for 3 days. While he was in prison, I collected the belongings and came to my parents' home.
Hitherto I am afraid to go on the street alone. I am afraid to meet him once upon a time. From my girlfriends I heard that he often came to this club with different girls. Our relations lasted for four months. I promised myself that nevermore I shall link my life with Russian man. I hope, you understand now, why I so often talk about trust. In general I think that without trust no normal relations.
Always yours Anna.
Letter 7
Hello my darling!!!!! Today day very warm. In the sky there are no clouds. Before to go for work I write to you the letter. You can’t imagine, as far as happy you makes me by the letters. I'm glad that you're not a man like Max. I'm glad that you're the best man in the world. You are very interesting person with high intelligence and sense of humor. I am glad to speak again with you! Thank for yours e-mail. I am glad, that in our relations there is a promotion and we became more close people. I tell about you mine much to parents and friends. They hope, that will sometime get acquainted with you Ed.
They insist, that I would acquaint you with them, my parents are especially persevering. I have told him , that is serious I treat you, also that you the good person. You know, that parents always wish children only good and are pleased, when their children are happy in all. I want to tell you, that I have attached to you very much. I can’t explain my feelings, but I grieve very much without you, it’s at first time for me, because we didn’t meet still. I think, I starting to love you. I hope, it doesn’t frighten you, because speak not so long time. But in such man as you any woman fall in love in some days of dialogue!!! I can speak for a long time about my feelings, but I don’t want to disturb you by my ideas, maybe, they’ll seem silly for you. How are you? It’s no changes in my life. All days are similar, only your letters bring pleasure in my severe everyday lives. I wait for your opinions, I miss also a kiss of you. Love Anna.
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