Roamnce scam letter(s) from Anjelisa to Charles (USA)
Letter 1
My love I waited to write all the day you the letter! My most gentle and careful man on this planet. My sun, my happiness and my love!! I so pleasure to receive from you the letter, to read it now. It is all that I wanted today as waited your answer with the big impatience. As I without your letters as the engine without gasoline, as soup without salt and as tea without sugar. It certainly comparison goes, because I cannot really live without your letters any more. You write very gently, just as it is pleasant to me. And always I wish to hear from you these words in my address. Always and everywhere. To me it is indifferent in what place we will and how many to the people will stand about us. If you can say these all words - love words then I will be to the happiest girl. Only you should speak it with sincerity and confidence what exactly to me you wish to tell it!!! I assured. That I will kiss you constantly, that I will never be afflicted with you, as you my light for which I wish to live and aspire to the best, to the future!!!!!!!! And all that I dream when we in the future will meet will be for us!!!!!!
Favourite I, very much was pleasant to me as you wrote and has answered me. I just waited to write to you!!!!! Yesterday I did not see at all acquaintances because wished to dream of us as much as possible. About our love and caresses which I want. I dream of it very romantic. To you will be it is pleasant? If you come from work? And I will already wait for you, Always!!!!!! Every day, and only you because to me nobody is more absolutely it is necessary!!!!! If we have met now and would be already together. Then if you come home - and then I meet you with embraces and hands. You undress and pass in a bathroom. To wash, that you sat down a table already pure and changed clothes of working clothes. Then I to sit down a table! I think, that I will never have supper without you, always I wait you and we together to sit down. So it will be more pleasant for you to have supper with me, I think.
Nevertheless then we to have a supper and to drink tea, we to talk after that about us again. We to speak each other the most remarkable words which we want. I will name you mine the prince, and wash with love - my ideal and dream. After all so it also is! You the kindest and gentle person in this world, my gentle! I so think, that you are ready to do all for me, and I to appreciate it!!!!!! I feel your big love to me, your caress and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I continue … when we after a supper - we can have a rest a little and then nevertheless a little to walk! You can show me the most fantastic places of your city. As I already also spoke - I wish to know ALL about you, you show me just all that is connected with you. Probably you will like any place, it will be possible romantic! You it please remember. And then we together to go there to spend time. You to me tell something concerning it, and I will listen to you very attentively! We can then come back home or go at once still somewhere!
You know your places more and consequently you see off me! We can go, where people will sit, there are such places at you, I assured. Then we will go together and to keep for hands. Then all people will look at us and to smile. As I think we will be an example of fine pair which approaches to each other. Such pair which has the purpose in a life, we will always achieve what we wish to reach together. I not to doubt it at all the lovely!!!! You my beloved, very careful, and I never will give you to nobody., the main thing that you have not wanted to leave from me, differently I cannot simply keep you!!! But I do not think of it as you the man and itself should choose to itself the companion of a life!!!
With mind, and with desire!!! Nevertheless the darling, I wish to write further! As I also spoke to you, I have asked you last time about sex. As it also very important part in relations and very fine.
BUT it is important: I still never had experience to sex. I understand, what you are difficult for trusting, and it seems strange?????????? But it so, and please to trust me!!!!!!! The weight of pleasure also delivers. Which never cannot be forgotten!!! BUT that now I have desire to make love to you is important!!!!!!!!!! As only with you I wish to embody all my makings and dreams in a reality. Also I think, that if you in it help me - it will be absolutely already fine!!! I want. That you understood - I very gentle and with you I wish to begin always with tenderness. I want massage to you a back, it is a little to remove stress. Thus to feel your equal breath. Each man loves massage from sensitive hands of the woman???????? I am able to do it, and you should catch weight of pleasure from it!!! When I finish, I will lean against you round your back my breasts if you want it!!!!
And then I simply already to iron you in area an ear and to say to you silently, that I love you, the darling!!!! You my good, and gentle!!! My hand then to go slowly to your trousers and I to touch your genital! At first through trousers and to iron it it is very gentle! When I my hand at you will be between feet is for you it will be good very much! I think, that by this time your body, will already rise and does not suffer more! It is the truth? Then you simply to turn and we look face to face and we look fool in the face!!! Not to distract and have nevertheless contact, that just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our consciousnesses!!! You to bring hands to my body and force me to feel also the big desire to make love!!! And then you start to remove from me clothes that I was bared. Trace, I think too most that you also wanted it!!! Then nevertheless your imaginations what? I to take your genital further and I start to dream, gently touching its end!!! You to become from it as much as possible raised just simply to embrace and start me to love already!!!
But I simply to clamp it I want my breasts. That it to heat and massage!!! You speak to me if you want the big!!! When we already will be in such condition, take possible I can his lips to kiss! From it to you will be more pleasures? I am ready to do it ONLY FOR YOU!!! Also should tell - that never before it did, but I wish to try it with you! Only with you - the person whom I very strongly love and I do not wish to give to anybody more!!! But I so wish to speak you all my imaginations!!!! That you knew and then waited for this moment!!! That when both of us will have the raised condition then you to me already pleasure deliver!!! That it was already ready, to give to me pleasure. Here it to me WILL be the darling So I represent it is pleasant in sex!!!!!!! To lead up you to such maximum possible condition that you never forgot it!!!! I want, that to you it was always good with me that you went the satisfied. As also it is important also for me!!! I think, that I also always will be with you satisfied. Also I will tell - yes, the darling it was something, such with me was not, such pleasure and love test!!! I want it, and I think that could tell to you that I think! Of what I think at night!!! About what I dream to be engaged with you!!! I think you you write me your opinion?? I with impatience wait for your letter again. Also I will always answer you!!! Always say me that you think and as you represent it!
You represent a life with me and all it how I wrote today to you??
Whether you want it??? Whether you want already now?? I love you the darling!!! I always for you, yours here princess Anjelisa!!!!
Letter 2
Hello my greatest and unique love Charles!!!! I am happy now because I see your letter, I can read and answer it to you now. I have for this purpose time again. I really happy - and my pleasure every day all growth and growth!!! At the sight of your letter my heart very strongly to fight, more often than it is possible, and such sensation - that it simply jumps out soon!!! Then, if it to jump from my body - that only a part of my heart. It will fly to you on the sky to your house - and joins you. Thereby I wish to tell to you what to give a part mine hearts to you I want. And to give all my mood and the pleasure, all my love to you. Tell to me as your mood today? I think, what all is good also you write as you spent day, and night?
I nevertheless last night and more close by the night already thought again of us. Just I did not watch TV at all and there is nothing did not distract! I suddenly thought, that if about what we write all can occur in a reality, also as our words! That is so quickly people can fall in love each other under letters. I to write you the truth about all my feelings and my love to you!!!! But as to sex - I am not engaged any masturbation. I simply think much of us and I dream.
That I think also I I can not already display it in words at all! So strongly I want relations with you. To come nearer to you, I have grown fond of your private world, - that that at you in heart. And you to me tell about it, and I think that you that just the man which are necessary to me. Yesterday I thought of us and planned much. That nevertheless I can not without you any more. Letters is one and you are itself understand, that is absolutely good we do not learn each other. And if we can meet once - then it will be an instant which will show at once that we approach each other. I not drops not to doubt that is that if I see you really - all will be fine between us. And if I to you in eyes to a smog look I to see all that, weigh their shine which of your eyes will go to me. Then I to smile at once, then I will understand at once all, all your feelings and love to me. YES, only on a sight! And if I see all your acts which the care of me or courting would show. It is necessary for me the nobility and to see in you! I assured, that I represent you just such which would like to see and what you are actually. I would like to begin a new life with you which to me would allow to forget absolutely all past which occurred! That then simply not to recollect any more it. I and now do not think of it, simply I speak to you. Now, all my aspiration you to meet - in me. But if you are going to go to me??? You have such desire??
I think, that it not a good variant. As if someone from my acquaintances, here in Azerbaijan learns me. They will inform at once on it to my parents. Both my father will see also the nobility - that I with you. I cannot such admit. As the law then will punish me!!!! BUT!!!!!!!
If I arrive to you the darling. Then I have the right to leave Azerbaijan, and then to build my life as I want. And also I can change belief (now it is the Allah). I can accept other belief if it will be necessary!!!! You understand all that I write??? Here, in Azerbaijan I cannot be with you. And this very important condition!!!!!
In my head and I cannot think of what the friend. All those things, apartment, parents, my native and my work is all it is possible to leave! Though girlfriends and parents - for ever in my hearts and I can visit them once, together with you!!! If I come to you then I can leave from work in Azerbaijan, and work for you. Also I think that you in it help me! That in shop it is completely not difficult to be arranged with the seller at you and everywhere they to be required. Professionals who are able to work with people. I already wish to work, try with people. Which not from our country. It will be very interesting to me, and attractively, probably I can change their style more than others! I can offer them footwear and clothes. ok? In it there is no I think problems if I had citizenship! In any country it is possible to receive citizenship, but for this purpose I think it is necessary to be the husband and the wife, the truth?, nevertheless - but we will discuss at first it at a meeting. If we want we create absolutely all at all desire.
That is I wish to tell to you, what at first we can meet for some time to learn - whether there can be we together or?? What do you think of it???????????????? And if we it see, and already 100 confidence we will approach each other, thereby to live together. Then we about wedding conversation will already go!!!
I very strongly love you and pleasure you also would meet. I will wait on it for your answer the darling!!!!!!!!!!
Nevertheless if we meet. I speak is absolutely another, it any more letters. It is a lot of pleasure to bring letters and many desires, are a lot of dreams!!!! But they cannot all those feelings which I have to transfer to you. All those emotions and my sight! You cannot look at my eyes. Therefore I and to speak this all to you now!!!
If we meet - then all that we write each other we can to do and we can embody in a reality. We can make love in a bed, and we can walk on different streets and the finest dreams. We can bring every evening each other pleasure to be happy. I would like you massage constantly, at each kind when you tired. Would like to be engaged with you sex, at each our general desire and to want. That that you write all you also could do! You write you also love me and want love big. We can do it soon!!! I so thought yesterday, that will suffice to dream, as it is even more desire to meet.
I so strongly to wait your answer! In general that you think? Speak me your thoughts and further we solve all!!
I with the big impatience will wait your letter! Also I wish to tell once again, THAT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
My dear and my favourite prince Charles!
Again and again you give me pleasure and fine mood! I am glad, that I see from you these words. And my mood now at height from it!!!! I see, what you the person. I see it in your letters. I am very glad, and to appreciate it!!!! Now I will tell to you a little. And still I am ready to sign the contract with agency. And in it there are no problems. Then 2 weeks will do documents. For these 2 weeks, until then while my documents will not be ready. I should collect many money to pay this trip. I think that it will be difficult both I cannot. And I do not know what to do. So it is a shame to me to ask from you something. How you look at it? Please simply tell to me the answer. And if you cannot, I will try to search itself again for the decision ok? I do not want only that you have thrown me now ok?
I very much to wait that happy day when a smog to look in your beautiful eyes and to tell: I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! It is valid as in a fairy tale! I dream every day of you, I as though to fly in love clouds!!! My acquaintance has told to me, that I have shine in my opinion! I very cheerful and am a lot of now pleasure! You very beautiful and elegant man and I know, that many women will envy me when will look at us with you! As we will be with you ideal pair to be together. You will see it when we will be together.
That we write each other beautiful letters. IT is good! But nothing will be compared to a real meeting. Thus we can understand each other. You will see, what I the girl. I will see, what you the man actually. For this reason I wish to see you as soon as possible. You can understand me better. You understand me the darling?
So, it is a pity but today in the street it is very wet underfoot and a nasty weather. I have presented as to such weather we with you we will sit at home and to enjoy the friend the friend! I wish to prepare for you a lot of good kitchen and I know, that you will always ask the additive! I like to prepare good meal when there are many products! Write to me, you have a favourite dish? What is pleasant to you meal???
Now in the Internet of cafe it is a lot of people and everyone to go to cafe and to search for something! I saw here one woman and she searched for the man from the Western Europe! I have thought, that I happy, that have found the love and to wish this girl to find the happiness! I only have told to it that it was more cautious. THAT she searched for the correct man who never would deceive her. And she has told, yes I agree!!! I am valid is very happy, that I have you and I will say to you again and again, that I love you very strongly!!! My darling, I LOVE you, very very strongly!!!!!!! I know, that we will live the happy!!! I know, that will be a hard time, but we to struggle with it together!!! I to finish my letter and again to go now! I cannot write to you in the evening, but I again and will think again of us with you and to miss on you, my most expensive and favourite!!!! I kiss you, yours Anjelisa here!!!!!!!!!
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