Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to David (Australia)

Letter 1
My LOVE, Thanks for your message. I like the way you have time to talk with me with respect You makes me feel beloved! I believe that God above created you for me to love. He picked you out from all the rest cause He knew i'd love you the best! Sorry I couldn't make it up to you online today Please go to bed for me and have some good rest cause you need it . I will patiently wait for you tomorrow for the transfer and will go to the shop immediately after picking it up from western union to get the web cam with mic I just cannot wait to see the boys again while they can also see me. It will be so great and lovely I LOVE YOU DAVE
Letter 2
My Husband How is Bailey doing now? I hope his condition is progressing.. I successfully picked up your money yesterday but settled the bill Today and my internet is better now BIG THANK YOU x x In this X-mas,
In the daytime if sun shine so shall Ur expectations come true,
At night when moon comes out so shall U receive blesses,
then if rain fall so shall it going to carry all your problem away from U!
Happy Merry Christmas No Greeting Card To Give..
No Sweet Flowers To Send..
No Cute Graphics To Forward..
Letter 3
Dave, Sorry for the late reply. Xmas is getting closer and work is busy but less money. I can't call ya cause I've gotten no call credit either. Although am working so hard the payment stays the same thus I still cannot work things out and come to AUSTRALIA all by myself Dave. I'd need you support as planned in my previous emails. You must find out the cost of my Air ticket and a round ticket for that matter. I can't quite my job right now and you knows why? We must wait for January when you can send down some money for my Passport renewal and Visa obtaining then I can quite my job. Anyway Thank God Bailey is fine now the doctors are good. Thanks for the XMAS wishes Will tell my little family you says "Hi" Hey darling! I love you so much I know that A Heart can skip a beat for a while. Memories can be kept in a file And A Desert can replace the Nile But nothing can stop a Smile When your NAME comes on my Mobile. I LOVE "U", I've gotten no good pictures now to send you. I will send you when I take good pictures Okay x I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND HOPE WE CAN BE TOGETHER TOO
Letter 4

Dave My Husband, thanks for your email. It's incredible I love it very much it's a pity we cannot make it up to each other this Xmas cause neither of us is rich of money, But thank God we are rich of LOVE thats the best property God has given us and we must treasure it darling. We will come together someday so soon is a must We are destined to love each other no matter what.. destiny can only delay but never changes it ways OK. I will check on my round ticket and let you know kindly do the same for me. When it comes to love, its hard to know if you have the right one. Many lovers weep, and left in sorrow. why? Because Words cant immortalize emotions. But That's OK I know you loves me so much just like I do x x Tell Bailey I said he should get better soon cause Xmas is here again also extend my greetings to your wonderful family specially Hayden and your mother alright . My family says "HI" too Thought of you today, That’s not new, I will think of you tomorrow & my whole life through, & I will think of you forever because I think the world of you. Am off to work Goodnight sweetie kiss x x
Letter 5
My Husband Thank you so very much for the Xmas wishes, My family is grateful to you. I wish the same for your family out there.. Darling, sometimes you sound in such a way which gets me very upset and very uncomfortable. You sound as if i have the money right in my pocket and I don't want to use it for my trip to AUSTRALIA why must you do that huh? It's crazy hard for me and family here just like is hard for you out there. You know perfectly well that without your financial assistance i cannot make it to your place yet you keeps on telling me to come there and that i should not disappoint you and the kids It's my burning desire to come over but where is the money huh? I am not a rich woman and if you think i am then you had it wrong Okay. Although It's compulsory to purchase round ticket that doesn't mean that i will return to Ghana after i am out there with you darling. I used my own money for My Medical test as well as my police clearance and sent you a copy of them don't know if you still have them I do though And all am asking from you now is $500 for my passport renewal and visa application, it's best to raise this amount ASAP but you are not rich and for me it doesn't matter how long you spend to raise this amount for me my love Once I obtain a visa then I can redraw/clear my Social Security Money and help you pay for my flight. There is no other way I can do to help us coming together apart from this And if you think you cannot do this kindly let me know. Few of my extended family relations already think am dreaming my life away. Don't you ever tell me in your emails/phone I should try all by myself and come over cause that will hurt me a lot since you know that's impossible yet you do say that always ignorantly. You are not a rich man and i am not a rich woman either therefore we must be patient by taking things step by step Okay. I always need and want very much the cuddling and the kissing however is just a matter of time for us to come together. Well, I will try to download skype on my computer and will let you know providing it works for me. But don't think I can get money for web cam right now. AGAIN THANKS FOR YOUR EMAIL, I WISH YOU & YOUR FAMILY A WARM HOLIDAY SEASON AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR MAY THE SEASON RAIN TO WASH AWAY ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AND SUN SHINE TO BRIGHTENED YOUR LIFE X X
Letter 6
Thank you my husband I know you loves me so much and i feel the same about you. it's been a great news to know everyone is going well at your end. my family is fine also though we couldn't make any pictures together during Xmas since i was still working which made my holiday season crazy as i told you in my previous letter. Anyhow i'll still try to get you some new pictures of myself just after reading your letter i have tried 20 times to download SKYPE but all to no avail i think i have to invite my work mate to do this for me however if it doesn't work out with her also then you and me will have no option than to manage our usual msn chat. Love they say is always patience and kind it does not rush nor whiter if well kept and honored please let's keep our oat and make this work out together and come closer darling. Even if you cannot get the over-rall 500 dollar at a time you can save and send down 100 dollar each week once you begin working and in 5weeks we get the total amount to get my visa ready also my passport renewal. Don't you worry much about the air ticket i can help you pay that one when i quite my job for my social security fund okay. Am going to do this for you cause i love you and really wish to meet you my love . UNTIL I HEARS FROM YOU AGAIN TAKE PROPER CARE OF YOURSELF ALSO THE BOYS FOR ME
Letter 7
Hey my husband How are you and the boys doing? I miss ya all heaps. I hope you had a wonderful XMAS Holidays with the boys also family even without me .. Mine was bit crazy as i still stayed at work but soon we will have work off though which is very good so i can rest. My friends boyfriends picked them up with the best cars I couldn't go cause i hate spending time out there all alone by myself, my friend wanted to link me a man but I refused him cause I LOVE YOU DAVE please do not let me down I've got my eyes on you darling I got your SMS on my phone last night THANK YOU my love I will forever be yours Okay All am asking from you this new year is to help me come out there and make our dream come true once & forever alright
You take special care of yourself and the boys for me Until I hears from you stay blessed
Letter 8
Darling i am not against your opinion of reaching my friends for assistance to be able to make it out there but the problem is that my friends says they don't have money either and they are not rich just like you and me. as you know i don't have many friends here cause i did not grow up here the only few friends i have is my work mates and they says they don't have money. honestly there is no other way i could do to help the situation aside the plan i have already told you in my previous letters OK or would you be able to get your friends possibly your extended family members to lend you money for this? kindly let me know sweetie xx
Letter 9
i hope you enjoy looking at me and not loose these photos of me once again .. kiss
Letter 10
Okay.. That's fine i thought you lost them and that was why you were asking me for new ones anyway it's good you did not Please hold onto those pictures of myself until we get to meet together one day soon alright. I hope Luke, Dan's Brother try and get your computer fixed ASAP. Hey i hope those people of whom you've been using their computer have not been reading our emails, do they? Concerning my pictures, no thanks **** you are welcome! Be expecting the package this week, kindly let me know as soon as you receives it OK. Take care , we talk tomorrow ox ox

Letter 11
Hello darling well that's good they cannot read our email back and forth. who is heyley? I thank her for the beautiful comment I don't even know her yet hopefully am sure she might be a real good looking lady too. I wish to meet her one day. Honestly i have no recent pictures of myself darling, If I do i wouldn't have even waited for you to ask of it before I send them to you. I hope you are very much aware how busy i am at work always besides have no time for fun at all which is the best moments of taking new pictures. we can take much more good pictures together when we finally make it together out there even over here! where at all the most important to me is you and me meeting together is all i care darling. Regarding your SMS you want to discuss something serious with me, what is it that you cant explain it in an email for me or even ring me and talk to me over the phone. well i will try and be on msn tomorrow possibly at dawn my time tonight not a promising time though but i will try and get online for our sake alright TAKE CARE & BE SAFE FOR ME UNTIL WE MEET ONLINE OX OX
Letter 12
Hello Darling Am very sorry but my internet has been disconnected. I told you i have not gone to do the payment because i have got no money for that now. The money i was supposed to pay the internet bill is the same money i used to pay back my friend who helped me to send the small gold to you. However, my room-ate now have her own means of generating the internet with her phone and that is what am using to write to you now , although can generate internet but very very slow unlike what i was using before to talk to you everyday. Everything is not okay i must settle the internet bill darling. It's not a bad idea buying the THE AIR PLANE TICKET over there for me but i won't advise you do that for me due to the condition and terms over here in Ghana. According to my friend and work mate, Every AIR LINE COMPANY here in Ghana has put really harsh terms and condition and they has to under-go thorough investigations and verifications whenever a ticket is bought for someone over here outside the country due to previous fraud cases uncounted by them. I cannot have that patience for all their silly investigations. You know i hate to be seen as a bad person in the eyes of others, am not saying you'd buy me the ticket wrongly but that's how they'd seen me to be when i first enters their office for details and confirmation to pick up the TICKET. To make everything simple for me please just send me the money when we succeed with the loan from the bank I can buy my own ticket over here and i will send you everything information in details and you'd know exactly when I'd be there as you've mentioned above like the FLIGHT NUMBERS,TIMES OF DEPARTURE FROM HERE AND ARRIVING THERE IN AUSTRALIA and you can pick me up at MELBOURNE AIRPORT OKAY. Apart from the above mentioned problems everything is fine , everybody is well and would be in my greatest interest to meet all your family members specially the boys and your mother. It'd be pretty lovely to have our marriage ceremony together with your cousin and her soon-to-be woman from Switzerland. That would make me very happy and I hope it'd make you happy as well. Will end here since you are online already and we can continue talking over there okay.
Letter 13
DARLING There is nothing i can think of now, am totally in a pit of despair Simply i think the whole world don't want us together!
Letter 14
DARLING, I believe in living and walking in love. I do not believe in talking the talk but in walking the walk. Anybody can talk about it, but very few can really live it out. My challenge as a Christian is not preaching what I believe but living out what I believe. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and that's the Gospel truth. We've been too long on the ground. We must come together and live our love out and not talking about it all the time. Is this all about writing and calling each other back and forth? We've spent too much time to make this relationship grow, nurture, and has passed through all it takes both the good and bad even the worse my dear, I am for real can't you see? I know & believe so well that you can't let me down in anyway and I can't do that to you either. Am ****** serious about you can't you see? Did you just say you can get the money for us to come together or even help me with some money to send big piece of gold to you for sale and make enough money for our meeting? How are you going to do that, please tell me. I hope you ain't going to rob a Bank or something neither are you planning to join any bad crew out there .. You have to understand I LOVE YOU "DAVE" but the wait is too heavy on my shoulders now. Take care and be safe ox ox
Letter 15
Seriously I don't know what to say again, am speechless. Apart from that you told me i should look upon you today concerning the money for my internet bills and some food stuffs, what happened? well tomorrow is another day Take care ox ox
Letter 16
I know you thought i would get mad at your email, Guess what.. i am not at all. Honestly I'm glad you tell it like it is and did not hold back. I want to apologize to you if you think I got ****** with you just by the reason that you couldn't make it to the Post Office cause of work. It obvious you are thinking you are doing too much for me already. I wouldn't have asked you for this if i had the money to settle the bills. I curse it that my grandmother is the Asthmatic type and i have to spend much of money i make on her and above all to keep food on the table. If not because of these things I swear to God I would have never asked you for money anything even before or now, I feel bad now for addressing to you the internet bills however is never too late You can choose to send me the money which i will take it cause am still in love with you and cannot deny assistance from someone i love so much or you can choose not to, it's up to you. Thanks once again for telling me point blank " Our meeting might not even happen YET just because of all the money problems we're having at this present time" And Again am sorry but when you says you'd do something for me at a particular time but you failed then it seems to me like you are lying to me. Providing i said to you I'd be sending you the gold and it never comes as you wait, you could have think the same darling. It's not practically my fault but the situation is driving me crazy. Goodnight :X:X
Letter 17
My darling, From the first time we met I knew you were special, unlike other guys. I never thought we would be where we are today almost married over the net and with little Dave or Vickie LOL. The roads we have traveled have been long and bumpy, but we survived the ruts. Thank you for always giving us that extra chance to make it and never giving up on us no matter how bad things got. I love you so much, and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for me. You are an amazing daddy too; Bailey & Hayden are so lucky to have you as a father. Thank you for taking care of my bills when I could not handle it. Thank you basically for supporting me in everything. You are an amazing person and I want you to know you are my very best friend. I love you so much more than this letter could ever say. You are my life, my destiny. Darling, I can only get Tourist/Visitors visa for now I cannot get anything better than this as is my first time entering into your country. But the good part is that coming there for once would eventually create room for me to get work/permanent visa to your country for the next time. And on top of all we can work on this when am out there it all depends on money my ****. There's nothing to worry about just pray that we gets the money for me to be there and the rest would be done by money we gets out of the biggest piece of gold Okay. There's no way you can sell that small little gold for our coming together darling Get Us a buyer who is willing to come to Ghana for the biggest piece of gold then we can get enough money for my trip or show the little one to someone who has the money and willing to borrow you to send for me to make the papers for the biggest piece of gold and once send it to you there or bring it along with me anyway we does it the most important thing is that we get it sold out and pay off his/her money straight away. Do you follow what i mean? Don't worry if you fall asleep and cannot chat tonight, it shows that you're tired after the hard days work and you need some good rest alright. Take care I'd look upon you next week for the money, no worries Okay. kiss ox ox
Letter 18
Letter 19
SWEETHEART, that is alright about last night. It happens to everybody after the hard days work one needs some good deep sleep to regain energy. Darling you did not send me any information/details most importantly the MTCN number of the money sent. You know I can never pick up the money from western Union without the info. Kindly send it to me via my email OK. I also hope you can make it online tonight BYE MY LOVER
Letter 20
Hi Darling How are you and the family going i hope you are all fine , like me. Thank you for yesterday at least now we can work on something to come together as soon as possible. I received the money yesterday and the amount was just as you told me via your email last night. It is safe with me and would have to find out from now till Monday what big Gold the money can buy and i will let you know OK. I really appreciate your effort and will also try to add little to make $300. I love you wholeheartedly. I have never trusted anyone the way I trust you. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or never let me down in anyway. Ever since you walked into my life, I have been smiling. I know sometimes we have our own challenges but am glad we are still together and nothing has changed concerning our feelings of love. Darling, I am glad that you came into my life. I have always wanted the love of my life to be understanding, loving, caring, faithful and most of all someone who would accept me for who I am. Now I have found the person I was looking for. I didn't have to think twice when you asked me to be your wife. I knew that you were Mr. Perfect/right. I don't think that there is, or there could be, anyone better than you out there for me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAVE OX OX
Letter 21
Hello Darling Am so sorry for the late reply, I was able to picked up the money from western union yesterday thinking that i would reply to your email after work because i was getting late, Unfortunately for me my internet connection was disconnected by the time I returned home because i have not gone in to do the payment. Today I went there to do the payment and that is about me getting the chance to write to you now I hope you are fine and kicking like me also the boys my love. How is Hayden doing you mentioned to me he's not doing well yesterday how best is he now? I hope the Parent Teacher meeting went well? I can see you online now do you wish to chat I MISS YOU DARLING... KISS
Letter 22
Hello my **** Thank you for your email. Everybody is fine at my end also, like you. Am glad you understand me for the late reply. Of course i have settle the internet bill and we can be talking as usual my love. I trust in you Dave, i believe although you were online am not sure you were talking to any other lady. I know how much love you hold in your heart for me and you can never do that to neither can i do that to you either... you are my world, in fact my everything, i cannot ask for more except that i will love to meet you face to face which we are strongly working on. i am so very sure we shall meet together physically soonest. I am hoping that the upcoming P.T.A meeting goes well with you on Thursday, don't forget to keep me informed about what happens there alright. That's alright about the money although it was not enough it was able to settle my internet bill and now we have $350 dollar saved up which is very good we shall see how much money we can save this week okay. Thank you once again for the money. Also for gradually bringing our untouchable dream true bit by bit each week. I am so proud of you and i hope you are proud of me as well darling, are you? I LOVE YOU , WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK AT WORK PLACE OKAY BYE OX OX
Letter 23
Dear Dave, You are the one for me Dave, there is no looking back just like me. Simply i totally believe and trust in you darling, you don't need to explain nothing to put me at ease. My love for you is like a sunrise, and its new every day. I spend all my time every day thinking about you, and longing to be with you. You know me inside and out, what makes me happy or sad, but not only that you truly know how to speak to my soul. I'd love watching you smile from ear to ear. When I hear your laugh on the phone it's a sound that brings joy to my heart and those around me. My lips are like rose petals, soft and soothing longing for you to kiss. You understand me and love me for whom I am and don't ever want me to change who I am. You are the one who listens to me when I think no one else does, you console me when I'm sad and you can brighten up my day with just a word from you. I love you more and more each and every day. Take care & stay blessed Love eternally
Letter 24
THE MAN OF MY LIFE, Am so sorry I couldn't show up online this morning my time but our light power went off until I came to work side where am writing to you now, I hope you are doing fine wherever you are or you may be doing at this moment. Sorry once again for keeping you waiting, it really matters to me because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DAVE. I'll accept the $100 as long as it keep increasing our savings for the gold Okay. At least we are moving forward each week by so doing. Just try and do the $100 tomorrow Okay. It will be nice for you to have $70 for you at least can keep you happy for the weekend my love. Your happiness and that of the boys has always been my top-most priority and can't wait to meet ye all one day soon. Darling, I love you with my whole heart. I have never trusted anyone the way I trust you. But I know I will never doubt you because you are my true love. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or never let me down in any way. I cannot do that to you either, Thank you for keeping a SMILE on my face Ever since you walked into my life, I hope i do keep a SMILE on your face also, Kindly send the MTCN after sending the money via my email since we cannot chat online until Monday as you going to the Beach house Okay. I will be expecting your email tomorrow my love. Take care and be a good boy as you has always be!! Love eternally
Letter 25
My dearest one, Thank you so much for the money. We're definitely moving forward now. Just a little more weeks to approach us and we'll hit the core my love. You mean the world to me and I care about you so deeply that it hurts for the short time that we are not talking i feel like i am dieing already .My every thought and breath, I draw from you when talking to you over the phone and I truly do love you. I love you and you are my world. You are the most sweetest, most precious, adorable man in my life. All my life I prayed for someone like you and I thank God that I finally found you. Love, promise me that you will always be mine. I know in my heart our love will never die. You will always be a part of me and I am a part of you indefinitely. I don't find enough words to describe how I feel about you. Would you protect and love me this way till the very last end? Please promise me this..!! I keep on repeating these words to you because i mean it, Take care & hope to talk to you soon or do you have to go to the Beach House?, and i know you can't chat with me when you are there that's alright may be is important you be there..I LOVE "U" yummy...yummy ox ox
Letter 26
Hi Sweetheart, I hope you are fine wherever you are now just like me & my little family. It quite too late in the night here right now yet am compelled by my mind, body & soul to write to you since we lost electricity power until now. You know me, i cannot withstand a day without reading or writing to you. Isn't it amazing I've not seen you by face and flesh yet I miss you heaps, I do a lot of thinking about you than i do for myself this days seriously.In my thoughts of you there is an underlying love that is present in every word, every glimpse I hope you feel it as I do, for it is what I am and ever wish will be.. sometimes I can't understand myself why am so much in love with you although have not seen you physically but hopefully pretty soon. May be I was so right by my words " love is not a decision but a feeling which cannot be changed once it's there" Every night in my dreams i see you, i feel you and i know that's how you go on my dear... I want this love touch us for one time and last for a life time, never let go till we;re gone.! I promise to get my phone fixed immediately i get any little supplement money at work wide Okay. I miss talking to you!! TAKE CARE MY **** , MUCH LOVE & KISSES OX OX
Letter 27
DARLING, it was my friend whose husband lived abroad but her visa to Canada failed was the only friend of mine who had a web cam but it's not working for couple of weeks/months now, Am still searching though.. apart from that everybody is fine over here like you out there. TAKE CARE SWEETHEART
Letter 28
DARLING, It's been another blessed early morning here and i want to write to you before the electric power may go off but if doesn't then i will be meeting you online tonight Okay. Honestly i don't understand you anymore darling, Do you have to see me in webcam to know what i think about marring you? Look my love i don't love you for a reason and so must it be from you also, if i love you for any reason then one day when that reason is not there we have to stop loving each other.. i don't know if you truly understand what i mean here, for example if you love me just because i am beautiful, there may be an accident where i might be injured a part of my body and may not be beautiful again then you have to stop loving me because am no more beautiful and for whatever reason/condition. Let's look at it this way, if i love you because you are hardworking and sends me money when i need it, one day you may be sick/ill and cannot work harder to send me money then i have to stop loving you. But am telling you this morning from here that i love you without reason and that's how i want you to love me darling. Simply, I want to marry you without a reason, if there may be any reason then that because i love you so much and wishing everyday to spend my entire life in your world, i don't mean your country but in your world of love darling. Not necessarily seeing me in webcam to know what i think about you coming here and getting married to you, are you kidding me. For all the months with the countless hours we spend talking online, over the phone, via emails and you still say you don't know what i think or look like? That's unfair my love excuse me but am straightforward person and i like who i am. I quite remember few months back i tried everything and got a webcam to show you, and you were so happy about my effort. Now you turn back at me and sound like that never happened, sounding as if you never seen me in webcam. I believe someone is behind this, but hey kindly let me know if you don't wanna talk to me again and i promise i will send back your money for the gold to you straight away. It isn't like am loosing it already darling but you and i know i don't have webcam and the reason why, I wonder why you should allow a third person to tell you to insist from me webcam when he doesn't know **** of what you and i already know. Take care and would understand if i don't hear from you again. MY HEART WILL ALWAYS BE FOR YOU SWEETHEART
Letter 29
Hi My Darling Husband,

I am so glad about your email and how you can in a jiffy formulated way understand me also, under any circumstances you try as much as possible to understand That is our secret which keeps us moving like a train. I love you now, I love tomorrow, and I love you forever. No matter what happens on the way of success we shall take it as it comes and overcome it and that am very sure..!! Sweetheart, of course you need some HUNDRED just to make him happy for the moment until he finishes with it and get it going again. No worries if you cannot do anything for me this week, I can certain understand that one OK. Next week can do we should just keep praying that things turn green next week and you can do something little at least for us to keep the fate/hope dream of our coming together alive. Love "U" my **** ox ox

May God be with you & the boys!!!
Letter 30
Hello My **** It's alright about the late reply. Besides it sometimes also happens to me, doesn't it? The most important thing is that you and your family are fine just like me. My little family including myself are all doing well, I've already extended your "Hello" to them and they says "Hi" in return. My close friend will also receive it and that am sure darling.. I love you from the button of my heart is true, I know right deep down from that same heart you love me and that am 100% sure of. My God, I can't believe this. You mean your friend is doing your car a lot quicker than he should? That's amazing Kindly extend my Good-luck wishes to him, " I wish him best of luck" in every job he lays his hand upon May he prosper and gain all his heart desire. Honestly, I cannot wait to pick you up from our Airport. Holding hands together would be so great. Thinking about this makes me love you more & more everyday. Pass on my greetings to your family and friends for me also! Darling, I've still not get my phone back but it's with the phone repairs shop Don't know how much it shall cost me to collect it back though However am working on trust me. KINDLY KEEP SAFE FOR ME YOU & THE BOYS ALSO MOTHER. LOVE "U" OX OX
Letter 31
Hello Darling Never mind the greetings if you can't get the time right Okay Thanks for your letter and sorry for the late reply. It's June/July and it keeps raining here like never before which keeps the internet connection down most of this days. I hope you can understand and forgive me straight away providing am not able to make it online or even send/reply to your emails earlier then you should know there's a problem again however we cannot blame my internet service providers for that because they are also doing anything possible in their best to keep us i mean their customers happy though the weather is actually making it harder for them, but i think they are trying or else i couldn't have even get the chance to write to you now. I'm still praying it doesn't get disconnected by the time i finish writing this message. Apart from that everything/everybody is fine here just like you guys out there. Nothing special/new with me though.. life is just like it has always been. I know i will see a positive change thus a more brightening side of life when we get this money ready and you finally arrive at our airport for me to pick you up. I really cannot wait for that also my love, however, am still holding onto my fate in you even in us as a couple. Looking at our savings so far I strong believe we shall come together face to face real soon. I see us together hand in hand in a couple more weeks to come darling. I just hope your feelings toward me doesn't switch from good to bad, that will hurt me a lot. I LOVE YOU WHOLEHEARTEDLY & I NEED NOTHING MORE THAN YOUR LOVE DARLING!!! YOU WILL SEE ME IN PERSON SOONEST IT LARGELY DEPENDS ON US (YOU &ME), I'M SURE WE'RE TRYING AND WE SHOULD KEEP IT UP WITH THE SAVINGS. GOODNIGHT KISS OX LUV OX U OX
Letter 32
Hi My Love Thanks for your understanding to our/my unstable situation of the internet here at the moment. Your sense of understanding is really inspiring. If all men could understand well their wives like the way you do there could have been no divorce anywhere of the world leading to single parenting. Well am sure the internet will be fine soon , I will let you know by mail when ever the internet is stable thus can support our instant chat Okay. Your 44th Birthday "WOW" I cannot wait for that, 20 days ahead is longer for me but am going to begin my count down from Today. I'm happy for you, I thank God for his protection and provision for you through out the previous years till now. May he continue to bless you with more age because you don't only hold the tittle of a good man but also a real good lover & care taker. You takes care of me every single day by writing to me as if we live under the same roof.. I LOVE YOU DARLING and I'll keep praying for you/boys/mother/my family including myself everyday as i always do. Our age difference does not bother me at all, besides age is nothing attitude is everything. You have a very good attitude and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You never gonna change is good to hear, and thank you for giving that assurance I promise am never gonna change toward you also, if there is going to be any change then it's actually going to be for the better but not for worse. Sweetheart, am taking extra care of my family also myself already and I want you to keep your family safe for me including yourself..OK. Be safe ox ox
Letter 33
Hi My Darling Husbee, Of course 44 is a great number of age besides you and me should be happy for instead of thinking about old. That is just a word but the reality is you are still strong & kicking. Not all men reached your age until they passed away specially children of this present days die at tender ages, we see the news but we don't believe it. I thank God for his abundance grace of protection/provision for you along side the children. You are never too old for me Okay. I will say it again , age is just a number which shouldn't be counted when True love exist. Age is nothing, attitude is everything and that is exactly what you have got which makes me loves you more and more every blessed day. There hasn't been any passing day without me thinking about you. similarly from my side I will always be thinking/caring for you no matter how far and where you may be I trust and believe you will come for me pretty soon and that i am so sure. You don't have to worry about the kids, for we gonna stay together happily and promising to treat them right like my own kids. I already do and you know it don't you? I will never let you go either.. I need you like i need the air to breathe, you are the live blood that flows through my vain now and without you i am nothing.. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE , TAKE CARE & TALK SOON OX OX
Letter 34
Thank you Husbee, Goodnight in advance!!! I LOVE "U"
Letter 35
Hello Husbee Am glad my email enlightened your heart, body & soul even your day. That's how i want you to feel every single day without thinking so much about the problems up front. Every problem has it expiry date, besides you don't have to be pressurizing yourself by problems since they comes and goes such is life. You may ask yourself, what if the solution is more than the problem? lol From the very first moment I heard you on phone I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a man has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it did that cool day. Your sweet words lights up my entire spirit. Your laughter fills me with joy, and I strongly believe your mere presence can warm any room. I have no doubt you are the man Heaven has made especially for me. Thank you for the comfortable conversations and for asking me to be yours. Most importantly, thank you for sharing your love and wanting to make me your wife. No matter how slowly or at what distance our courtship develops, I know standing before God and our future family, vowing to be your partner for life, was the easiest decision I could have ever made. Each day that passes makes our love for each other grow stronger. Although I know it's hard for us to be apart, I know there is nothing that can keep us apart forever. Our desires will continue to stretch across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us. Nothing can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from meeting you regardless the Country. You are my future and nothing can ever keep us from our destiny. I miss you more every day. I am here with open arms where you will some day finally arrive... right where you belong. Love Always, be safe sweetheart ox ox
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