Scam letter(s) from Shela Rae to John (USA)

Letter 1
hello my sweetheart John i feel very very sorry you do not feel comfortable my sweetheart .i plead with you to understand my mistake i did by not letting all about from the start that was my past my sweetheart but i see is now affecting are relationship my sweetheart and sorry about mt **** modeling i did in past when i was in school to make my pictures expose my sweetheart .i told in that passport you yuou tell my self is an edited passport my sweetheart and they are not real passport like mine my sweetheart people use my pictures for scam and if not yesterday that you came out with i did never no my sweetheart have you as my self how i feel about that my sweetheart i spoke with my uncle in USA to report that to police and also my mom also has report that to Ghana police here my sweetheart because that is very bad my sweetheart .i get hurt so much because my picture are going round like that and also it hurt so much that you are also hurt and disappointing in me my sweetheart .plead with for that love we share my sweetheart to please support em get the laptop because is the best and that what going help as and also when i have the laptop without get cam from my freind you will see me always and will do what ever you ask em to do my sweetheart trust i love and i will die for your love so please and please i am begging the best is for you to help me get the laptop my sweetheart and you will see change in are relationship my sweetheart please trust me my love and sorry for all that my love let em get the laptop please i love you and you are all i love John .KISSS
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