Romance scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Randy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello love
well this is my name Nadetha Baidoo,34 single and hardworking.l work with a non governmental organisation that assist charity homes.l love cooking,reading and playing with kids.
l hope l will meet u up by that time tomorrow,4pm my time so we chat.l have only travel and lreland and apart from , l am based in ghana here.I joined the website looking to make new friends and possibly a long term relationship. I love all types of music.
Take care and hope to talk with you soon
Letter 2
1: The art of discretion by Baltasar Gracian and
2 : The art of seduction by Robert Greene.
3: Angela Ashes by Frank McCourt Baby,this is my nephew ( his name is Joe) address please try to see if u can get the novels above and send it to me sweetheart.this is his email address let me know when you send the tracking number or u mail him to let him know so that he inform me..( JOE ANTONIO EMMANUEL
Letter 3
yes sweetheart but you will send me the tracking number so that l track it okay and if theres anything you would add to that package ur sending let me know okay baby, like phone or l had like to see some dollars currency.
Letter 4

baby,l stop doing that long ago,l told the webmaster to cancel the pics and since then l never bother to check if he did that.l am sorry.
Letter 5
baby we were robbed on entry to the boutique l went to buy the clothes, the owner of the boutique was shot dead instantly,2 staffs were shot in front of me cos they wanted to alert the police,it was about 9 well armed robbers,the first time in my life l will see a number of arm robber,they took all we had and my cell phone.l was hospitalize l am mailing you from the hospital,l was slap and beaten and that affect me,l had headache .
how are you my love
Letter 6
baby,l worried so much about you,l was thinking maybe u will live me,l really love you and l cant do with you cos l nee u at this time to be around me,l really want to be there with you sweety.Any thing you can fund for me to sort things out in the hospital would be okay for me.
l hope to hear from you is ur health and how is work my love.
l uses someone laptop to mail you,l had like to go home but l need to clear the hospital bills my love
Letter 7
hello dear
How are you,hope great with you.l am sorry for not mailing you, l was robbed and beaten that was why l couldn't mail u on time.l am 34 and single with no kids.
l am from Africa,sierra Leone- ghanain based in Ghana, nice having you as a good friend.can l have ur number for a chat if you don't mind my dear.
The best time we can meet and chat is btw 9am till 12pm and 4pm till 9pm, l went to grocery to pick some weekend stuff and came in contact with people of the world.l am okay just that they took what they wanted and l am was are and how is the weekend with you my dearest one l hope to hear from you
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