Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Sergeevna to Kevin (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello Kevin!
I am glad to receive your letter. I looked your profile and it was pleasant to me, I will be glad you to learn.I wish to tell a little about myself, I hope that will be interesting to you.I have height 166 centimetres and weight 56 kg.I have finished the university. I studied there 5 years.I work as the teacher music at school.I never was married, and I have no any children.I concerned with the man in my country, but he was frivolous and searched only for entertainments.He wished to go on party and to get acquainted with other girls, he drank many alcohol.I think that you has no any such habit. I do not smoke, but I not against smoking. Sometimes I go with girlfriends to cafeand I drink a red wine glass, but it happens very seldom.I have finished musical courses, I play on piano and I dance.I like different music, but basically classical.I want to have serious attitudes with you to find with youYour love also creates successful family. I shall like, If you it will want in the same way.I want to study about you more, about your family. I have written shortly about myself.If you ask me any questions I will answer, that you could learn more about me.I wait your answer and a photos.
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Kevin!! I can you so name? Today it was very pleasant for me to find your letter today.At me all is good. I hope you too stay in good mood.I have removed my profile on daring site, I do not wish to meet other men,it is interesting to me to communicate with you.Today at me difficult day at work was.And I am very tired but when have seen your letter weariness as a hand have taken off.It is very a pity that you did not eat a Russian cuisine.I hope that sometime I will be cooking to you something tasty,I am assured that is pleasant to you. In Russia speak "fingers you will lick"!!A borsch this Russian dish.Today I shall be all evening of a house I shall read slightly.And then I shall look the TV set. Will show today interesting film it "Green mile" refers to as.It is adventure film. And I very much love them. Dear I think to you it will be interesting if I to you shall tell about my city slightly.Zelenodolsk - sity of Tatarstan.The city is located on coast of Volga.Population of city - more than 100000 persons.My city is located approximately in 800 km from Moscow.It is the purest city in Russia. Our city of Zelenodolsk to be on the riverVolga.You likely heard about such river.I hope now you have some representation about him. Dear perhaps I shall finish on it the letter.I with impatience wait your answer.
Yours faithfully Olesya
Letter 3
Hello dear Kevin!!
I am glad to receive new letter from you.I am lonely woman and when I receive your letter, I feel that I amnot so lonely. I read your letters many times. And I want to tell you that it is very pleasant for me, that you you spend your attention and care for me. And I am glad very much that we have conversation with you. I feel really good feelings for you. Sometimes I think about our relations and I hope that we not play in game with you I hope that we create our happy future now. And I hope that you write me only the truth. Cause I promise that I will never deceive you. I hate, when someone deceive me. And I think that we are serious in this. I feel sincerity in your letters. My soul tell me that you are the fair person. I didn't want to repeat a mistake of the past. I just want to have a happy future and I hope that you want this too. I wait for a prince on a white horse. I hope that you are this prince. Sorry I think that this is bad idea to speak with you about lie, so please let's speak about something another. Do you love your work? I think, that if somebody doesn't love his work, he is unfortunate. How you think? I think that all must to do only things that they like. Any way, do you have many friends? I think that it is necessary to have many friends. Cause how I think our life will be much more better if we will have many friends. WHat I can tell you else? Do you have a big dream? I have and I think that may be in the future I tell you about it. Please write me more aoubt you. Cause it is very interestingly for me to know your outlooks on life. What principles you have? I want to know alll about you! I wait your next letter.
Letter 4

Hello my Kevin!!
I am very pleased, that I, I have acquaintance to you. And you are very pleasant, which are very important for me.Me to not irritate, that you to be more senior than me.I to search for the mature man, which would be to wise and scientific life. I like the men which is more senior than me and can learn me to something in this short life. I to want to connect destiny with the man of such age as you.I hope that you have well spent birthday and have received many emotions and impressions.I wish, that all your dreams became a reality.I am a romantic woman.I love supper in candles, and dance slowly. I am very similar to go late at night and to a kind of stars. I like to create opinion concerning me directly on personal meeting. But I think, that it will be later.The nearest international airport is in Moscow. From Moscow it is necessary to go to my city by train 12 hours.If you arrive to my city, I can show you many sights.My mum all life worked as the bookkeeper, it frequently has nervous stresses because on it the big responsibility and if she will make a mistakein calculations at the work she will be responsible for the big sums of money lays.Its work very nervous and nerves at it are loosened.But attitudes at us with mum very good because we understand each other if it happens it badly on soul she me to share the problem and we wetalk to it on this theme, and on soul at it to become more easy.And when to me it is bad on soul I come to my mum and I give vent to it to the soul.At me is many friends and girlfriends, but I think that each person has one closest person. I have such person, she is called Dasha.She to me is closer than the girlfriend, I her think also she me counts the sister, but the sister not by birth, and on friendship. We with it studied from the first class. We constantly share with it the secrets and we from each other do not have any secrets.You have similar? I constantly tell to it about you, and we long converse on this theme.We frequently go with friends to theatres on operas. To me very much like to look an opera. You visit theatres?I like to go with girlfriends on a nature where we have a rest under the full program.I like to bathe, go to cafe. Now I shall finish the letter, and I wait the letter from you, Your Olesya
Letter 5
Hi dear Kevin!!
I am glad that you wish to arrive to my city. I can show you many sights.Unfortunately I cannot tell to you on what station in Moscow you should arrive,because I never was in Moscow and anything about it I do not know.You should search the information on the Internet.Today I was released earlier and I have decided to come to my mum.Her my help was necessary. I needed to be tidied up in an apartment and to go in shops to buy some goods for a house and food.Today I went also to my girlfriend.We conversed and have decided to call other friends. Well that my friends were free.We communicate already enough long time and we long did not see.We have met and send in cafe. We talked and planned on future time ..We decided when we still can go in any campaign far away from city.We recollected times when we were very young and together went to a kindergarten.Sometimes it is useful to recollect kind times when we were children.While we in cafe we began to recollect some interesting and amusing cases and then we laughed:)We danced under music.My girlfriends invited to dances beautiful guys.Me also invited to slow dance, but I have refused. At that time when my friends danced, I recollected you.I dreamed of that that at us all will be good.If in what that is strong to trust that dream may come true. And I believe in this traditionbecause that sometimes came true about what I dreamed.Recollecting about our past we did not overlook and about the present.It happens you will look time and is not present now with friends to sit.But all the same I am very glad that today has met old friends.I shall wait your letter. Write to me.
Letter 6
Hi my sweet Kevin!! Dear I was happy to receive from you the letter today.How you, how weather at you? At me all is good.I feel wonderfully especially after perusal of your letter.With each letter my feeling to you becomes more similar to feeling of love.I feel that I can trust you. You the fair person.And it very much pleases me. Dear for me the most important is family traditions.For me there is nothing more important the family center.This the most expensive in life needs to be protected family from disintegration.The family is a cell of a society. And she needs to be honoured.You agree with me dear? Today we with mum seriously talked about us to you.I have told to her that I begin something to feel to you.Mum on the one hand is glad for me but nevertheless worries.She does not want that I have again wounded the heart.But she trusts my taste. I so frequently dream of that as I sit in the evening of a house near to me the husband and children.And we stir about something interesting.And mother so it is good!! If these dreams became a reality I would be happy.Each woman dreams of it.This the most expensive that may be at the woman it is family.Lovely I wait your answer with the big impatience.I send you the first air kiss and promising that it not last.Yours faithfully OlesyaP.S. Give me please number of mobile phone.I shall send you SMS from phone and you can call me back.
I think that about our meeting to speak on the phone better.
Letter 7
Hello my dear and beloved Kevin!!
How your affairs? I wait not up to waited that moment when we can meet with you, embrace each other strong strong, to glance each other in eyes and to tell: " Hi beloved, you are that I searched for all life, you are that I waited for all life. " I grieve without you, your letters, without your love. Expectation of love is pleasant and difficult for my heart. On the one hand it is pleasant for me to think, that I at last have found the love, on the other hand it is very difficult to wait for our meeting, torment itself various ideas, trying to present, that you are doing, that you now feel. I hope on our fast meeting. I LOVE YOU!!! I AM READY TO TELL IT to ALL WORLD: I LOVE YOU!!! I with impatience wait for the answer. And now I should go my love. with love, your Olesyap.s. In my city the Moscow time. II LL OOOOOO VV VV EEEEEEEE YY YY OOOOOO UU UULL OO OO VV VV EEEEEEEE YY YY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EE YY YY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EE YY YY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EE YYYY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EEEEEE YY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EE YY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EE YY OO OO UU UUII LL OO OO VV VV EE YY OO OO UU UUII LLLLLL OO OO VV VV EEEEEEEE YY OO OO UU UUII LLLLLL OOOOOO VVVVV EEEEEEEE YY OOOOOO UUUU
Letter 8
Hi my dear and beloved Kevin!!
I am very happy to hear from you. I was glad to speak on the phonewith you. During this moment I was the happiest ******* a planet. I amglad that you will arrive to my city, I will show to you manybeautiful places. I cannot meet you in Moscow because I work. Youshould arrive in Zelenodolsk. Unfortunately I have no native brothersand sisters. I have a daddy, he has thrown my mum when I was smallAlso has left to other woman. Now they live again together, My mum hasforgiven him but I could not forgive him, Because it was not a numberwhen to us it was heavy. It is difficult to me to speak about it, Ihope that you understand me. I had a dream last night that you and Iwere together. In my dream we were In a cabin in the woods. Thefireplace was the only light in the room, and we were sitting on alarge fur rug on the floor in front of it. My heart has been totallycaptured by you! We sat for a while just looking into each other'seyes. We then leant toward each other and shared a long, passionatekiss. It seemed as if time were standing still for us. Our bodiescametogether and we made love for the first time. Afterwards, we laidthere holding each other and professing our love.When I woke I wasvery happy, you next to me and my heart in my dreams. I want to haveyou near. Still, it was a wonderful dream that will someday come true,I hope. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR,Kevin!
Letter 9
Hello my love Kevin!!!
I waited for the moment when I again shall receive from you the letter and this has come happy The moment and I can learnthat you think of my previous letter.Kazan is from my city on distance approximately 70 km.From Kazan it is possible to arrive To my city by the bus or a train, it not a problem.I have told about us with youto the girlfriends and aunt, they are very glad that I have found Happiness, Me seems that we already on so much are close with each other, we as if The husband and wife only, unfortunately, divided in huge distance. You would like to marry me? I would like it very much. But not looking On it weshould keep to love each other and to trust each other, you with me Agree? I that can not make with self, is love, she sing in me as bird in The spring sky. I think that it is destiny it can be dangerously, but I am mad Is in love with you. Your letters are filled by such heat and care, and at me Tears of pleasure sometimes run. I think ' My God, a thank that you have helped me to find Mineunique and I hope that we shall incorporate to him and we shall be happy. ' I dream of our meeting and about that as we shall go for a walk with you, to keep for hands, As we shall look after one after another and as we shall do love. I LOVE YOU, I WANTYOU, YOU FOR EVER In MY HEART, In MY IDEAS. I dream as you Will carry me on hands, to embrace me, to kiss and to embrace my gentlebody. It is a pity that only dreams and whether it is fated by himto come true the God knows only. Today or tomorrow I shall try to call to you.I very much wish to hear your voice. I hope soon to see your letter. Yours love Olesya
P.S. My mum wishes to write to you the letter and I shall translate its letter for you.
Letter 10
Hi Kevin!I am mum at Olesya's - Nadejda. I have honour today to write to you the small letter.I want to tell you, that Olesya spoke me about you much.I very much would want that you cared of her. I hope, that it will be sometime.I want to wish good luck you only happiness together with my daughter. The most important,That you had good family. I also shall be quiet if my daughter will be happy.Please take care! You have got acquainted with not so usual image.I got acquainted with my husband not so. I all over again did not trust in love under the Internet.I see as my daughter blossom similarly to a fine rose!I want that my daughter was the happiest woman in the world.You should care about each other always. I shall be alwaysIs glad to see you. We very simple people and you may be convinced of it.I always aspired to give my daughter all best and even more.I refused in many respects to myself that my daughter anything did not require. I want that my daughter had with you good life. Thank. Mum Olesya's–Nadejda

Letter 11
Hello my dear Kevin!!!
I have read your letter my mum, she thinks that you the kind and careful man, she respects you.I am glad that you can to visit me. I will meet you at the airport to Kazanbecause in Russia speak English of 5 percent of people. To you it will be very difficult without me.I wait from you for news about your trip.Today it is enough in good mood. Today to us on a visitThere has arrived my uncle from Nizhni Novgorod. He will stay with us over the weekend.My uncle call Aleksey! He is the kindest uncle on light.I very much love my uncle. He is necessary the brother at my mum. I to him have already toldAbout you! He speaks, that soon all beautiful girls will leave to live from Russia.He in general likes to joke! I have told him, that you the good person!Uncle Aleksey has told, that is very glad for me! All so in general well develops!All my friends and relatives only are pleased to our relations!Even more I am glad!!! I continue to read books. So beautifully everyone write it in books.If and in real life there was all also!!! All people would be happy.I now read the novel " Paradise LOVE ". Soon I already shall finish to read!Very interestingly. With each page all becomes more interesting!!!Tell to me My Kevin about the most beautiful and well-known places inUSA?It is very interesting to me! Soon we shall together and I want to know about slightlyFine places of USA! I wait your letter soon!Only yours, Olesya
PS I send you 100000000000000 kisses!!!
Letter 12
Hello My loved Kevin!!!
I love you!!!!I want you to warn.As I have understood from your letter- This that that you were going to arrive to me to Russia!!!!???I think that it to do it is not necessary, Because we with you so shall spend very many moneyTo have to pay in 2 times more,Because that you have arrived! And then back and I with you contain- Consider itself, my dear, what big it is expenses for tickets,But if I shall go itself to you it will be In 2 times is cheaper! And when we with you shall begin to live together,When at us the child will appear, I be employed, We together shall earn and we shall arrive together on a visit to myparents.Such idea was offered me by parents,You see they worry for your financial budget!They do not want that you so spent money for this purpose much.I love you!!!! I think that you changing understand my sweet peach!!?I today want to sleep slightly. The yesterday we had the big supper and Iwant to sleep now, Because I very much late to go to bed yesterday. Wegave my parents many gifts! Daddy and mum so were glad to visitors!!!At us at home yesterday it was very cheerful! We saw a wine! Iyesterday also have ***** a few fault. I already for a long time not asaw, but for the sake of such I have ***** the big holiday slightly.We wished my parents to live Also long and happily. Now all myrelatives know, that I shall go soon in UK I promised everything,that I shall send letters To Russia when I shall be in UK!!! You willhelp to write to me letters to parents!!! I want to tell, that wespoke about you yesterday much. I was so am glad, What is my relativesand friends it is very good to concern to this! I shall be now I waityour letter soon. Forever yours, Olesya
PS I wish you good day!!!
Letter 13
Hello my Kevin!!!
I agree with you that 1 meeting better than 1000 letters. Tomorrow I will speak withmy boss that he have given me holiday. If he will give up to me thenyou should arrive to Russia and if will give me holiday then I willarrive to you. I very much wish to see where you were born and live,also I wish to get acquainted with your relatives and friends. Now Iam assured that our meeting will soon take place. Tomorrow I willinform you on my conversation with the boss.Today I have bad day. It is very bad day in my life.Today my dog in the morning has died. When the cousin to walk with her she to releaseThe dog without Collar and a dog was brought down with the machine. This heavy coincidence of circumstancesHas brought to ruin dogs. To me so it is sad today. I do not know that to me to do.It was the good and kind dog. I love my dog and now her more is not present.Ican not write to you much today. I love you.Write to me soon. Excuse, that I today in bad feeling. OK?I wait the letter and whole you. Yours Olesya
Letter 14
Hi my love Kevin!!!
I am very glad to your letter.URRAAAAA!!! I have good news to you, today I spoke with my boss and he has allowed to take to me holiday!!!Today on work there was a ridiculous case. I thought of you and casually named my boss your name,he has smiled and has told that I did not worry and that soon we with you will together.My love I try to prepare our meeting.As I want to inform you, that Russia does not let out the young and lonely women.Therefore I should arrive to you as the tourist. If tomorrow I shall finish the work earlier then I shall go to agency of traveland I learn what documents to me are necessary for travel to UK and then I at once shall inform on it to you.I want to know my pleasure, what you think of it?I consider that only personal meeting will help us to find our happiness, which we so long searched for.It is very interesting to me as to learn your habits of enthusiasm.I want to know culture of your country.Please inform me the best time to stay to you???That you had more free time.Though if you will be at work day, I can be at you at home, and evening to wait you from work And to feed by tasty supper.What you think of it?I very much wait our meeting, when we shall have romantic evening and we shall stay one.I shall think of you my prince.Love and kiss.Yours Olesya
P.S. What international airport most close to you???
Letter 15
Hello my fantastic prince Kevin!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I have for you good news. Ihave learnt from friends where it is possible to make the visa. To mehave told that it is possible to do the visa by two ways. In the firstit through embassy UK in Moscow to me will be necessary to go inMoscow, and the visa will make to me only in 14 days. The second wayit is faster and cheaper. At us in city is travel agents. There dotourist the visa. Today I went in travel agents to learn more indetail about necessary documents to be near to you my love. To me havetold that I should conclude the contract with them. And documents willbe made 7 days. They to me have told that all my documents will cost483 euros (the passport, the visa, the insurance and medical survey).My visa will be valid 3 months. What time I shall be at you? Also Ihave learnt that the air ticket from Moscow up to London and backcosts approximately 455 euros. I have thanked them for the informationand have come to write to you my love. I think that the second waymore favourable to me it more cheaply and fastly. I to not have whilesuch money. I always dreamt about travel in UK. And it is fast mydream I will be executed very much I want to be near to you in realityKevin. Today I shall please my parents. I know my parents than cannothelp me because they do not have such money. My parents not rich, Isometimes to help them.I to pay for an apartment, for municipalservices. I think at you all well, write to me letters. Your letterswarm. I love you very much. My heart burns with the desire what to benear to you my love. I kiss you. Your princessa Olesya
Letter 16
Hello my Kevin!!!
I am glad that you can to help me. You the best man on a planet!!!I went to agency of travel "Volga travel" about Zelenodolsk, K.Marks str. 48, index 422540.I called in agency of travel to learn the information about which youme asked. The manager of agency has told that you cannot pay for mydocuments as agency money only at that person with whom the contracttakesconcluded, differently at agency will be a problem with taxpolice. Also they do not accept payment a credit card because therewas a case earlier when for their services have paid credit a card andthe holder a card did not know about it and then the agency returnedmoney and process of manufacturing of documents has begun also agencysuffered the loss, now they accept only cash from that person withwhom the contract is concluded. I hope that you have correctly understood me.In our city the premiere of new film today begins. It is a comedy.At work today the director gave us tickets at cinema! I have 2 tickets at cinema.I can take with myself the girlfriend. I so wanted thatAt cinema with me there might be you! To me it is very sad, that you are now far also I can notToinvite you at cinema with me. I hope, that is fast when I shallarrive to UK,That we shall go with you at cinema! You want to go with me at cinema and to observe film, my Kevin?I would be very glad to this! I love you and I would like to speak you itEach minute. Your heart and mine soon will a Together and we shall feel a rhythm of heart!Well, I shall finish this letter. I wish you good day.
Only yours forever, Olesya
p.s. emails agency
Letter 17
Hello mine loveliest the person Kevin!!!
I hope, that you it Is good. I am pleased to study, itCan help me. I am pleased, because will transfer some time, and I canEmbrace you. I very much would like to speak with you and to see yoursThe person, I very much have many things in a head about which I wantTo you to inform. I hope, that it will be interesting to you to listenTo me. I have many questions about which I want to study fromYou. I think, that you also have many things which you would likeTo speak me. I am pleased, that it is fast, we shall have enough time to have aSociety the friend the friend. I am very pleased, that you can to help me with payment of documents, Reception of the visa and the passport for travel abroad. I today went down in Documents of Agency for arrival you, my love also has ordered.My visa will be valid 3 months. What is the time I shall be at you?I consulted in Agency as betterTo receive a remittance to Russia, to me have told that to the most good and safe The way will transfer a remittance through the Western Union. If you agree on me the help You can do it through the Western Union. If you will help me with your remittance You can send it to me under this information. Name: OlesyaSurname: OsipovaCountry: RussiaCity: ZelenodolskAdress: Lenin str. 56-44, index 422540 When you will send your help to you, you will give 10 codes of number which can inform.I want to inform, that without it 10 numbers will code, I can not receive your translation.Also I should know the full information concerning you: your full name and a surname, yours Full home address. A favorite, write to me, and inform me please ideas. I hope, that you also have great pleasure and expectation from all theyThings. I love you. YourKonfetaOlesyap.s. Also I have made today bank account. To send money to you all data will be necessary Bank: B&N Bank(Joint-Stock Company),Moscow,RussiaSWIFT: BINORUMMAccount: 400887083401Correspondent: COMMERZBANK AG,FRANKFURT AM MAIN DESWIFT: COBADEFFfor YOSHKAR-OLA BRANCH OF B.&N. BANK YOSHKAR-OLA RUfor OSIPOVA OLESYA acct. 40817978114000000127
Letter 18
Good day my loved Kevin!!!
I so am happy to see your new letter! I so love you!I hope that you will well spend time in France and will receive many emotions and impressions.I wish to explain to you about my name. All people in Russia have 3 names.Kirilovnathis my patronymic because mine the daddy call Kiril. But I do not use my patronymic,therefore my full name OlesyaOsipova. I hope that you have understood me.Now about documents. You are right, the passport is done by migratory service.I should bear in migratory service many documents for passport reception, only 8 inquiries.These inquiries very long to receive and it is necessary to stand in a queue.If I write the statement for passport reception in agency of travelthen all inquiries for me will be collected by them and they do it without turn,that is we can save time. I will work more and I will receive more money.I wish to leave it to my parents because except me nobody will support them.I hope that you understand me correctly. On all documents it is necessary to me 483 euros.You can send it next week?I very much wait day of our first meeting. I have the big dream concerning us!MY Kevin, you have dream concerning us? I want to love youEternally! I want to grow old together with you. I want, that our relationsWere forever!!! I love you more life! I want to wish all peopleSuch love! My loved Kevin, I want to tell you, what evenIn such pleasant days for us we should not forget about those people, whichAlready never can like. You know to what I to you it to speak My Kevin?The matter is that in our house lived at all so for a long time goodThe guy. And now he was lost. He was lost on war in the Chechen Republic. In our houseOnly everyone speak about it. So it is a pity to me of this guy. War to take away from him And he now nevercan love life. TO LIKE AS I LOVE YOU!We should appreciate LOVE always! You agree with me Kevin?Which the god has sent this highest feeling to us from heavens. We should concernTo this very respectfully. I LOVE YOU! I love you Kevin!I want that you knew, that I shall never betray our love.I wait your letter soon. Forever yours Olesya
Letter 19
Hello my dear Kevin.
Iam glad to receive as always your warm andVery gentle letters. Thanks for your recognition in such deep andTender feelings to me, I am simply happy it to read in your letter,Because anybody did not speak for a long time already me such warm and gentle words.Thanks Supreme, that you are on the Earth, Kevin. I will repeat,thatI AM happy to read in your letter, that YOU LOVE me. I nowI write you the letter and at me to shiver hands a little and are a little drawn inKnees (fairly).Promise Kevin, that you will be always fair with meAlso you can always help me a difficult minute, also as well as I to you;Promise, that if your feeling will start to "die away" to me, you to meYou will necessarily tell about it that we could try somehowTo keep our love. You to me promise it Kevin?I dream of 3 children: 2 elder sons and 1The younger daughter. In our house would be a lot of pleasure and happiness. AllDecisions in would sew to the big family became in consent asMen, and women. The main thing that in our house reigned love andThe trust, and happiness will be obligatory. Therefore here so I representOur house and my family in the future you Kevin will be which part...Remember that you have a girl, which, ifYou would be near to me, would be simply happy to name you theThe best man. Therefore I look forward your following letter.The love is close...P.S.: give we will think up each other any personal nicknames, whichWill be known only to us. It will be possible to name I you "my lion"? And meYou will think up a nickname and will send in your following letter Kevin. OK?
Your favourite Olesya
Letter 20
Hello my Kevin!!!
my passport is in agency of travel and I cannot receive your money for air tickets,therefore you should send money addressed to my girlfriend. I already talked with her and she will help me. I her trust. Her data.Name: Mariya Surname: Kalinina Country: Russia City: Zelenodolsk Adress: Moskovskaya str. 7-11, index 422540 Sorry for the short letter, but I should continue workI love you. Your Olesya
Letter 21
My Kevin!!!
When you have told that will help me to pay for documents, I have goneto agency and have concluded with them the contract. I have told thatmoney I will bring little bit later and the manager has agreed. Toreceive the visa, I should bring some my documents, questionnaires andmy passport. My passport is now in agency of travel and to receivemoney in Western Union or from mine bank account I should show thepassport in bank. Therefore I cannot receive money. But my girlfriendwill help us. I will go together with her to bank and she at once willgive me money, she agree it. I starting to make a tasty supper, I wantthat you tried it, but you are far. Soon I will surprise you with myabilities in cookery. Yours Olesy
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