Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kosuruba to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! I will not hide it from you, I am a woman of huge life experience, I was married, I saw the beauty of the million-citizen life city, I was dressed up in all fashion and attended Operas and Theatres but then something changed in the inner me and I realized that life is not what you do for beauty or high-class but what you do with your hands, and it is always the most important to feel you are needed and respected for the inner world of yours. I left all advantages in life at once...
and moved to a nice city by the sea, my motherland, cosy little Melitopol. Here I opened a flower-shop for the rest of finances what my ex gave me after the divorce. Life started being harder for me, sometimes I did not have anyone even to talk to, but I always knew I was on the right way, and I still feel I am on that! Perhaps, it sounds crazy I abandoned glamorous life, but maybe the happiness is namely on what people call simplicity?! I hope it sounds close to you too, and we may share this opinion forth! Always smiling and never to give up.
Letter 2
nice to see your reply, to say I waited for that is nothing to say. You have guessed it right at once that I am looking for a man who can feel me, and who wants to grow in feelings with me, simultaneously, gradually, step by step obtaining the depth of perception of ours. I belive you can be the one. Looking at your photos I see a mature smart man that excites me much! And I am also amazingly happy to know you are a gentleman having all the respect to women, caring, loving and romantic! What grows without saying is that you want to know more about my life. No less that it is a nicest secret about yours I would do my best to solve. I am 167 cm tall and 54 kilos in weight. I consider myself to be a strong personality, I am 32 and I am sure it is the right age for me to feel so, I was married for fifteen years and lived in a big city, since 17 when I was ambitious and married a successful businessman who was loyal, kind and respectful for me for all the years of our life together. I wanted to break it up because I felt we never had any inner union together. He behaved like a gentleman, but always was too busy for our emotions and time together. When I felt I could not stand it anymore I broke it up, I left him and he left me... without any scandals or quarrels, he wished me the best of luck for the life, the same did I. I came back to my motherland, my classmates were sneering at me as if I returned back home with a loss, they hardly can imagine it was my decision and my little victory :) Anyway, everyone lives the way he wants, right?
Well, my family always had a little flower shop in Melitopol, Ukraine (I hope this time traveling here to meet me you will find all the golden beauty of the soul in me to brighten our lives with happiness) and for the last half a year I run it myself. My parents are the best people in the world, caring and loving, they supported my decision seventeen years ago to get married and once I came back my willingness to be here and myself. I am working hard as a florist, making bunches and flower beds, I like my job, and it is a little touch of creativity for me, something I do with my hands, and I love it when people are happy with my little creations. It is what I lacked for long years actually. It is funny, but living a prosperous life I never cared for getting any education, all I was interested in was my make-up and fashion, silly me :) I even never studied English, so the one you read in this letter is the one I am helped with, by a professional fairly to admit form the club of Internet and translations. Now I feel it is more important the way people treat you than the way they look like... It is what I was interested in you, it is not that I say you are not attractive, in fact you are :) nevertheless I am here to find out about your soul, your likes, your way of living, yourself in general!
I know you asked me much more, though, with the time we will be talking on other ideas and I will tell you for sure, all in all it is not possible to know someone in one letter, do not you agree, Reggie?
It will be nice if you send me more of your photos too. Before you get bored I end this letter, hoping to receive yours soon.
Hugs! Tatiyana
Letter 3
I am very much surprised about your ideas, simply do not know what to add more. I wish you only the best! Tatiyana
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