Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Danilova to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Chris,
I am so happy that you have wrote to me. I hope you read some information from my profile, but i would like to tell you little bit more. Well, let's start.
I am 23 y.o. and my birthday - 15 September,1980.
I live in a small city on Ural in Russia - Novouralsk.
I was born here and lived all my life. I have wrote on site that i live in US because they did not accept russians, but in any case i could move anywhere to meet my match. So write me back if you still interested and long distance does not bother you.
I liked my school years and also when i was in college, I went there after school and I have got a higher education .
I finished The Ural State Technical University.
After university I began to work and I work about 1 year. I am work in my city for one firm as a manager and sell the goods.
I live with my parents in a small apartment. I am one child in family. My mother is a teacher and she works in school. My father working at the factory.
I am working 5 days a week , 9 hours a day and i have 2 days off.
Usually I spend my free time with my famile and close friends.
I like to walk, go hiking, outdoors, skiing and skating on winter and swim and sunburn on summer. I'm fond of sport.
Running, aerobics, fitness, ride on bicycle.
I learned English in School and university. My english is not so bad, but my pronunciation is worse because I do not have a practise.
I enjoy cooking and i like to cook with my mom. You know Russian cuisine is very delicious and different.
Why I posted my profile at this site, because I'm not a young lady and i am thinking about my future. Here is a problem to find a good, serious and kind guy. All my friends, guys of my age are not serious and don't think about future.
I am romantic, tender, kind and funny person with good sense of humor, but I need the love,support and respect and if I get it I give twice as much. I think I can be a good wife and mother for kids. I will tell you a bit more about me, hobbies, dreams and thoughts when you write me back. If you have a questions please ask and I will answer with great pleasure.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
Hi my darling Christopher,
I am so happy to get an answer from you today, you make my day. I don't have any words to say how I'm pleased that you want to start a serious relations with me and you want us to meet each other in real life. I think one meeting in a person is better then thousands of emails, am I right? I am sure this meeting will help us to learn each other and take a right decision about future and maybe we will be a good couple. Honey, by the way I have been at one Travel Agency "Elite Tour" who helped me with trip to Egypt last summer and asked how much it takes and what i will need to fly to you for vacation.
They offered me tourist tour which includes tourist visa, insurance and round-trip tickets. This tour costs - 1100 US dollars to LA from here.
As they working with American Consulate they give 100 % guarantie that visa will be approved. Of course it sounds good but there is one problem - it's too expensive for me. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but can you help me with trip expenses or can you contact with them and order tour for me.
the soonest i can come is next month (July).
If you want i could give you their coordinates. I am thinking of you all the time and it seems that I know you for a long time, I am serious and I know that we can be happy together. Just tell me the best dates for you for vacation.
I am sending you pictures of my family and warmest hi from them.
Thanks for the picture of your family too. It's ok that you have already kids, please send me their photos I would love to meet them.
I have a degree in ecology field but working as a selling manager of furniture.
If you have a questions I'll be happy to answer.
I have to go now. Can't wait for your answer.
Kiss you hot. Love,
Letter 3
Hello my love,
I have a very terrible news. I will try to explain you now.Yesterday evening my dad went home after work by his car and carcrushed into big lorry. Now dad have serious traums of body and he is in reanimation,i was in the hospital whole day with my mom. Idon't know what do do,my fingers are tremblig even now. I have called to agency and asked them move my tickets on couple of days.I do not know what to do,I can't leave my family at this moment.
My love,how could such things happen. Also it seems driver of lorry was ***** and he crushed into my dad's car. My love it is so awful, i'm in real depression, because our meeting today was my dream, it crush with this accident.
i love you very much and miss you so much here.
I'll write you more tomorrow, i pray God that my dad alive.
Letter 4
tel: +7(3433)445643 fax.+7(3433)445642
620137 Russia,Ekaterinburg,Kosmonavtov 62-105
Mr., Regarding your request and request of Evgenia Arhipova
we are gladly sending you the tour details: DEPARTURE: Ekaterinburg,Russia (SVX)
We open a tourist visa to USA (type B-2) in Ekaterinburg American Consulate on condition that a client orders the full set of services:
round - trip tickets, tourist visa, insurance. Our Agency guaranties receiving visa, if for some reason US Consulate will refuse in visa, we return money to sponsor of trip. TIME of PAPERWORK: We make all necessary arrangements on July tours in 2-3 weeks after receiving the full cost of the trip. PRICE: Total - 1100 USD.
-Round trip tickets Ekaterinburg, Russia - Los Angeles,CA,USA (tickets valid during a month,open date of back flight) - 850 USD
-Tourist visa ,1 entry,validity - 1 month - 150 USD
-Insurance - 100 USD PAYMENT METHOD:
Our firm according to registration have organisazion form :
Regarding civil law of Russian Federation We accept payments from our foreign clients in USD via bank systems:
"Western Union" or "MoneyGram" on the name of Owner and Director of our company- ALEKSANDR DAVLETOV.
( Receiver's name : ALEKSANDR, last name: DAVLETOV, country: RUSSIA, city: EKATERINBURG )
It is most reliable to take payments from foreign clients.
You can make payment on-line from your credit card via system "Western Union" on their web site or send a cash from "Western Union" or "Money Gram" office there.
Unfortunately in current internet and banking situation in Russia we are unable to take payments from credit cards right on our site because billing companies, such as ibill ccnow, payonline etc., do not support tourist services. Ms. Arhipova have been here today and she paid us 100 USD and informed us that you will be her sponsor on the rest 1000 USD.
She talked about middle of July, so You should make the final payment as soon as possible because paperwork takes time.
We will inform you about all status of paperwork (visa process and flight information) by e-mail. If you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: it is cheaper for you and comfortable for us.
We will reply ASAP after receiving your letter in working time or by phone.
Respectfully yours,
Letter 5
Hi my love,
I am strong, but crying and crying every day together with my mom. Tomorrow will be his funeral and we have alot of things to do, i will write back soon. Love you too,
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