Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Danilova to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Tim!!!
I'm really happy to get your letter today and I decided to write back and send few photos. I think you would like to learn something about me.....I'm 23 years old, never been married and do not have children. My name is Olga, as you already know from my introduction.
I was born and still live in Russia in small town Asbest near by big city Ekaterinburg and if you will open a map you can find me near Ural.
Currently not working because my boss fired me and 5 more people from our organization few months ago because of world economic crisis. I worked there after college whish finished 2 years ago. One good friend of mine offered me to find job abroad and I decided to try.
I also heard allot about it on TV and I have found special company in Ekaterinburg and they already working on my visa for a long time and if everything will be Ok I will go on interview in Consulate next week and can fly after. Visa valid for 4 month and I would like to have somebody there who can help me to find work and place to stay for the first time, I do not have any friends and especially relatives there. I can work there or just have a rest during 4 month because special program name - Work and Travel, maybe you've heard about this program. But if I will not work I will not have money:-)
I'm single and open for relations and would like to meet a guy to fall in love or just spend free time with during this period of time.
I really do not know what you're looking for, but if you interested and can introduce new country for me and help me to start and move forward I'll be very pleased you!!!
I can work at any place for the first time I don't use translators and speak English as well as I write, so I don't think we will have problems with communication. I'm separated from my parents from 18 y.o, but I keep good relations with my dad and especially my mom.
They are good and hard working people and they gave me good start, but now economic is very bad here and they do not mind that I want to try something new. I clearly see my future and I think I'm lost here.
I'm looking for someone who is ready to help lonely lady like me, for someone to share each other's dreams and most importantly to share future together, someone who will respect me. I don't care about your past, but more interested in who you are right now and the future.
I'm very tender, romantic and easygoing and not afraid to take chances in my life. I'm full of life and energy.
If you worry about our age difference it does not matter for me because I do not want to date with guys of my age, first of all they're not serious.
I do hope to get your reply and than I will write more about me and send more photos. I can't tell you everything right now, I would like to be sure that I have a guy who waits for me there and If you have any interests to meet me I'll be more than happy to meet you too.
I really hope to get back from you ASAP!
Thanks for your time and understanding!!! Included few photos - hope you will like them. I will send more next time.
Letter 2
Hello again Tim!!!
How are you? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, I'm not a good writer and I make grammatical mistakes, but I think I should tell you about my interests, tastes and hobbies anyway because it will help you to learn me better. I learned English at school and in a college, so we'll not have problem with communication.
In summer time my favorite outdoor activities is running, I try to do it 3 times a week in the morning. Usually I wake up at 6:30 AM and run 3 km with my friend, than have a breakfast and go to work. Now I wake up later because I'm unemployed.
Also like to swim and we have a lot of lakes and rivers here.
In winter time I visit gym and spa 2 -3 times a week, I try to care of my body and face. Also I adore snowboarding and ski.
Like to spend my free time on weekends with my close friends, sometimes we can go and watch movies, play bowling or just walking....
Now it's summer here but raining!!!
What about your usual day Tim? Also I like to go out with my mom and dad. I don't smoke, I tried to smoke when I was younger. I may have a glass of wine, sometimes it helps to relax. Graduated college, economic faculty.
I rent apartment with my friend Yana, I included a photo.
My mom and dad are good and kind people, they know about my plans and of course don't want to crush it and always wish me to be happy.
They dream to marry me as soon as possible :-) and they want to make me happy, but I think it's only my business and if I will find my soul-mate and fall in love I'll be happy to get married.
I had a few serious relations in my life and the last one was close to marriage, but Russian guys like to drink and I left him, it was not easy but I would like to have healthy kids. I'm not afraid to work and can help you with everything and you will not be disappointed to meet me in real life.
My favorite colors are black, pink and white I like exotic flowers - any colors. I'm little shy, but only when I meet people at first time than I can be a soul of company. Adore animals - cats and dogs. Tim I'll tell more about me next time. Please write back!
Now about travel plans. As you already know I have agreement with one travel company, they're working on my visa more than a month and I'll have all documents to travel in 4-5 days and I will travel to Ekaterinburg, It's the biggest city on Ural and there is Embassy and International Airport. From there I'll fly to your area and people from agency asked me about name of the city where I would like to work, if you don't mind to meet me please confirm the exact name of your city and the main thing name of Nearest International Airport, it's very important to me because I should tell them this info correctly!!! It would be great to meet kind man who has time to share in the evenings. I know that it's not so easy like I think but I think it's possible. I want you to reply if you understand my mind, my intentions. Well, I finish letter.
You should know that there are only several places with Internet and possibility to use Internet in my town very low. So, I can't be on-line every hour, usually I try to be here in the morning or in the evening! So please be patient anyway I will write you.
Included few more photos, I know you will like bikini.
Bye for tomorrow,
Letter 3
Hello Tim, my darling!!! Thanks for the long and interesting letter!!!
I'm thinking about our future meeting. I do hope we will like each other.
I think if we have many common we could think about our future together.
If not I will just work, spend free time with you and return back when the time to travel back. As I promised I am sending you my family photos and few photos when I was in a school and first college years.
I want you to know all things about me because it mustn't be any misunderstandings between us. I am not angel and sometimes I can show my character. And I don't wait that you are angel too, I just want to meet kind man. I am very kind and I can forgive almost all.
I like to make BBQ and I so much want to have my own home with fireplace in the future. Usually I make very tasty ones and in principle I like to cook and it's not problem for me to cook something tasty and I don't like to visit cafes and restaurants, at first usually they can't cook well (maybe only here) and second reason too high prices. I like warm weather.
Also I want to tell you about my dislikes: I hate lies and unfaithfulness.
I hate evil people I think they like to play wars, I hate wars and terrorism!
What I like in a man: faithfulness, honesty. He has to be open-minded and open-hearted, also easy-going and much more important he has to be kind, kindness makes our world! I think my man should be kind, it is great feeling after love, only kind person may be happy, all rude people are unhappy.
Now about trip, because my trip to you already started!!!
I'll find out all travel information about my visa and flight to you in a few days, maybe on Monday or Tuesday!!! I leave my town tomorrow and I can't wait to meet you!!! I already bought bus ticket to Ekaterinburg.
I will stay in a hotel there or will rent apartment for a week. Last one will be cheaper but without Internet. I'm sure It will take a week before I will get on flight to you. Please respond anyway because I'll check my e-mail box from other place and I am afraid to lose your e-mail address, so please answer on this e-mail anyway! I will try to find Internet as soon as I will arrive.
Well, I close this letter I have so many things to do before leaving.
See you soon! I can't believe everything is for real.
I Kiss You Tim! I think about our meeting and my head works badly, I think when we meet you will get all answers, if you forgot to ask me something, please don't worry I'm normal girl and there are not any problems with me!!!!
Yours Olga
Letter 4

Hello Tim, my darling!!!
I'm in Ekaterinburg now. Can say it was fast and good trip and I found apartment with computer and Internet inside. It was hard to find, but anyway it is cheaper than room in a hotel.
I am going to stay here before next Saturday evening. In the beginning of next week I will make all trip arrangements and will be ready to get on flight. I think I can fly to you on Sunday, 24 of July. I will know flight information and exact time and date on Tuesday for sure. I hope you're excited and happy as I am and you will be able to pick me up from airport.
Ok, I have to run now and buy something to eat and cook something on dinner. I have a question. Do you want to talk by the phone?
I have bought calling card and can call you just give me your phone #, cell is better because we have big time difference and I'll call before departure. My head full of different emotions and thoughts, but all I want now - get on plane and see you soon.
Yours Olga p.s. You said something about scams and your doubts that I may not be REAL. I decided to prove you that I definitely want to be with you and I am for real. Special photo with your name and my heart on it. Hope you will like it.
Letter 5
Hi Tim! How are you? I hope well.
I'm doing great, I visited travel company in the morning and already concluded agreement.
My tickets and visa valid for 4 months with open date of return flight. Here is flight #, time and name of Airlines.
Please save it or take a pen and write on paper. I will departure from Ekaterinburg July 25, 2011!!! Aeroflot - Flight 746
Take-off Mon 6:15a SVX Ekaterinburg, Russia
Landing Mon 6:40a SVO Moscow, Russia Aeroflot - Flight 313
Take-off Mon 10:05a SVO Moscow, Russia
Landing Mon 12:20p JFK New York, NY Delta – Flight 203
Take-off Mon 3:35p JFK New York, NY
Landing Mon 7:05p SEA Seattle, WA Tim I hope you will pick up me July 25 from the airport!
I am sure weather will be warm there and I'll be in blue jeans and white t-shirt, and I'm sure you'll recognize me from others.
Now what I got today morning from travel manager!
Consulate must be sure that I'm not going to stay there forever and should show them on my interview before my departure only round-trip tickets in bad case my visa will not be approved. Final ticket's price with all taxes included 1650 US dollars. I have checked my finances after I paid money for all necessary papers and week's rent for apartment, food and transportation and unfortunately I have just 750 US dollars now.
Tim could borrow me the rest 900 US dollars? I know that I'll be able to give you money back when I'll get paid there.
I really need your help, I have nobody here who can help me.
I called local bank and wanted to take a loan, but they told they usually give good answers to people who live in Ekaterinburg it's first, but I'm from another town and last - I'm unemployed now:-(
So it's impossible for me to come up with the rest of the money.
I really need your help Tim! I've asked in bank how to send money fast and safe from America and they recommended Western Union. You will find their local office and jsut send cash on my full name: OLGA SHMAKOWA in EKATERINBURG, RUSSIA.
If they need my ID details I included a copy.
I'll be waiting for a news honey. Please write back when you'll get this letter. I do not want to go home, please help me and you will not be disappointed. I do not want to lose you because our relations for me is very important.
Yours Olga
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