Scam Letter(s) from Basten Boadu to Tim (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear how are you doing hope you doing great as am here now well all the same i do realy missed you online all time so please this is my line you can text me so that will meet you online n talk to you i care n indeed you really broke my heart from not hearing from you then
+233268248000 please you can text me so that we meet online n chat thinking of you so much n more

Letter 2

honey i love you with all my heart well the whole fault is from my brother i went this evening n insulted him all cos he had all my pics not knowing he does not send the right ones ok my love so i wet there n took them to a cafe n they did it for me am very sorry he does not want me to be happy honey so everyday i know that is my pics with cos am new to the computer that is why he is doing that
i promise to be loyal,faithful,respectful n honesty to you for the rest of my life as well as obedient to you
these my real pictures of me,



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