Scam letter(s) from Rufina Brylyakova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hi mine lovely Ferki !!! How you today? I am slightly tired, I should much work now, as I should visit you and take holiday! But I always think of you and it becomes easier. I know, that very soon we shall together! But when the time of my holiday will be finished, what we shall do? I am afraid, that we never shall not be seen any more. I want to be with you always! How you think, at us to turn out be together? I have printed your photo and now I carry it with myself and I can look at you always!!! I love you. You my sun!
Letter 2

Hi my Fekri!!! How your day has passed? How mood? Yes excuse me I my girlfriend has written the given visas. I wrote to you that she to go to Canada in November. Number my visa is 9681743M << 2ISR8211240F0309301J1TLV0083I731732217. Today I went to the aunt at her there was a birthday!!! Many people there were going!!! Was cheerful!!! We talked concerning us and my aunt is glad for us!!! She wishes to us much, it is a lot of happiness!!! My aunt the very good man!!! When we together shall arrive to us I you necessarily with her I shall introduce!!! By the way Fekri, whether after we shall lead together month can you arrive with me back? Write to me in this occasion!!! OK? I have for you one more surprise, but him you will see only when we shall meet!!! I am sure he to you to like!!! Yesterday my daddy went to catch a fish with the friend and they not badly have caught!!! he recollected you, spoke, that it is a pity you is not present, would sit with him behind a fire, would cook a fish soup on Russian about much have talked!!! My daddy very much loves a nature!!! When he leaves on catching a fish a fish or to collect mushrooms or berries he always calls us, but I can not frequently with them go as I work and for the mum always businesses on the house. But when I am free I always I go with the daddy in a wood!!! Today at us was very warm, it will be soon possible to bathe in lake!!! Fekri, you when be tried a shish kebab? At you it is similar on barbequ, but all the same is not similar!!! I so am happy, that I have you!!! I want to write some words from songs of the Russian executor, which I give to you mine favourite: as I today would like only with you beside to be, to brighten up your loneliness and only you one to love! I about whisper to you am tender, is gentle by a hand I shall embrace the sun you mine clear ONLY YOU ONE I LOVE!!!!!
For ever yours favourite Rfina
Letter 3

Hello my love Ferki.
This schedule of my flight. I would want that you knew it. Flight: Moscow (MOW) - > Atlanta (ATL) Airline: Air France flight: AF2545 Departure: on October 28 2005, 07:15,
Sheremetyevo Arrival: on October 28 2005, 09:15, Charles De Gaulle Intl Places: Econam class, the places are < < < < - city of change Paris (PAR) - > > > > Airline: Air France flight: AF8998 Departure: on October 28 2005, 11:45, Charles De Gaulle Intl Arrival: on October 28 2005, 15:15, Hartsfield Intl Arpt Places: Econam class, the places are Time in ways: 16 h. Flight: Atlanta (ATL) - > Moscow (MOW) Airline: Air France flight: AF301 Departure: on November 29 2005, 16:15, Hartsfield Intl Arpt Arrival: on November 30 2005, 06:30, Charles De Gaulle Intl Places: Econom a class, the places are < < < < - city of change Paris (PAR) - > > > > Airline: Air France flight: AF1644 Departure: on November 30 2005, 07:20, Charles De Gaulle Intl Arrival: on November 30 2005, 13:00, Sheremetyevo Places: Econam class, the places are Time in ways: 12 h. 45 m. To reserve Now it is necessary 1050 $, that I could pay my ticket up to you. My ticket costs 1550 $. I have 500 $. I would want that you have sent me 1050 $, and then we shall be together mine lovely. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. Yours Rufina
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