Scam Letter(s) from Marina Gabova to Stella (England)

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Letter 1

My love Greg I already spoke that I found out from travel agenct that it is necessary for us to do that we were together.
My love now for us the most important it to begin documents. After we shall pay for documents, it will start to be made. My love on it 2-3 weeks is required. After there will be all it is known about documents we can to buy the ticket!!! Now the most important it to begin documents. My love in given the moment to begin documents to me it is necessary 550 Paunds. After I shall pay this money to travel agency and to sign the contract, they will begin all documents. My love the earlier we shall pay, the more quickly they will start to make all documents. All depends on us my dear! My love in travel agency to me also have told as better to send money. My love travel agent has told that the most convenient and fast way is the Western Union. My love you know this bank??? Western Union it is bank which transfers money from one person to another. Once I used this bank. My aunt sent us with mum of a a little money. she used the Western Union to send money. My love in 5 minutes as the aunt sent money I could receive this money. To send money to you it is necessary to know my full data.
First name: Marina
Last name: Gabova
City: Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, Miass
My love it is my full data. I hope that you can find out about the Western Union. It is very popular bank. My love you only imagine that very soon we shall together. My love I dreamt about us today at night.
I saw us with you together in a city late evening. We went on city, keeping for hands. We were in beautiful places, then we came into cosy restaurant. We had supper. After that we send home. You have put beautiful music, we danced. Then you have taken me on the hands and has carried away in a bedroom. We had perfect night... Morning I have prepared coffee for you and has brought it to you in bed. I have woken up and has understood, that it dream only, became sad to me. I to want to have all this in real life, my love! Ok my love I should finish my letter now. I with impatience shall wait your letter tomorrow. I want that you always knew that I love you very very much!!! your's loving Marina.

Letter 2

Hello my love Greg!!!
I so am happy that you to write to me. It is very pleasant to me to read such letters. My love I to go to bank yesterday, but this bank not to work, as there there was a day off. My love I to try to descend to take away this money today. My love I to write at once to you as I to make all, I very strongly love you!
And I to understand that soon we will together, and to me it is very pleasant. My love I so am happy!!! Now I can go and start to do documents. My love I always trusted you and I will trust!
My heart speaks to me that I need to see you as soon as possible because it can be broken off from a pain. And it all is ill and my love and my pleasure is ill also to me so sadly without you.
To me to present your heat and I to wish to know that you always with me and you always to wish to love me.
I all grief on you because was not present you nearby and it for me the big loss.
I to wish to tell to you that it CRY GIRLS WHICH GRIEF ON YOU.
With the BIG LOVE yours Marina.

Letter 3

Hello my love Greg!!!
I am very glad that you have written to me.
My love I to descend in bank and to take this money, my love after I to take money I to go to a travel agent and to give this money to it, for this purpose that my documents would start to do. My love to me have told that documents can be ready in 1.5 weeks and it very quickly. My love I so am glad that we have started to do this everything, my love I am very glad that I have such man as you! I very strongly love you!
The love is probably the finest feeling which allowed to test to the person in this life,
But the main thing to find the unique love, and it seems to me that I have found it!
The truth love it not only when you meet the person with which always would be desirable to be together,
With which you divide all events of a life, thought and experience, it also inevitable disagreements,
Still it is necessary will learn to understand each other, to find a way to heart of the favourite person,
After all all of us beings unique and unique, it also measured daily occurrence with the ordinary,
Which can be brightened up only romanticism and ability to find compromises,
To endow for the sake of love own egoism, but the love is a feeling costs that and even much more …
The love can be kept only mutual respect and readiness to endow the habits and principles for the sake of the favourite!
Present that your heart, your soul, in general you are a lock.
And different keys can open this lock many: any key will pursue itself to take the form of the lock,
Any on the contrary, will drive the lock, and it is possible to take advantage of a master key in general,
Or on casual coincidence the key can simply open the lock …
But actually there is only an one and only key from the lock which can really open it,
Which is initially intended only for this lock … (Banal certainly comparison about locks and keys,
But I it to that it is possible to be mistaken and accept something another for love).
And generally the Love-it the best, that exists, this that for what it is necessary to live.
Words all it you will not explain, but when the favourite person embraces you,
That this such feeling as-as if you at home, you - one and then it is terrible nothing.
My father spoke to me if do not love means leave from this person
Let it is sick, but it better than to live not loving!
The love is a meaning of the life. And this sense it you!
Loving only you and only your girl from Russia!
Yours Marina.

Letter 4

Hello my sweet Greg!
I to feeling very happy woman in the world, I so frequently think of you. I want you to see, I so grieve without you! It seems to me, that you my loveliest the man, I very strongly love you. I can not keep to you those feelings which surround me. Sometimes it seems to me, that me surrounds all that is connected to you. So it is pleasant for me to read from you the letter, I test such love to you, what not when to not find any more as you. As to me was lucky, that I have met you. I very much frequently think of you before dream, each time I dream, that you would dream me in dream. That you would come in my dream.
That you would come in my dream and have told me, that you now for ever with me, that you not when do not release me. I present myself as you gently caress me, carry out me in your dreams.
As well, that you of me force so to dream, how long I searched for you and have found. Only one divides us, our distance it now seems such us, our distance it now seems such bad. You have released my heart, you have pierced my heart, the love. That may be more fine than your words about love. They as a fine song in my heart. Each your letter I wait with impatience and hope, that once we shall be together. I believe that we once shall be together. Say please greg if you still want to send the money if you still want to send the money then please let me know when and how much it will be?
I hope we will be with together soon. I to understand that the sum big, but we people and we are created to overcome all problems! Gradually we can solve this problem. The main thing to have the purpose and if to go to it then we purpose and if to go to it then we necessarily will together! I am very much in love with you, I do not know more strong love than my love to you. With love to you Marina



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