Scam Letter(s) from Celina Sinnathurai to Jason (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Jason
How are you doing today?well to start with i am single selfemployed i am into buying and selling of antics and gold i live in the TX and i got in newly i am the only child of my family i lost my mum when i was 3 and my dad last year so that is what bring me down to the TX that i have to start a new life and have a new family need man to care and love me for who i am a serious relationship i mean a long time one my both parent are from ENGLISH originally and i grow up in NY i was born in London the after three year we move down to the state means when i was three years old after i lost my mum so after i lost my dad i have to start up what he has left that is buying and selling of antics and now i am not in the state i am out on a business trip to the west part of Africa and i will be back next week so we can chat on yahoo IM mean we can communicate each other there and chat to know more about each other i will be or we can email ourself too i will like to know more about you i guess we can do that when we chat online love to hear from you soon oxoxox
Love Marey

Letter 2

Thank you so much for getting back to me , you really sound great to get along with new to this internet dating so i noticed you are single so i decided if we can hook up and see where it will lead us 33yrs of age..i am not into head games i have been single 7yrs now..i have been single since then i lost my husband/daughter in auto i am believe i am not getting anymore younger again that is why i had to join this site to look for a soul mate and i would like to know more about you ,what are you really looking for in a woman ?what do you do for a living ?do you believe in a long distance relationship?where would you like to go on your first date?do you live alone ?i will be looking forward to read back from you soon.Marey

Letter 3

Dear Love,
How are you doing today?hope all is well with you and the rest of your family ,thank you so much for the pics i really love them .Just came in from the traveling agency to email you my flight details ,i have to get to the shipping company now .

My heart has already found it's way you. I want you and no one else. You mean everything to me. I think we should try and make this work. You have to know you're the one, and only one I want. Not only are you perfect for me, you're the perfect friend and I hope we can and will be more. I could never ask for better then what we have had. I am hoping you're feeling the same way because my heart is set on you, and only you, baby.

Love Always,

Letter 4

Goodmorning my love,how are you doing today?hope you you have a lovely sleep ,I have been here thinking about you and I really can't wait to be with you spend the rest of my life baby,you really mean a lot to me I can't just stop thing about you Jason ,pls buzz me when you are up I will be looking forward to read back from you soon. Marey



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