Scam letter(s) from Hilda Frimpong to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my Dearest ,
I see it to be a blessing having a contact of you , i see it to be the gate way to great communication and also a great foundation for a strong and last relationship , We all don't know here this is going to lead us but its my prayer get what we are looking for in a relationship.
hello My dear to tell you about me , I am a 35yrs old medical nurse ,I was born and raised in small family in western part of the Philippians I grew up there with a very discipline family who were into crop production they took me to places doing business...They later came to a city of Kumasi in the west side of Africa a place a country called Ghana.. I attended high school over here fortunate for me i had a scholarship after high school to come to the US to do my college course in nursing in Ohio Columbus, Its very unfortunate that my visa expired and so i had to get back into my country and currently working in Ghana as a medical nurse.
So through that I enjoyed life in Ohio Columbus very much it was really wonderful.. I found my first lover over there he was all i have we agreed to get married as well..It was so unfortunate he died had an accident before... And there come the end of my life he was all i had he was my love and my heart. I thank God am still alive because I intended to **** my self after that? But i was really advice by a friend she asked to to try my luck over this site that i might find my someone and there i go God gave me you . ...
I can say that I am a very reliable, trustworthy and devoted friend. I am a very sociable and cheerful, tender and sensitive, kind and tender woman. And finally, I am a very understanding and diplomatic partner. I have different interests like reading, shopping, traveling, dancing, and listening to music. Actually, I enjoy many things in life and I try to be positive to them all. I treat people as I like to be treated by them. I’m looking for a smart, decent, intelligent, loving, careful and tender man. I want my man to have a kind heart and I hope he will have a good sense of humor. I can give a lot to my man.
I would say for my Hobbies I love children much, the good company, kind people, animals and the nature.
My ambitions in life is to make every one earth a happy , especially my family and the people around me and would also want to make a great family .
And before we can do this we have to be determined and willing to do that you can add me on my yahoo messenger
stay blessed .God bless you
waiting for a reply..
Regards your new friend from Ghana
Letter 2
Hi Jake,
Thanks so much for the quick reply as i have been waiting to read from you.I am sorry if i did not answer your question right.Anyway,i hope you are doing just fine.I am going back to your mail.
I am 5.5 in hieght,85kg in weight,35years of age, and i have a qualification in medical nursing,but lost my job recently as my boss wanted to have *** with me in the office and i refused.I am currently in Ghana where i was brought to my parents.In the capital city called Accra.I like to have candle light dinner with my man,like sports,dancing,reading and i am also a very good cook.I am honest,faithful,understanding,caring and most of all submissive.My friends say that i ma very easy to live with.I have been single all of my life and i am looking for a caring,understanding,faithful,responsible and honest man to spend the rest of my life with.Till death do us path...I am so much happy that i have found you and i hope to read from you again soon.Please try to add some photos too.
Letter 3
Jake,whats wrong if i am happy to meet you?We both need to open up our heart and mind to help find what we both seek.Anyway i am sorry if i did not say that right Okay.I am also sorry about the weight it was a typing error as i was in a rush to move to the washroom.I am 128ibs.I will be going to look at your photos and i hope to read from you again.One more thing Jake,please you need to open up your hind and i promise you are going to find what you seek.
Letter 4

Hello Jake,
It feels good to be reading from you.I am sorry for the errors and i am not going to make that happen anymore.I am a very simple woman with simple needs.It hurts me you have not told me anything about you so far Jake.I am willing to give my whole heart,soul,body and mind to the man that's willing to be with mt till death do us path.I know we are far away from each other now,we will plan on how to meet each other.I need to know about you a little and we carry it from there.Thanks for the comment on my photos anyway.Hope to read from you again.I have been to the states before.I was at Ohio,Columbus.I had to return back as my visa expired,but life was great over there in the states.I am also willing to relocate to anywhere i find my man and i hope its going to be you as you are the only man i am talking to from the dating site.Take good care and please tell me about you.
Letter 5
Hello dear,
I am so much happy to be reading from you again as i have been expecting your mail.I went back to your profile and i am so touched.Life with you i know is going to be very interesting my dear.I have never been married with no kids and what about you.How many kids will you like if you are not having one?I am a very simple woman and i know you will be happy with me.I liked living in the states and i hope to have and start my family there.Take good are of yourself and i hope to read from you again.I had to get out of the states once my visa expired.Take good care of yourself and please make me know how you think we are going to meet each other if you are interested in me as i also do.I dont mind letting us work on my documents and i get to you in the states but thats going to cost as i am not having a job and looking for one now.Its going to cost probably like $5000.I will like to read from you and please have a good week.
Letter 6
Hello dear,
How are you doing?I am so happy to be reading from as i have been expecting your mail.I hope you are fine and things are going on well with you.I am having a bad time here looking for a new job now.Dear,after reading yor profile on the dating site,i think i have had enough and i know it will be great being together.Its going to cost me $5000 to work on my documents and i will be with you,as it will take 3days for it all to be done my love.Tell me what you think and i will give you the info of the travel agent so you send the money through him.
Letter 7
Hello dear,
I am sitting behind the computer waiting to read from you as you are the only one thats going to be able to put smiles on my face.Honey,you can use western union and what time do i wait for the details so i go to the agents office?
P.O BOX 13980
Letter 8
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