Scam letter(s) from Olga Bondareva to Adriano (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello my Love Adriano!!! I am so glad to hear from you. I very much like to receive your letters and to speak with you. It makes me very sad if I do not see the letter from you. I just don't want to lose you. My heart belongs to you and beats your name every minute of the day. I have never been able to talk to a man the way I talk to you and it fills me with joy.
I used to feel empty, lonely, and left out because I didn't have anyone to share my thoughts and feelings with. Then I met you and became close friends and was able to express all my feelings about you and all the empty and lonely feelings left me. I am so blessed to have such a courageous the man who cares about me the way you do and who tells me she has no greater friend than me. That is very important for me to hear. I believe the bond we have together grows stronger every day and the words we speak to each other have much more meaning and become more personal and intimate with each letter we write. I love the direction our relationship is going and I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life. I see a very bright learning, growing, and most importantly, love. It's my Dream...
I so want, that we as soon as possible were with you. I have understood, that I really love you. I want to be with you to talk to you, To feel heat of your hands and lips. I now can not without you. You began Part my life. With you my life again has got sense, was filled New paints and light. Though we not so long ago are familiar with you, but I already I can draw some conclusions. If I to you shall come, we can carry out It is a lot of time together to learn each other it is better to state to face all, that We feel to each other. We can be together. About, my dear Adriano!
If you knew as I want to be near to you. I even can borrow a little Money namely 200 euros. I think, that it very much will help us with realization Our dream. I learned in travel agency, that that To arrive to Italy to me to be necessary 800 euros. This sum includes cost Tickets, visas and registration of the passport for travel abroad, and as registration Other necessary documents, including partial fine charges.
Thus I shall require your help, namely in 600 euros. If We can make it I shall simply in the seventh sky with happiness. Then ours The dream with you at last can be carried out and we shall be TOGETHER. I once again want to tell, that I love you and want to be with you Two Hearts United As One
Your Olga.
Letter 2

My dear Adriano if you will send to me So necessary funds for these documents, it it will be better to do it Through system of the Western Union, I have interested about it in mine Relatives. As relatives have told me, the Western Union Beterest and quickly transfer system in the world. Also my love, You will require some datas from me, you will require my full name , if You remember, Olga Bondareva. My dear , I want to ask you when you will send it 600 euros of references behind the help, it will be necessary for me to which you should Send to me the important information which demanded in a package of money.
Concerning me have told, it - number of the control which consist of 10 figures ( Number -MTCN the Control (management) Transfers (moving) Money). This number you will have in The receipt (reception) which work the operator, will give you. My dear , you Should to send me it so the important data in a E-Mail. Without it Data MTCN I, willn't may to receive references behind the help which are necessary for My arrival to you my dear. Once again with love yours Olga
Letter 3

Hi my loved Adriano!!! I as always am happy to receive from you the letter.
I only want to tell you, that I really understand you.
I love you and consequently I completely trust you. I am sure, What is your words sincere. And consequently I want to tell, that I It is ready to wait for our meeting up to the end of August. Though for me Expectation also is not born, but I am ready to wait, because I Really I love you all heart. I do not want It is more to be disappointed in people. During mine Lifes there were many such moments. And I do not want, that I once again was mistaken in the person. I am sure, that you do not play With me. Simply if once again will take place similar, me I seem it I shall not sustain..... My dear Adriano, I want to you Still to inform, that in two days I leave in other city to To my girlfriend. I shall live at it up to the end of August, just up to That time when you can solve your working questions.
At this time I want to earn a few money, for my arrival To you. It will be small money. But all the same I want to bring The particle in realization of our dream. For me it will be Pleasantly. My dear Adriano, I also want you to ask about To one request. You spoke, that may help me with money For payment of the Internet. This money just now to me very much Will be necessary to pay services the Internet of cafe.
Because without our dialogue I can not live. To me It will be necessary to buy a special card for visiting the Internet Cafe and usings his services. This card costs 180 dollars.
I would not ask your help, but at me already at all did not remain Money. I hardly could pay all municipal payments.
And consequently I am compelled to ask the help from you. I think, that you not Will give up to me in my request. To send money Take advantage of services Western Union. To send Money you will need to know my address: Russia, city Jaransk.
That I could receive money you should To send me ten-character number - MTCN on which I can To receive money in bank.
It is everything, that is required. I shall wait for your help, my LOVE!!!
You always in my heart. I not for one minute not ia?anoa? to think of you. I LOVE YOU And I CAN NOT WITHOUT YOU
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