Scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Todor (USA)

Letter 1
Thank you so much for getting back to my email and i have to let you know that it truly mean alto to me for you to get back to me .
Anyway to be precised with you am in Nigeria,western part of African continent,I know that this might not be what you're expecting from me because i never told you that i was out of states from the beginning of our conversation but i just have to let you know...Though, i was scared that i am gonna lose you and you might not be interested in me but i guess i was wrong about you which i am truly sorry for and i hope that you would be able to find a special place in your kind heart to be able to forgive me because i would love to know everything about you if it can be possible since that's my main reason why i was on here..Hoping to meet that someone special who is willing to accept me just the way i am and gives me a trial and who is ready for a change as well..I just pray that i ain't asking for too much because i am not willing to scare you away......

I was impressed with what i read about you on your profile,it was awesome,that was why i wrote you back in the first place,i don't want you to feel flattered but i just want you to know the **** truth about yourself. To be honest with you,I am not in the states at the moment,i only make use of a random zip code at the dating site..... hoping that someday i would be able to meet that special someone out there and i am so flattered that you happened... Having someone like you to talk to in this present predicament meant a lot to me ,I have been through alot in my life at this age of mine but i guess this was my fate and i have got no other choice than to accept things just the way they are but it has only make me a stronger person in life so that i could be more motivated..Here is what happened to me since you may wanna know how i ended up in Nigeria,I happened to be a only child,parents are late now though,lost them to an auto accident sometime back on their way to OH,presently I live with my Granny here because she's from Nigeria.

What happened to me was Fate so i don't think that i do have any other choice than to accept things in whatever way they come towards me.Some years back,i came across a guy in the united states(UK by Birth)by the name Robert who wooed me and he told me that he would be interested in a relationship with me since i had no boy friend and i needed a shoulder i could lay on whenever i am feeling down ,i had to accept is offer after pleading with me for a whole month and guess what???i fell for him so easily because he is so romantic,I hope you don't mind me making use of that

He was my everything and we both love each other so passionately that we cant do without seeing one another everyday.A Year into our relationship,he proposed to me about marriage and i accepted instantly since this is the dream of every lady,I was so over joyed that i had to share this good news with my best friend by the name Betty,she was so happy for me and she wish me best of luck with him. Robert told me that we will be traveling to UK because he wanted his parent to meet me before we both got married and i have to accept because my mom have a house in UK and i told him that my best friend will be accompanying us...though he has never met her for once.One week later,i had Betty meet with Robert but what i noticed on that very day is that my Ex cant stop looking into Betty's eye,i never knew that something terrible was going to happen afterward but i never think towards that..How i wish i could turn back the hand of time but i guess that ain't possible so right now,i wanna make every minutes of my life count.

Anyway back to my story,I,Betty and Robert traveled down to UK for the wedding ceremony and i received the greatest shock of my life when i woke up one morning and found out that Robert has left with Betty but abandon me in my mom's house in UK.On the table there was a note that read thus**I am sorry for doing this to you sweetheart but i just cant resist the beauty of your best friend so that's why i had to go with her to show my parent that she is the one i wanna get married to and after the wedding we are moving back to united state**.After reading this strange letter over and over again,i stood amazed and i take a proper look at myself if i ain't beautiful enough but i guess there is nothing i can do to what just happened...I waited patiently for few weeks in my mom's house in UK hoping that Robert was trying to Joke around with me because he knows that i have no other person but him.and since i never heard from him.i had to move to my Granny Nigeria...
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