Romance scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Jonathan (USA)
Letter 1
It really so nice to have you email ,Am Eunice and i will be so happy if you be interest so we can get to know each other , and i will send you my photo if you email me in my other privet email this is only use for the dating site so, hope to hear from you soon , this is my other email
So add me there or reply me bcs i only use this one for the site, hope to hear from you now
Letter 2
I am not sure what do you want to know about me firstly,so i will try to tell you just about some moments of my life i have now in my head.
I am an a serious girl, my name is Eunice,30 years old.My dad is dead ,he got a car accident on their way to a church crusade.And my dad is Ghanaian my mum from Manchester.
I am the only daughter born of my parents,I don't have a brother and i don't have a sister.
At the moment, I am living in Ghana. My height is : 5'5" (168 cm),my weight is : 116 lbs (53 kg) and my Measurements is : 34B-24-34.
My childhood was pretty happy as I used to live in a big flat with my mom and dad , I went to school,And i am done with my fashion designing course, also
I attended dancing and musical school, every weekend my parents took me somewhere, everything was going fine. My father is very conservative and always teach me that the life in general can be cruel sometimes and i have to be realistic.I have to be a personality and never loose myself in this big world whatever happens.Now i am self-confident person with a strong character but i need a man who will love me and with whom i can share my life.You know, i am a such kind of person who always trust people and sometimes i suffer from this.
But anyway I continue to believe in a human being with all its sense!
My private life is not as I'd like to see, because firstly, I have not much free time to go somewhere, I don't like to meet with the man on the disco club (sometimes I go there because i like to dance very much)! Why?Because we have a such tendency in our town that all men think that they are the hero's when they are drunk! I don't like those people who drink a lot of alcohol and just falling asleep at the table of the bar!
I consider it to be not a kind of relaxation, but a mocking under the person's organism and surrounding! As for my future plans, I can tell you that I believe in fate,but at the same time I think that each person is able to change it! You know I think that if the destiny filled up you with the stones, you can build the house from it! I cant find here the person I need, especially when I was disappointed onces before, but I believe that some day I will meet him! Why in the Internet? I just think that each person has to broaden his outlook! Firstly I simply visit the Internet cafe to look through the information .I am interested in for job, or to learn something new...and one day the thought came to my mind: why not to try to find a man abroad? Maybe my fate lives there?So I decided to try! Of course I realize that there are a lot of people who simply play jokes here because have nothing to do, but I believe that not all! I hope you are serious man, My causing brought his Computer home and that is where i am communicating with you on. I am done with my fashion designing courseand i am not having a job to do.
I am kind person with a good sense of humor and like my friends say " with a gold heart". My Course brings me pleasure.
Dear, I want to know about your life, about your family, your hobbies and surely I would be glad to get some MORE pictures, as I want to see your eyes. I believe that in the eyes s are the mirror of human`s soul.
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