Letter(s) from Larisa Yureva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Nice to meet you Michael,

Welcome to my world!

I'm Kate. I'm writing you to introduce myself and to make a first step to strike up an acquaintance with you. You attract me, you make my heart beat faster, you make me have so many pleasant dreams and expectations. Probably it is too early to explain you why exactly I'm attracted to you. I just follow my intuition and what my heart says me to do. If you write me back, introduce yourself, let me know what your dreams and life goals are, if we keep our correspondence ongoing and agree about our plans for the future in real life, then I will get to know you better and will know for sure that my choice was right. I just saw your profile and got interested in you. You know, sometimes you don't have any explanations of your actions. Sometimes people fall in love from the first sight. Of course we are not in love yet, but I feel the smell of love. Do you feel it as well????

Do you know how love smells???? I want to know what love means. I want to feel it with every inch of my heart and body. I want to feel the smell of love every day, every night, every morning, every moment of my life. I can't say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born in a simple family, I had a normal childhood. But my silver spoon is my appearance. There were so many times rich girls told me that they would prefer to be born as beautiful as I was but not to have their wealth. I will never change my appearance for anything in the world. But having my silver spoon (I mean my beauty) doesn't make me totally happy. I'm 27 years already and I know for sure that real happiness is living in love with a man.

I welcome you to my world, to my life, to my heart. If you are ready to let big love enter your life and to fill up all your existence, then write me back and be sure I'm ready to start romantic relations with you. Waiting for your letter, waiting to start a big life journey with you, waiting for you to let me be your soul mate.

PLease answer me as soon as you can i will be waiting for it.

Wishing you a nice day,
Waiting to hear from you soon,

Letter 2

Nice to hear from you,
My dear Michael!

As I understand you accept my proposal to get acquainted and to go ahead with our communication. Thank you. Let's do it. To make you understand me better I would like to give you more details about my person, my life experience, my background and my emotional state. My full first name is Ekaterina. You can call me Kate, or Katya or even Katyusha for short. I'm 28 have turned on the 28th of March. So you see it is the lucky day for me 28th to turn 28. I like the nature, I like to spend my spare time on the open air. Only spring lives in my heart and I never let autumn depression and winter cold enter my soul.
So I will shine for you as the sun and I will make your life to be radiant with health and happiness as only spring can make nature to be in blossom. I work for the model agency that is situated in the Eastern part of Ukraine in the city Lugansk. But originally I'm from a small town called Georgievka in the same region where Lugansk is situated.

I know the girl who was married to one Ukraine man, then got divorced with him because he was too violent and not attentive, then the girl met a foreigner and got married with that man. I decided to follow her example and to create my happiness myself. It is too stupid to sit and to wait until happiness will come. I prefer to reach my happiness myself. As far as I don't travel abroad and even have never been to any foreign countries, I couldn't meet a good man abroad myself. I was suggested to use Internet for this purpose. But as far as I don't have a computer at home and even don't know how to use it, I had to find some place where I could be helped. I was too naive when I thought it would be possible to put my advertisement in Russian. So I found a reputable translation company and they helped me to put my profile, to get my letters translated in English for you. I pay for these services and it is rather expensive for me. But I will pay even more if I have chances to reach my happiness this way. I wish this letter was with no end. I have a need to talk to you, to tell you about myself and to listen to your stories. So what is your next story? What will you tell me next time? Be open and sincere. I'm an open book for you and my world is yours. Talk to you later, don't forget to answer soon.

I work as a beautician and most of my clients are model-girls.
Sometimes I ask them to suggest me how it will be better to pose in front of the camera. So I use model secrets and try to find the best ways to demonstrate my face and body on the photos. Hope you like the result.

I want to present you my world,
Your baby Kate.

Letter 3

What a wonderful man you are!
Hi, my darling Michael!

You can't imagine how important it is for me to keep our correspondence ongoing and to get to know you better. I feel so appreciative for all the steps you do for us and our future. I can easily say that all the letters we exchange are like big steps for our future life together. Do you agree? The more we know about each other, the deeper our communication is, the easier it will be for us to feel each other's needs. I thank you for your attentive attitude to my letters and for your interest. Sorry i did not answer your last letter i will try to do so now. i love all sorts of music and it all depends on the mood i am in so that is the music I like.

Let me explain you why exactly I work as a model assistant. I'm only 27 but remembering all the interesting events of my life I can say I'm already 27. When I was 17 years old school girl I had appetizing body curves, I was taller than all the other girls and everyone told me I could easily be a model. I really had winsome appearance comparing with all the other school girls who had muddy and spotty complexion.
Once a professional photographer came to our school in order to make an annual photo album. Later he decided to talk to me personally and proposed to try to work as a photo model.

As far as I was coming from a poor family and I needed money badly, I agreed and started model career. You can't imagine how disappointed and tired I was with endless photo sessions, without any sleep for many days. I was young and naive. All the other models who were elder used to drink and take drugs too much just in order to be energetic without any sleep. I had never tried any drugs and alcohol. That life wasn't for me. I too appreciate my beauty and health to spoil them with not sleeping, not eating and not having healthy life style. I was a successful photo model but... I was even more successful in helping other girls to recover their tired face skin with different creams, masks and lotions that I prepared myself using different natural recipes. When everyone got to know I decided to stop my model career I was proposed to stay in that business and to be a professional model assistant. Of course I couldn't earn big money being a simple beautician but I got a possibility to have more free time for my studying and personal life. So now I'm a model assistant and I have functions of beautician, dietitian, costumier. On the one hand I have a normal life with humane life schedule and my income is very scanty comparing with what I could earn being a model. I can hardly survive in this cruel world because my work is low paid. But on the other hand I'm of a great help for all the models in the model agency where I work because I know all the secrets of this business like no one else.
So I'm a simple woman who helps "stars" to save their beauty, to look fresh and attractive. As usual I have a little break in the middle of the working day. I use my break for visiting the translation office where I get your letters translated in Russian, write you my letters in Russian that are translated in English for you. I come to the translation office every day and I pay for their services every day as well. Sometimes I even don't eat anything for lunch because I spend all my pocket money for our correspondence to be translated. This is my sacrifice for our future happiness. But do you ready to sacrifice something for the sake of our future happiness? I also create special personal diets for those models who has problems with their weight. As you understand I know all the beauty secrets and I successfully use these secrets to stay beautiful and attractive myself. So I'm sure I will not have any problems with finding a good job in your country because I know it is a big problem for western world to keep one's weight and to stay young and beautiful. I don't have any doubts I will get many clients who will gladly use my services. I only hope that my professional skills will be better paid in your country than they are paid here. I help stars but they don't feel appreciative for me and that is why my salary is nothing comparing what my clients receive. So be sure I will be a good helper for you in the future when we have a family and it will be easier for you to provide our family with my help. Just let me have a chance to start living with you and I will try my best to make your life better. Write me soon and know I miss hearing from you.

Wishing you many pleasant dreams at night,
Wishing you much energy and excitement in the morning,
Wishing you many pleasant expectations while reading my letters,

Loving Kate.