Scam letter(s) from Celina Sinnathurai to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
You are welcome on my end that you have finally replied to my email that i sent to you .......It's always good to be experienced and getting involved and facing more challenges makes one too good to live the future.Life and Nature are good friends and we have only one life to live as a human being.When you miss certain opportunities then that's all have to wait for other ones to come across and then you can jump on them and make life better with it.
Time and time waits for no man and that's why we never like to waste our time on things that will not benefit us in life.I have had so much experiences in life about relationships and i tell you that there has been a point in my life when i said "NO" am not going for a normal relationship again but rather i will just learn to be a slave to be owned by a MASTER and there he will take control of me and my life goes on from there but i sat down after i met you and had to reconsider certain things in my life about the man that i want to spend the whole of my life with. I am a very easy going woman with soft heart but because of what i have gone through then i was telling myself that i will always take time to know a man well before i jump on with him to live life like i have known him for years. This is the most reason why i accepted your offer of working out for me to come to Canada to visit you for us to get to know each other. I know that you have had many bad experiences but in life if you do not keep trying then you will never find the right things you want and that's why am giving it a try with you to move on to see what nature has to unfold for us.I believe in Destiny and if we are meant for each other then it's nothing about trip money or what fault we will find about each other ......there are so many things that i have learn t after all my encounters. All that i can say about the travel arrangement is that next time when we are making an agreement then single out to the person that this is what you want so can he offer it then from there the two of you can draw on a very specific agreement between each other for a clear conscience the next time you meet to finalize it. I had wanted to ask you when you told me that you wanted to buy a ticket for me on line ......i wanted to know whether you had already made Mr Danquah aware that you were gonna do that and so he must understand that you do only need a Passport and the Visa with the medical arrangement excluding Ticket's but i forgot and was carried away by the emotions of everyday life. You realized that you and i have no problem except that you didn't make things clear to Mr Danquah.(Next time let's watch things clearly and fix them well so we do not repeat such mistakes because now we cannot just forgo the money being paid to him but it's a lesson) I have a problem with you about whatever doubts you have in your mind.......I am not here to hurt any one feelings but here to find the right man who can share great thoughts,have a common goal,intelligent as you are,serious in life,willing to understand beyond human tendencies,ready to work for a good relationship to build on a solid rock so that it wouldn't be like tomorrow someone could call him to say that your wife is sleeping with another man in a Hotel and you believe such story...."NO" When you love someone then you should learn to trust each other .....if i recall the last time you came on chat and was asking me questions and saying that you are being told about a recorded video and stuff like that and that was your reasons for asking me to put my three fingers up in the cam for you only for you to have no doubts about me then i thought that was crazy that you could do more things like that in the future even when we are dating and that is why i said No i won't do that and i will say no i won't do it even in the near future. I want to ask you this questions and please answer me : Do you think that i need something from you ??? No i do not need anything from you ....if you tell me that Becca you are gonna work to take care of yourself even when you are here in Canada,am going to say okay that's fine ....simply because i was trained by my parents to be dependable all the time because that's the quality of being a human being and a woman as well. All i need from you is for us to arrange this travel and when am there and after seeing and accessing me and you think that am not the right woman for you then i would have no problem than to come back to my country and continue my life because i believe "LIFE GOES ON NO MATTER WHAT" You should understand that am not begging you or you are not begging me to be together but this is just understanding and if there are doubts here about us then it's simply not a good reason for us to continue.I wouldn't like to say goodbye like you did before because i know that anger changes a whole lot of things in humans. A GOOD MAN IS THE ONE WITH AN INTELLIGENT AND SUPPORTIVE WIFE SO CONSIDER WELL OF THE WOMAN OR MAN YOU WANT TO SPEND YOUR LIFE WITH.
The qualities in you is what i count for not just anything and i still hold on to meeting you in person .....Now the ball in our own court.Mr Danquah has no problem i think because he has already made it clear to me that "you did not make any agreement that you were gonna get your own ticket" I will still take time to get myself together here since i have already submitted the letter to my Boss ....I will wait for when you think you can make this up but if it doesn't come up then I cannot live like this to wait anymore than to go back to work again because time and time waits for no man. Right now am always in the house and doing nothing and Mr. Danquah has finished wth his Job and he only needs the payment of the $1500 to release the documents and also get me my tickets to come to you. I THINK THAT IF WE ACTS LIKE ADULTS THEN THINGS WILL JUST BE GOOD AND CLEAR FOR OUR FUTURE. I STILL THINK ABOUT YOU AND WANT US TO MEET. YOUR LOVE, BECCA
Letter 2
Hello honey, I hope that you had a nice trip back home....well ,i am happy that finally i will be able to come Canada so soon by from Monday. I have an attachment on this email a Document and i received it from the Travel agent and i would have to explain few things to you before you can read it well..... I want you to download it to your desk top and after downloading it , i want you to ZOOM the document so that you can see it clearly and be able to read it carefully and understand it ..
The attached document is called the Traveler's Assurance Fund document , officially known as Basic Travelling Allowance(BTA). According to the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, as part of the International Air Travel Association Rule(IATA), travelers especially first time travelers like me and long stay travelers must have a Safeguard policy, which means the traveller must have a particular amount of money in their possession to show as a prove that the traveler in question will be capable of taking care of himself/herself for the next 3 months without becoming a burden on the government according to the Document. There were two OPTIONS given me , the Government Option and the Individual Option...With the government option , it is on the document that the traveller must pay an amount of 12,000 USD to the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and on his or her arrival the traveller can receive his or her money from the Embassy in their final destination. Since if the traveller should hold it on the plane and go through check in , the money can be stollen by someone. But with the Individual Option , the traveller would have to hold or possess a physical cash of $7012.00 USD and would on the day of departure show the money to the Ghana Civil Aviation before i would be allowed to travel and get unto the plane and because of this, I chose the Individual Option, which demands that i hold the said money in my hands which is $7021.00 USD... So with these document , i need $7021.00 USD as a prove to go through the check in at the Airport on the day of departure, otherwise i wont be able to get on board...
Honey , i want to know what you think about this okay.. And if you are to send the $7021.00 USD to me , i promise that immediately i arrive , i would give it back to you as refund since it is not meant to be spent on anything but is needed to be held as a prove that i am capable of taking care of myself for the next 3months before i get a Job, so that i dont become a burden on the government of my destination according the document. So i would refund it to you immediately i arrive at the Airport and meet you because it would still be in my bag...
Honey , moreover the travel agent told me today that he would be sending a copy of the plane ticket to you tomorrow. I want you to ZOOM the document so that you can see the writings clearly...I want you to do well to give me a call so we can talk about it on phone and let me know your concern on this okay... so we can know what to do together... I am thinking about you a lot my dear and i would be looking forward to hear from you. Kiss and hugs , take care Becca
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