Scam Letter(s) from Derby Holloway to Mark (UK)

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Letter 1

How are you baby its good to read from you and hun try to take a day out when you back from liverpool cause I don't want you to get stressed up okay.I'm sorry I didn't write you back since lastweek friday its because moms church had an anniversary and have been busy helping out but its over baby please let me know when you back from liverpool its always a pleasure reading from you.bye mark I love you....

Letter 2

hello mark,you know what something so ridiculous happened yesterday some cops came through our door and took my mom away .the company my mom works for detect a huge sum of money worth $22,200 was withdraw from the company's account .the company finds out the check was cashed with my moms signature on it,definitely someone in that company forged my moms signature to cash the money from the right now as im writing you mom is in protective care .she knew nothing about this but the company is insisting she must pay back the money,mom has sued the company to the court shes gonna use all shes got to fight back to let the company know shes not guilty of such has already employed a lawyer so there ll be a hearing at the court on really so worried right now though mom promised me everything ll be okay i dont know why africans are so full of shit they are trying to implicate my mom in to something she never did.please mark please pray for my mom im really scared i ll write you back to let you know whats going on.bye please takecare

Letter 3

hello mark i really need to hear from you why havent you message me back hope your doing good im getting nervous let me know what your saying before the whole situation get out of hands please love write to me as soon as you read my message im really depending on you to also help me so hun please im sorry if im inconveniencing you with my problem but this is really the time i need your help okay so help me out ill really appreciate it.bye



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