Scam letter(s) from Anna to James (USA)

Letter 1
James! Hi! Every day I start to understand in what sense and happiness in a life more and more! I compare myself and young pair, I one, I have nobody to take place in the street, not to whom to make a tasty supper, and I understand that my life absolutely now is not meaningful unlike that pair. Simply I have reflected on it when I went to read through here your letter, I do not know, tell there is at you in a life that happiness about which you dreamed? I shall look forward to hearing! Anna!
Letter 2
James that you such speak me!!!!? I do not understand, in fact we so communicate with you also you already a little afford such things, what proofs? What ***** photos? If you consider me not clearly for whom that you you are mistaken also the words strongly me have offended!!!!
James I do not remember much from yours profile because I of all on was one day and have then decided to communicate with you, but together it you so thank me? If you do not wish to communicate with me that you and tell to me, but it is not necessary to offend and write me that that does not concern to me! I such what am! If you consider that I liar can not write and search to me not liar!
Letter 3
How there was your weather? We all the day long had a sun and it was greater pleasure for me. And you love solar weather? My today has taken place well. All put I has lead on work. I very much love and I appreciate the work so pleasantly for me. I work as the teacher within 5 years. I teach a choreography and as I give lessons of game on a piano. James you are able to play on what or the tool? You would like to learn to play on a piano? I could learn you to it, for me it would seem is very interesting. I have three groups of children in each group on no more than fifteen person. I so like to learn to their dances to discipline and music. To observe of them it so it is interesting, they happen such changeable. And to see that when at them that that it turns out and to have pleasure together with them! It is very pleasant for me, I sometimes feel from a part I replace with it parents with some time. Once in a half-year at us take place accounting concerts on which we we show that could reach for last a floor of year. And often there are concerts in honour of various holidays. Parents of children with which I am engaged express me gratitude. James and it I think transmitted sensations of pleasure which I test during such moments. You feel that you make that that useful and necessary to a society. My day always is filled by vanity but when I come to myself home to me becomes so melancholy. You understand me in it? And I rescue myself only unique idea that there has more likely come tomorrow and I have again started to be engaged in the favourite business. But I try to not despond in this occasion and I make for people only good. I trust in that that sometime I shall meet that the man and between us the love will flash!!! I think that this feeling means in a life of each person and if it is not present that a life much is felt as that short not on the present. Also I think of that that each person should love!!! James, and you as think in this occasion? For you it is important? James earlier I thought of that that in a life all will come by itself and I shall be happy. But for that be in a full measure happy it is necessary to open the heart, to open it for love to have the big pleasure by a life.
But it not so simply to make not each person to be solved on it. And been solved can burn about roughness and indifference, on it I do not wish to study on the mistakes and I study on another's and I wish to open only for the unique person. Which has understanding to me which I understand and I wish to be with it. James and you sometime tested love? Or you as wait unique? And in general that you think of it? In my life many forces and are necessary for energy for that that I could charge to her the pupils. On it I live by a principle " all that all is not made to the best ". It gives for me forces. Whether tell to me about the work more you love her have pleasure when come to her. Or you make it from that to live? James I really read your letters and could not read through and understand! Tell you me you understand about what I speak! You cannot see now mine profilo! I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will assist me to learn better you, about what person!!! I hope, that you as ask to me all questions which you interest. James, whether as I wish to ask you all you understand that I write to you? James, I learned at school English language and in institute, but all the same it not so is good, and I sometimes not understand all that you write. On it I wish you to warn that you did not take offence if suddenly I shall not answer your question. Probably I simply have not understood, that it you had in view of. James, on such cases I wish you to ask that you have simply written this question
Letter 4

I am glad to see your letter!!! To me it is very pleasant that you write for me such letters. I wish to learn you more close and more. You are interesting to me, with you is about what to talk. Therefore today I have removed all structures from a site. Also I shall communicate only with you. I would would like that you also wrote only to me! What do you suspect the account of it? James I live in Kostroma, it in Russia! I work as the teacher, I wish to communicate with one you! I really do not search only for the friend on correspondence and I really would like to meet once! Today in the morning I prepared to eat and have cut a finger after I have bandaged it I have recollected a case from my childhood when I ran on a ladder and have fallen. I very strongly was frightened to it and have begun to cry. My mum has heard and has carried away me in an apartment. On my foot there was a scratch, but for me seem it very terribly and that that I cannot go more. But my mum has calmed me and has redressed my scratch. In general in my childhood I often received grazes or bruises because was very curious child. But it is rare when I climbed on trees go down I could only by means of my father. My parents have made for me much and I appreciate their care their love about me! They have given for me good education have presented all love and caress. Mine mum and the daddy already on pension also live in small village Shunga it there was a dream of my father to live in small village in the house constructed the hands. And here for 10 years of pension the daddy has started to build the house it there was a big project in its life, and in the end all has turned out as it wanted. It has stopped to build it two years ago. I love this house as because in him my forces have been enclosed also, but more for that that it is done all with loving care. For me my daddy is a kind of the present of the man. If it will lay down for itself the aim that it her will achieve, always makes firm decisions in disputes. It has devoted all life for me and mum. Now parents live in this village, there it is very beautiful also beside there is a pond on which goes to fish my father. I as go with it but for me most of all it is more pleasant to float, he has a rubber boat and when you float on her feel itself as by the ship. It is pleasant for me. James, and you have a boat? You like to go for a drive on her? I think to you it will be interesting to know their names, a name of mine of daddy Igor and a name of my mum Nastya. They are fine people which have made for me so much that I shall be grateful for them all life. At times they so do not suffice me and there are so melancholy on a shower, because that we not together, but I often go to visit them!!! James tell to me about the family about the parents with whom you live? It is very interesting to me to learn about you. James I hope that you photos which I will like you I send. On one of them I in the house after a holiday! In other photo I at the river in village of my parents! I shall be glad if you will like these photos! I shall wait for your letter!!!! Whether so I very much would wish to know I to you became little bit closer!!!!
p.s. James, I shall be very happy, if you can send me a photo, on which you and your family!
Letter 5
Your letters please me. And I am not important with what mood has come and as have taken place my day after I shall read through your messages to me it becomes easier and more pleasant. It so lifts my mood when I go home I I recollect still long that you have written for me and it pleases me. How there was your day? Than was engaged? James, I would like that you have told to me about your friends. I hope for that that you will make it in the following letter. James today I went to a hairdressing salon, usually I had hair cut at one woman but today she was not also me cut, another. After she has straightened me, I was confused to how she has straightened me a little. But after I have come home and I have looked in a mirror has thought that I began to look more cheerfully. James but I think About that that this business not in a hairdress, and in that that I have dialogue with you! And you give great value to the appearance? You have hair cut in a constant place? You in general in a life are constant? James you know when I was small and went to school me my mum cut. And as she has made for me in everything that I looked well. And consequently me at school have nicknamed the woman of fashion. James and you had at school any nickname? Children always think out something. Even now my girlfriends have nicknamed me pupsik. And how you are named by your close people?
James yes I understand that we have some language problems, but I understand all that you speak me, I thought that I you as that have offended the words and consequently you did not write to me, but I am glad to receive your letter!!! I hope that you can write to me tomorrow!! I Shall wait! I with impatience shall wait for your letter! Yours Anna.
Letter 6
James I can tell for you about that that you begin to me more close more interesting. It seems to me that at us much in common. I with impatience wait for your letter because they give for me pleasure and pleasure. I do not cease to think of you. It is pleasant for me. I at all have not noticed as there has taken place week. And for you my letters are pleasant? I would like to please you with the letters!!!
Today I had a pleasant event on work since morning I has made a new interesting hairdress and this hairdress has liked all. James I was glad to it. James tell for me and than you like to be engaged, what for you the present pleasure? It is very interesting to me, I think that you enjoy viewing of sports meets. I with pleasure would look with you it. I watch TV especially any historical programs for me interestingly to learn about that as our world lived earlier. This pleasure for me. And you know history of the country? You could not tell to me about it? I do not know much about your country, but I very much would like to learn your culture, it for me would be very cognitive!!! As I like to gather the company and to play various games. More often I make it on work. When I see that children strongly get tired I speak to gather it in a circle and we play hide-abd-seeck!!! Certainly it is children's game. You sometime heard about her? You know, what this such? If certainly it will be interesting to you, I can tell to you about it in the following letter. James I really write to you every day! Unless you did not receive my letter? James you have hobby? My hobby this cultivation of various colors, it can seem not interesting and boring employment but for me it delivers a lot of pleasure. Speak that flowers sate an apartment with fresh air and cheer up. For me this employment a lot of pleasure I is exact brings enjoy this employment. It has come for me from my mum she very much loves flowers and many years are engaged in them. At home in village at it very big park of colors and not only houses but also in the street. And it with heat and caress can speak about them very long. As that time about which I comes nearer spoke for you that we at our school spend accounting concerts for half-year. I like to spend these concerts therefore to think out various statements of dances of the various countries or nationalities.
It very interestingly I like to be prepared for it I look through various records and I read the literature. It is long process but when in the end it turns out so all hall rises and applauds feel the price of the diligence. It delivers for me pleasures. I would think to you it was pleasant if you saw my statements. And you like to dance? Tell to me, you visited ever children's concerts? James know I now has thought that surprisingly, but I am very simple with you I communicate I can talk absolutely about all this very pleasantly for me enjoy it! Please tell to me more about how takes place your day! It is very interesting to me to know your way of life! I look forward to your letter!!!
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