Scam letter(s) from Veronica Kadochigova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
My dear Billy I really enjoyed reading your letter. My vacation was melancholy and lonely. I was one, with the girlfriend, we ate potatoes with a hen, and drank a light wine at my place. In it I see a great amount of love and thirst to slake our desires. My love, my dear Bill, I can tell you I have such feelings to you. Just my love is stronger and my passion is really wild. I feel the undescribable desire. I want to be with you my dear Bill, want to enjoy your love. Only your love and caresses will calm my soul and my hot body. I really need you. My dear Bill, you are my passion, my love, you are my man! You became the purpose of my life. My love, you can not imagine what kind of emotions are going through me, you can not imagine my thirst for love and strength of desires. My dear Bill, never in my life...Do you understand, dear Bill? Never in my life I loved so strongly. Our love is heavens gift, because loving like this, as I love you, only angels can. I love every bit of you, I love your photos, because there is you in them, I love your letters, because it is your thoughts. I am ready to become your shadow, to be close to you forever. My dear Billy, I adore you, I worship you, I love you, because you are my only and sincere love. I can not think of anything else but you, all my thoughts and desires about you! My dear Bill, you are my man and you have to do something, to stop my heart suffer from us being apart. I feel my heart will die, if we are not together. I need you as oxygen. I breathe only our love. My heart beats only because our love. My dear Billy, if you do not wish the death for my heart, that loves you so much, you have to do something. My dear Bill, since the day we have met, we will always be together...We will live a happy life and enjoy our love. I am sure, even after we die, our souls will be together. God saw us and gifted us with the love we have, true, sincere...This love FOREVER!

Always your Elena.
Letter 2
My dear Bill, I got all the required information about traveling to your country. My honey, I deeply regret to say this. My dear Bill, my love is very strong to you, I highly value your feelings and that you are very sincere to me, that is Why I have to tell you straight away. My dear Billy, I do not have an opportunity to visit you. My sweet, my tender Bill, please understand me. I do not say - NO, I do not decline our meeting. My love, I miss you so much and wish us to meet every second. But I really can not travel to you for several reasons. I have international passport to travel and I think that visa will not be a problem. But the amount that we are talking (1190 USD) about is really high, at the moment for me. My dear Bill, I do not want you to think bad about me. It just the circumstances. I will try to explain the situation, for you to understand my motives. Two years ago I applied for a house loan at the state bank. I think you are familiar with it, and know what I am talking about. I signed it to buy flat. The government offered me about 38 thousand dollars to buy a flat. I bought it, and now I have to repay around 200 dollars a month, to cover the loan. My monthly salary is about 400 dollars and most of it goes towards the loan repayments. My love, as you can see now financially wise I can not travel to you. My dear Bill, I hope you understand my situation and see that only financial difficulties prevent me from flying over to you, my love. My feelings are sincere, they are like water from the clear source. The are so clear and transparent. I really love you and do not want you to think that I played with your feelings. My soul is clear and opened to you, my dear Bill. We will definitely meet each other, and despite that I am very fragile woman, I will do my best for our meeting to happen in closest date. We will meet each other surely in some time, and will be able to enjoy our love, sweetness of our cuddles, caresses and kisses.

With sincere love, your Elena.
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