Scam letter(s) from Veronica Kadochigova to Dragos (Romania)

Letter 1
My dear Dragos, I love every letter from you. With great impatience I am waiting for your respond, to enjoy every word. My dear Dragos, my love to you is growing stronger and stronger. My heart and my soul want to be close to you. My body wishes your caresses and touches. My honey, I am not ashame to tell you this, because I trust you and the words you say. I love you and now you are my life. My dear Dragos, my love is so pure and sincere, my passion is so fiery and wild, my body wants your hot cuddles and kisses, that strong I even saw you in my dream. Yes, my dear Dragos, you were in my dream and we made love...We were in my room. Just you and me my dear Dragos! There were candles, we were drinking wine and looking at eachother. You put down your glass and came close to me, touched my face softly with your fingers, and I wished it would have lasted forever...I closed my eyes, and appeared in blackness, so mysterious and excitingly magical, even though there were candles in the room, a lot of them, but I was alone in the dark...I did not want to see the light, I wanted you...and feel your hands...You tenderly touched my lips, I even suddenly flinched.
Softly, but demandingly you touched my lips, dry of excitement, with your tongue, slowly turning to a kiss full of warmth...I suddenly felt in not enough. I put my hands up, moving along yours, on to your face, softly taking your head in them, returned the kiss back with the u nspent passion...It all started to turning, began to whirl, like someone watches the film in frames, and there I was, closely snuggling to you with my body, taking clothes off you. Kisses rate's increased and the craziness too, I started to breath more hard and abruptly, my heart wanted to break free. And me, not being responsible for the actions, laying on my bed, bestrewed in roses. And you next to me.
Then your lips left me alone, you froze, your tongue touched my neck, and your hands tenderly playing with my ******. Your kisses did not stop, just started to go lower and lower on my hot body. When your lips touched my belly, some force made my body to bend in ******, and I moaned passionatelly. It was becoming unbareably sweet, tender. It was...exotic. You...You did not stop. You continued playing with me like a wind with a leaf. You took an armfull of rose petals, scattering them over my body. And it was unexpectadly. Amazing plastic awaked in my body, it became extremely hot, like candles turned in to a burning south sun...your's magic...your hands were all over, touching all my parts: my legs, my hands, my back and little lower still remembers your touches! It was so ******, wonderfully pleasant, unreally vivd dream. I remember like bright flowers something passed me by, i suddenly stopped breathing, my heart stopped at one beat with the overflow of emotions... My dear Dragos, you can not even imagine how cruelly it was to wake up alone! My body was hot and all I wished for in that morning was you to be close to me, in my bed! My dear Dragos, I know, I believe, that we will still have the same I had in my dream and my desires: see, sand, moon, stars and two ***** bodies cuddling eachother...And one day, perhaps very soon, I will whisper in your ear, that I madly in love with you! Love is such an amazing thing: even it makes our eyes spark brighter that any diamonds, makes us smile and be happy with life. And this unpredictable love, you have to guard. Your Pretty Girl, Ekaterina
Letter 2
My dear Dragos, I do not know where to begin, I am in a horrible shock right now after what happened. I thought I tell you this, because you are the only person I can share everything with and you were a great support for me since the day we have met. Honey, my love Dragos, yesterday I returned home just to find my flat burned out! Everything is completely in ruins and the flat is a total mess. I never thought about fire. As I drove to my house - I saw fire brigade's truck standing, and I felt deadly freeze all over my body. I went pale breaking through the standing crown of watchers and straight to my floor - the foamy water was running down the staircase and one of the firefighters stopped me and said that it still might be dangerous to come up. I asked him which flat was it and got the dreadful reply - it was mine! I felt weak in my legs and slowly started to slide down the wall I leaned on to. Luckily I was grabbed by the firefighters and they gave me some strong liquid to sniff that suddenly brought me back. I asked how bad were the damages- and they told me that it is still early to estimate, because there still was a threat and the emergency situation was not called off. The only thing I was left to do is just go down and wait. After they cleared the property and evacuated the fire - I was allowed in. It was like a real nightmare - water everywhere, furniture some burned out, some just touched, everything was turned upside down. I went hysterical and it took me about 10-15 minutes to calm down. They even called for the medical assistant. I was given the medication but still felt shocked.
Everything was wrecked! The firefighters wrote a report, and asked me if I had a place to stay for the night - I could only think of one place to go to - my friend. She lives not far from me in a hired flat and she hospitably agreed to help me in this situation to give me a place to stay. The firefighters sealed the flat, because they could not find the reason that caused the fire and it required the police investigation and also the insurance specialists to evaluate the damages. I walked to my friend, I decided to take a walk there, because I needed some time to ponder what could start the fire and what to do next. I spend the night over my friends house and in the morning went to work as usual, I told my director that I need a day off, because of what happened and he generously signed it. I was at the insurance company and they assured me that, when I signed for a property loan, in the contract there was a compulsory insurance included. The insurance I signed for was a good bargain, because it covered the valuables inside the flat, but only the ones I have receipts proving the fact of them being bought by me, and luckily I didn't keep them at my flat - they are at my parent's house. The insurance officer told me that I will get 80 percent of all the damages in recovery costs. That calmed me down a little bit. Still I was like in a cloud of smoke. My dear Dragos, I went back to work to write you this letter. All this time I could think only about you straight. I do not want to tell my parents, because my father have a weak heart and it is highly unrecompensed for him to worry. Honey, my sweet Dragos, I am staying at my friends for 2-3 days, because I cause her great inconvenience as she lives in a very small room of a rented flat and I do not want to put her in trouble with her landlord. My flat will be sealed for at least a month, so I was told. My dear Dragos, I have nobody else to ask for help, you are the only person I can trust and rely on. You became very close to me and several times you wrote that you will always help and support me. In any other case I would never ask you, it is not in my life principles, because I was brought up this way by my parents. They always were telling me that I need to rely only on myself and nobody else. So I followed this way up until now, because I am in a no way out situation right now. I can not ask my parents for help, because firstly they will start to worry and I do not want nothing to happen to them, because I will not survive otherwise, secondly they are not rich and also live off the small salaries, I normally help them with money. My love, I am calling for your understanding, I would like to ask for your help. I would need to move out from my friend and find a room for myself for about 1 month, till everything is sorted. Honey, please tell me if you could help me, I count only on you, my dear Dragos! Otherwise I do not know what am I going to do... I am waiting for you answer dear. All the time thinking about you, because it would make my life much easier if I have a strong man's shoulder right now. The man that I could just cry to and the one that would kiss me and comfort. The man that is you, my dear Dragos! I love you,
Letter 3
My dear Dragos, you are very sympathetic and responsive and the most kindhearted person in the world. I do not know what would I be doing without you. My condition is very fragile now, I have been very depressed all this time till I get a letter from you, I had very bad thoughts, honey, very bad, believe me! I now have a little ray of light that gives me hopes - it is you, my honey, offering me a helping hand. My dear Dragos, I always new you will not leave me in troubles, you are a real man, the man I have to be fighting for, fighting for your love. And I will, trust me, honey. Honey, I am asking for your help, on the conditions that once I get back on my feet I will return and compensate you all efforts that, I with my inconveniencing you causing. Honey I have already paid the house loan to the bank, I told you before I have credit arrangements under which I have my flat. So I pay 50 percent of my salary monthly to the bank. I already paid that - I will need to cover the costs of evaluators, insurers and my lawyer, I am asking for your support to help me paying for a new flat, just for one or two month, so that I will sort everything out. Can you do that for me, my dear Dragos? This is just temporary, because I will need to move out from my friends flat in 2 days, and once my flat is ready I can move back, but they told me it will take 1 or 2 month. So honey I am begging for your help, because I am very afraid to tell my parents about it. And when I will get the insurance compensation I will return the money to you. The amount I was talking about in convertion to american dollars will be equaled to 200-250 usd. My dear Dragos, the best and most secured way to transfer the money would be the facilities of a company "western union". You need to go to the nearest branch of this company in your town and they will tell you all the details. I will be able to receive money within minutes after you send them. For reception of your help and that you could send me your money you should know my name and surname, my country, my city. My full name is - Ekaterina Pirogova. My address - Russia, Mari-El republic, Yoshkar-Ola city, Postal code: 424000. That I could receive your help in bank I should know your full name, name of the country and city you are sending your money from, control number (it is a code which to me it will be necessary for reception of your help). Please if you have this possibility, any possibility, help me and God will reward you for it! Please honey, I would be very thankful to you for that.
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