Letter(s) from Veronica Kadochigova to Wes (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello darling! I hope that this day was really wonderful and broughtyou only positive and joyful emotions. Dear Wes, it is a great honorfor me to have the opportunity to meet you and get to know you closer.It would be silly to project for the future, but I hope that ouracquaintance will get wonderful continuation and will be reallyinteresting for us both. Dear Wes, the first question I would like toask you, after browsing your profile - why do you use Internet datingservice, does such interesting and smart man, like you, not have thechance to meet the appropriate lady match in a real world? Perhaps,you would like to ask me the same question? Well, I will try toanswer. We live in time, when the majority of the people in the wholeworld actively use Internet and computer technologies and I think thatit would be foolish not to use this opportunity in the search of lovefor all entire life. Because you never know what destiny prepares foryou to find. I often use Internet, searching for new information formy work and just recently, searching for something I discovered theonline dating service and decided to test my destiny. I hope that kindangels in heavens will definitely help me to meet a man, the one Iwill gift all my tenderness and love of my heart. Dear Wes, I amromantic woman with the sensitive heart, I am overwhelmed with thethirst of true love and family happiness with the man I will love, Ican ponder on this topic for hours, but I think that at present youare more curious in down to earth and specific things. Ok, I will tryto tell a little about myself. On the 9th of September 1980 with myloud scream I let the world know of my arrival to this world.Obviously I do not remember the moment at all, this my mother told meabout. I was born and grew up in a little town Volzsk, in a veryintelligent and respectable family. As I was the only child, myparents gave me all their attention, love and care. I am very gratefulto my parents for a good upbringing and education. With their help,from a little, innocent and defenceless child I turned into joyful forlife, kind and purposeful woman. After graduating from the pedagogicalinstitute and got the diploma of speciality "Primary school Teacher ofthe mathematic", I was sent to the government assignment to the othertown, where I live at presence. I live and work in Yoshkar-Ola. Thisis a very beautiful and cosy town 862 km north-east from Moscow, withthe population of around 270.000 people. We do not have big factories,concerns or any other production here and it provides the magnificentecology. The nature her - is truly beautiful. We have a lot of crystalclear lakes, rivers and many kilometers of forests, vast majority ofanimals and plants. I work as my speciality teacher of the mathematicat primary school. I like my job very much, as most of the time Ispend among children, at joyful atmosphere, sincerity and pure childhappiness. Communication and work with children give me a lot ofpositive emotions and I always in a hurry for work to school, to sharemy knowledge and experience with them. Dear Wes, without any regrets Ilook back and if I had a chance to change something in my life, Iwould not do anything to change, because I am fully satisfied ineverything I had. I sincerely thankful to God for everything I have inmy life and for that his good angels protect me from all the evil andbad in this world. Dear Wes, the meaning of happiness is veryrelative, but I know what I am missing, to become the happiest womanin the world. In my prayers I ask only one thing...I ask the skys forlove, for the possibility to love and be loved, for the possibility tocreate strong and happy family. I know that somewhere in this world,there is a man with a kind and sincere heart, that is waiting to meetme. I know that we will surely find each other, because love is analmighty power in the universe and nothing can stop people, that havein their heart this wonderful feeling! Dear Wes, I am afraid toinconvenience you of border you with reading so big letters, that iswhy I will cut down to the above said and wish you happiness andsuccess in your life. I sincerely hope that our acquaintance have achance for a happy continuation. With all the warmth of my heart, Ekaterina P.S.: Please, send me yours photos.

Letter 2

Dear Wes, thank you very much for your reply. It is a very interestingstart for our introduction! It is really interesting for me to readwhat other people think. Everybody is different and everyone has theirown opinions and life positions. New encounters are always exciting,and this one is even more exciting, because you live in a differentcountry. I always was fascinated how people live in other countries,what feelings and thoughts do they have in their soul! Ok, I will tryto tell you more about myself. I am very opened and energetic person.Yes, I can say that I am intellectually curious and always tend tofulfill my knowledge. I like reading and the amount of books been readby me already passed the thousand line. I am always interested in newideas. I enjoy intellectual conversations. I am fond of world economyand politics, science and education! Yes, I am very energetic andcommunicative, but I am not a materialist! Deep down, I am veryromantic! What is inside and family values are the things that moreimportant for me. I am a woman with a great and loving heart. I needmy own family happy and loving. I need a man, that can see my soul,the treasury of sincere love and passion! I love classical music! Ithink that is the most amazing and romantic genre. When I listen toBeethoven, Bach, Chaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin or Rochmaninov, there is awonderful garden blossoms inside of me, my soul frolics and sings. Ithink that is the love music and only two people should listen to ittogether!!! Man and woman should enjoy this wonderful music, love andendearments! Dear Wes, I am always full of life curiosity, becauselife is interesting and fascinating. To enjoy life in a whole sense, Iam living a healthy life and trying to be in a perfect shape. When Istudied in the institute, I went into athletics and swimming. And evennow when I have spare moment, I put on my sports uniform and go to thenearest park, to enjoy jogging. And more to say, as every woman I liketo dance very much! I think that the real dance - is a little storyabout onself, about one's feelings and emotions. The dance doesn'texist without the emanations of love, the aroma that makes you drunkspreading around people dancing. Where else you can so passionatelyand brightly, without words, show your real self, your understandingof life, tell the story of your life... I am crazy of thelatin-american dances, because they are very incendiary, bright andsexy. Dear Wes, do you like to dance? What dances attracts you most ofall? Well, I think that my letter, will make your impression of memore complete. I sincerely glad our acquaintance and with greatanticipation I await your next letter. With best wishes, Ekaterina

Letter 3

Hello! Thank you for your letter. You know, the days are gettingdarker and darker in Russia, but my mind is getting brighter andbrighter and that is because of you. I have just got back home anddecided to check my mailbox, with a hope to get a letter from you. Youknow, your letter are starting to add a lot of positive emotions tome. Our acquaintance is like a fresh sea breeze, in a hot desert. DearWes, you are the only person I can speak about anything, beside work.Yes, it is exactly like that, I don't have anybody I can share myfeelings, love, music and lyrics, nature and traveling, about cinema,theatre and all the routine things, that all normal people have intheir lives. There is a saying: "People don't value happiness, becauseit costs nothing!". In recent years, I didn't have happiness,conversations and love in my life. And now I know the real value ofhappiness. And I really appreciate our acuaintance and ourcorrespondence. You seem very attractive to me and I hope, that ourrelationships will grow! I am all alone in my apartment right now,only romantic music and thoughts about you, lights my fire. How lonelyit is without a man in my house, a man that will hug and kiss me whenI come home. How I miss the noize and a joyfull laugh of a child... Imiss breakfasts and dinners togeather, just the two of us! Dear Wes,you should know, that I am a good cook and can make amazing meals.Shrims soup, spaghetti with salmon sauce, a bottle of good french wineand just two of us togeather! I think that a dinner like this will bea great interlue for a passionate and wild night! You can not evenimmagine how I would love to get to sleep being embraced by a man Ilove, to wake up from him caressing and kissing me... Yes, I wouldlike to find not just a man, but a real love with an ocean offeelings, joy, happiness and positive emotions!!! Now I will take ashower, order a pizza and will watch some love story alone :). When Iwas comming back home, I bought a dvd with a film "Love mood". Theysay it is one of the top 20 love films. I wanted to watch that filmlong ago and today I made myself a little present. Dear Wes,unfortunatelly, I have no opportunity, to learn ways of installing anymessenger on to my computer and ways to operate it. Dear Wes, Ialready told you before that I am a very busy person, work wise, andhave very little spare time. If you feel the enormous desire, to seeme, my magical eyes and wonderfull, white smile, I think you will finda way to meet me face to face, not trying to observe me over thescreen of your computer. I am looking for a man that is not feared ofa flight and not scared to meet me face to face, as I am not into longcorrespondence. I prefer face-to-face conversations about significantdecisions. Dear Wes, how do you spend your normal evening? How do yourelax after work? Take care, Ekaterina.