Scam letter(s) from Jessica Sam to Dan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest ,
It a pleasure to stay in touch with me, thank you so much for that,am really excited hearing for you and you are willing to know more about me so that we can see what the future has for us through our searching, and thank you so much for accepting to have a corresponding with me outside this site....i hope you are doing pretty well as i am at the momonet and i hope our corresponding here will be successfully.
My name is Jessica, 28 years of age,I am a mixed race lady my Father is from Romania and my Mother is a Ghanaian, I was born on the 4th of Ausgust 1982 in Romania and stayed there for some years and later came here in Ghana with my mom to visit my grandmother when i was 19 years and we now stay here together after the sudden death of my loving father,am now am in Ghana with my Lovely Mom becasue of my chose of my carried in a Health sevice as a Registered Nurse in professional, have complet my Nursing Training Education and am waiting for National linsesing Exams(NLE) Certificate , so at the momonet am not working.............i am single, never married and have no kids too, 5.8 tall, fair in complexsion, blue eyes,brown hair... I'm a very honest, romantic, faithful and loving woman who is looking for my only and beloved man. I appreciate kindness and responsibility in people. I really want to make a family build on mutual love, understanding and respect.i like reading, listening to mucsic(country music and R&B songs), cycling,watching movies ang going to the beach on weekend.......
Im all my life i have searching for a a man who is ready to build a stronger firm, long term relationship based on trust, honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, transparecy,mutual understanding *** unconditional Love, i have decieved and betray many times by man, the man i have a loved betrayed and decieved me, i caught him having an affair with my Intimate friend and that broked my heart..But i have learn to move on with my am looking for a man who i will love and beloved in return, My heart is full of vacuum space searching for a man who i will crow him as my King and love him forever....i really want to know more about you and will be happy if we can stay contact and getto know ecah other better and see what the future has for us, Attached this email is some few pictures of me and i hope you are going to love them...This is my cell phone number you can send me text or give me a call....( 00233 546 107 429)

Looking forward to hear from you soon............
Sincerely Yours
Letter 2
This are mine pictures for you my love, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU

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