Scam Letter(s) from Le Thuan Vi to Barry (USA)

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Letter 1

subsidiary of
Head Office: 104A1/447 Ngoc Van,, Tay , Hanoi, Vietnam

Branch Office:
475, Lac Viet St., 14/07/2011
City, Vietnam.
Telephone: +841997000230

Dear Barry.
I have been directed to right you by the board of managing Director, I am pleased to inform you that early this morning I called Vi in-regard to her journey to United States to ensure she have enough money and she told me that she was aware of that so i told her to confirm from her sister before your go airport, kindly ensure you support her with enough money to board here because the Vietnamese Government have restriction to all citizen of Vietnam traveling abroad to have at reasonable sum of money not less than 2000 to 3000 dollars and not more then 7000, she have to fill declaration form at the Vietnamese immigration before she can board to United States that is the new law now by the Vietnamese Government.
Thanks for your understanding.

The procedures and the requirement of Visa We have.
Difference Categories of Visa we can issue..
(!) Business Visa (Catg. B1 B2)

(!!) Tourist Visa (Cat. C1-C2/ D1-D2/ B1-B2) Tourist Visa is a visa which every travelers could get but certain requirement and information are also needed by the embassy before tourist visa are issued,

Visitor or Tourist Visa is a non-immigrant visa issued to people entering U.S. temporarily for business (B1), or for pleasure/ tourism/medical treatment (B2). These are generally issued up to a period of 3 months to 10 years. An additional extension of 6 months can be obtained based on the approval by the INS, while the visitor is in USA

STAR TOURS help to get get all kinds of visa without passing trough all this test.

Note: Port of Entry (POE) is the immigration check counter at the destination airport of the USA. Upon your arrival in the USA, you will have to pass through this counter where the immigration/customs officer will ask you certain questions, after which, your passport will be stamped and you will be given the I-94 counter slip. Remember the date given on your I-94 is the limit of your legal status in this country and not the date on the Visa

Generally question are related to your length of stay, address of stay etc.
It is possible that the officer may expect some reasonable answer for "Why you want to stay 3 months? or why you want to stay 6 months?"
we provide all categories and advise our travelers we also give company document for back up before allow our traveler to board or fly to there destinations.
All categories of Visa have certain amount Fixed:
(1) One year multiple Business Visa cost $600,00 / 6 month $550
(!!) 1 Year Student Visa $1200

(!!!) 3 month Tourist Visa Single Entry $400, 6 Months Multiple Visitor Visa $600 with a letter of extension for 6 month before the expired date.

NOTE: All visa take 31 workings days to be ready.

Payment Method all payment should direct to STAR TOURS office Cashier at No: 475, Lac Viet St., Ha noi, Vietnam. and take receipt for any categories of visa you may required we allowed local currencies equivalent to USA dollars
(!) Remember to submit your International passport for visa immediately after you make a payment and take a receipt.
(!!) Receipt are required from costumer by secretary before visa are release or passport to Travelers.
(!!!) Please do not pay money to any staff, workers, securities, Secretary and office directors only office cashier are allowed remember to obtain a receipt.

Our services are open 24 hours to our customers
We promise to Give Our Customers The Best of Our services we also give assurance to every customers.
If You Have Any question (s), please contact Mr. Thanh, in Ngoc Van office, Hanoi Vietnan. on this e-mail or Telephone Below for more directives / Clarifications.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Thanh,
E-mail address:
Telephone number +841997000230

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