Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Tony (Australia)

Letter 1
how are u doing?i just wake up and Saw that you have giving me your email on and I Decided To Write You.How are you doing.Your word are so serious In Your profile and i truly believe that you have a good intention and knows very well what you seeks,am also seeking a trusted relation that will be taken to a higher level in life,i know you may be doubting by now why am i still single.I lost my first relation and i hope i will treat you with Respect,Loyalty,Adore You Like The King.
Gabriella is my name, my body style is average weight I am physically active,my weight is 125 lbs,my height is 5' 6 and i measures 36C-25-34 and my skin color is white.I never smoke and drink. I am the only girl in the family of three children, am the first child. My mother is still alive but lost my father some years ago i sometimes feels so bad since i never had the love of a father. My father was 60 years old, and my mother is 55 My younger brother is 30 and youngest is 20 and i am 37 years old,I am a highly intelligent, successful professional. I'm fit, athletic and love cycling, hiking and just about anything outdoors.I believe in living life to its fullest and taking advantage of the opportunities which life presents.i am a student at the University Of Ghana Legon and i study Pharmacy In My Final Year Now.I know you will doubting why i am still single and don't have anyone,i have never been in a relationship before,i have really studied humans and with the nature of my School i have learned so much.I'm attracted to someone who is intelligent like you, educated, confident and independent. I can be either non-stop action or just want to slow down for a long weekend. I have been told that I am very funny. I love to laugh and to see a smile on someone's face,I'm not consumed by looks but take care of myself. I exercise regularly and enjoy athletic adventures; I like to go for long walks and hike mountains, camp, play volleyball or try my hand at the cooking. I like to listen to live music (blues, reggae, Latin,country music,old blues and sometime Rn B ...), , spend the day at the beach (I love the beach), take day trips in the country, vacation in exotic or sunny places , read a book (biographies or historical novels), watch a good movie (suspense thrillers are my favorite), go to show at the or just hang out with a good friend at home. I am very independent. I am fun loving. Naturally shy, I can surprise you at times. Although not a wild and crazy person, I am willing to explore and try new challenges (rock climbing, gliding, bungee jumping, ...). I love to travel locally or internationally. I like intelligent and educated people who have something to offer but are not pretentious. I love to learn and hang around fun people who are full of life and who can enrich mine and also knows their aim in life,such people teaches and advices better and helps in the making of a real human and create lot of feelings for the good ones. Honesty and sound moral values are very important to me. I am seeking a friend I can relate to and trust, who can share my confidences and treat me and others with respect and care. My stats: school,helps me speak a good language, drink socially.There some colors that sparks me and makes me feel so special always,yellow,pink,blue,red ,black and white.But you know i have times which i really want or need any of these colors,they are all for special days or reasons,hope you understand me much.
Although a little shy and reserved in selling myself, I am a quite witty and quick in replies but not to the point of sarcasm.I enjoy being outside and being occupied, but I am readily adaptable to sit in and watch a film, rather than TV, especially if there is some one to sit in with. I enjoy cooking and am prepared to cook anything, especially if it is with fresh ingredients and from scratch.,hahaha hope you are laughing at me by now .....I know you will find time asking yourself at these very moment why am not married by now,actually i want to make it out of school and to fix my self in a good position in life,know much about the meaning of life,marriage and relationships,learn about new people around you and make use to my christian values,that's making the right choices my self and determining life all by my life,i don't want going about changing men and i think i have to wait till the right time to bring it self,for now i know i have been call to duty,that's finding my soul mate,friend of life,husband and everything of my life.I will be glad if you assist me by asking anything you wish to know or i haven't made mention of.
I fondly appreciate the kind of care and concern you have in mind and the kind of surprised you have caused me so far,i never thought you would be so caring and loving these way,am really proud of talking to someone like you who has a good and sound aim in life and knows what he is looking for in life so much.There are three things that remain - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love."
Paul/1 Corinthians 13:13.Tell me,what kind of religion do you belong?.I would want to know a little about you too and if anything bothers you,i think you can ask me anything and am ever ready to answer,love on its own takes many roots and i have come to notice that distance doesn't count when it comes to love and good relation,its developed from the heart and it will take you through forever in life.i have add you on my yahoo messenger so accpet it my email for yahoo is
------ i think i have to end here I will be glad to hear from you very soon and again,i mean always.
Letter 2
A happy Life is not about finding the right partner but how long you can hang on to your partner till the very last end, True love is not about how you love your partner in the beginning but how much love you can endure till the very last end, Yesterday is gone, no one knows tomorrow, but today is a gift that is why it’s called the PRESENT. To love is divine and to error is human, life is full of ups and downs, strength in each other will determine life for a true couple.I have been loyal, loving, playful, curious, very romantic and full of life. Value honesty, faith and communication.I believe in chemistry and believe what we feel for each other is real and rebels us together always, i appreciate intelligence of you my partner and always respect your views and decisions,because i believe united we stand,people do all sort of things for money these days and scam and fraud is everywhere these days,but what we feel for each other is real and way beyond what your friend thinks.I think he is a very good friend who thinks about you well enough to tell you about beeing cautious,and well i recommend you keep good and positive friends close always..All my entire life i seek a man willing to love and be loved..A man who understands me most and is willing to love and be loved.I have been through quite enough my past years and i am not growing any younger.I know the new beginning i seek is with you,but united we stand,divided we fall.I can never jeorpadise the love we share for anything..
As I sit here writing today, I cannot help but feel that God has shown me down the path of what a holy, Godly single and married life should look like. I do not pretend that I have it all, or even most of it figured out, but through a long and often tough journey I have grown closer to God and you, my future husband..Life indeed entails a lot baby,the countless hours we spend knowing each other means a lot to me baby.And as the bible says"we should fight for what is rightfully ours"i know we would stand firm till we get to the peak in this relationship..I love you and what i feel for you will be within me deep down my heart..Kisses and hugs!
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