Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Kerova to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello Dear!
I am with big pleasure have seen your profile on dating site and I will be glad to know you better.
A little about me you can see here on My ID 032569
My member name vikakerova
I am 30 years old, never have been married and do not have childrens. I living alone in the cente of Moscow.
I love animals and pets, especialy birds. But with my work I do not have time to have it.
I am working here in Moscow as Administrator in little company.
My parents are pensioners and living in the other city. I do not have brothers or sisters.
I like sports, swimming, tennis and fitness. I like to watch football and races.
Also I like study foreign languages. I can speak english, german and french.
So, you can see, I am simple girl who is looking for lovely person with whom I want to spend all my life.
I hope you will be interesting and I will get your reply soon.
Will be waiting for letter with impatience.
My best wishes, Vika Kerova
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank!
Thank you very much for your letter! I was very glad to get it! I hope now we can know more about each other.
And, who know, maybe we have found our future.
Now I will say about self. I am simple Russian girl. I was born 1 of September 1980 in Moscow, Russia.
Here I have finished university and now work as administrator.
I live alone in the centre of Moscow.
My parents are pensioners and live in other city in 360 km from Moscow.
I do not have brothers or sisters. My hobbies are very different. Most of all I like to cook and travel.
The cooking is my passion! I can make perfect Russian dishes.
Also I like to study foreign language. I can speak good English, little German and French.
I like travel, but I can do this not so often.
Also I like very much listen to music. I like listen to classic music.
I like to watch historical movies and I like to read classical literature.
So, I think I have given to you the first impression about me.
I will be waiting for your letter with impatience. My best wishes to you,
Letter 3
Hello dear Frank!
Thanks again for writing me! I am very glad to receive your letter!
I want to say you, why I am looking for my second half in internet. In the past I have meet with Russian man. But I have been disappointed.
I am, like most of the girl, dreaming about simple happiness with my beloved man.
The Russian man does not care about people round them. They complete egoists, vainglorious and boring.
I am not looking for ideal man or prince. In my man I want to see understanding and care.
I like such kind of man, who do not demands from self girl that she was perfect.
As I told you, I am simple girl. But I am ready to give all my love to my dearest one.
I will make my beloved man the happiest man in the whole world! We all do not ideal. But I think foreign man more attentive and fair.
More one, I do not like Moscow. It is big and hard city with self rules. I will be happy to move with my beloved man in other place.
Now I will tell you more about me. I like Russian food. Maybe therefore I can make very much Russian dishes.
Also I like sea food. It is very good aphrodisiac.
I do not drink, but one glass red semisweet wine with good dinner is good.
You know, for me very interesting to speak with you. I want to say you more and more.
And I am ready to listen to you.
Hope to hear from you soon! My best wishes,
Letter 4

Hello my darling!
For me very pleasant to get your letter! The last days I need to work very much.
Soon I will have vacation. So, I need to finish my work before vacation.
As I told you, I am serious and honest girl. I am looking real man for serious relationship.
Here I am not looking for virtual love or something else. I hope you agree with me that meeting is necessary.
I can speak without translator. So, we will do not have problem with understanding each other.
As I will have vacation soon than we can meet at this time. I will be glad to visit you and to see how you live.
Which weather in your city now? In Moscow now not so good weather.
Today at the evening I will go to fitness. I am having visited it two times per week.
I am take care about my body and my health. I try to eat only natural food.
I like very much sea food, vegetables and fruit. Also I am always keeping clean my flat.
I am living in two rooms flat in the centre of Moscow.
The metro station is Pushkinskaya. Maybe do you hear this?
I live alone. As I told you my parents live in other city.
Unfortunately I do not have pets. I like very much pets.
But with my work I do not have time to take care about pets.
I like my work. It is very interesting and creative job.
Unfortunately I do not getting much money, but I getting very much pleasure.
Now I will go to drink coffee. It is morning in Moscow.
I wish you nice day and hope to hear from you soon!
Kisses, your truly Vika
Letter 5
Hi my darling Frank! I so happy to get your letter!
You know, I am thinking about you very often.
Now I have some time without work and I want to write you.
With my job I have meet with very different people.
How many people are so many opinions. Every time something new.
I know that with this profession I will find work in every country.
As I told you, soon I will have vacation. I will be very glad to visit you, to see how you live.
I do not know very much about your country, therefore I will be happy to visit it.
And I will be glad to spend my vacation with you together. Here in Moscow I do not have much friend, only fellow workers.
My work has taken very much my time. For me very pity that I do not have pets.
I want to have few birds. Singing of birds very much calms and weakens.
Someday I come home from work very tired. Would be very pleasant to listen to singing of birds.
You know, I am very lonely. I need someone near me. Someone intelligent, interesting, kind, lovely as you.
With every day I am thinking about you more and more. For me very interesting, which future waiting our relationship.
Do thinking about destiny? Maybe all already solved? I will be waiting for your letter with big impatience! Kisses and embrace,
your truly Vika
Letter 6
Hi my dearest! For me very pleasant to speak with you!
I am sure I need to visit you. It will help for us to know better each other.
As I told you, I do not know very well your country. I have been there only one time in the last month.
But it was business trip and I do not have much free time. Now I want to come for more long time.
And you will show me everything. I want to see how do you live, where do you live.
I have valid visa, passport and insurance. For me to visit you will be not the problem.
So, I am interesting to come to you in the nearest time. One real meet will be better for us than many letters.
As I told you, I am serious and honest with you. I have no desire to spend the holiday here in Moscow.
With the great pleasure I will spend this time with you together!
I am feeling self very comfortable with you. I am feel that I want to write you again and again.
Unfortunately the letters cannot transfer all my feeling and emotions!
I am thinking about you every time. In my dreams I am already with you.
Today I have spoken with my parents and my father said that I am speaking only about you.
I love very much my parents. They give me very good education.
And now they give me very good example. They live together more 50 years.
You know, I am one man woman. If I love someone, than I will give to him everything.
I will give to him all my love, my tenderness, my care.
Now, after I have found you on the big spaces of internet, I do not need anybody.
All my thoughts only about you. I have great pleasure thinking of you!
I cannot wait to see you in real life! To embrace and to kiss you!
Waiting for you letter and very miss you! Kisses and love, your Vika
Letter 7
Hi my darling! How are you? How is your weekend?
Unfortunately, I need to work and I do not have free time.
But now I have little time for at to drink coffee.
I want to write you some pleasant words! You know, I am thinking about you every time!
I am so happy to fall in love with you! And my parents like you very much.
I am serious in my intention to visit you in the nearest time.
As I told you, I am romantic girl and I will follow for my loved man to the end of the world.
I am not type of the girl, who only say nice world.
I think our meeting is necessary for continue our relationship.
For me possible to come to you very soon. More precisely I can say after I will buy flight tickets.
Tell me please, my lovely, how do you imagine our meet?
I think it is will be nice dinner with good foot and candles. Maybe I will make some Russian dishes.
And we will speak about everything. I have to tell you very much and I want to know about you everything.
It is will be great time for us. With you I am feel self like real lady.
Now I need go to my work. I am missing you very much!
Tender kiss you my love, your forever Vika
Letter 8
Hi my lovely Frank! Today I do not need to work, so, I have free time.
I am thinking every time only about you and our meet. Tell me more about your city and your country.
I want to know more about place to where I will come. After we will to get married, than we will live in your country. I do not want to create family in Russia.
Maybe do you hear about Russian medicine, education, corruption and mafia? Especially dangerously in such big city as Moscow.
I see my future life with my beloved man and beautiful children in happy and quiet place.
Sorry, I am already dreaming about our life together. Do you think I am hurry up?
But I cannot do anything! Every day, every night, I am thinking only about you. My feelings to you make me happy. From you I have got only positive emotions!
Today in Moscow not so good weather. Sunny, but not warm and strong wind. As today I do not work, than I will go to fitness. I need to keep my good shape.
I have told you that I am take care about my health. In Russia we are saying, in the healthy body is the healthy spirit.
Also I am tried to eat only fresh fruit and vegetables. Today at the evening I will make dinner.
Smoked salmon with a potato, salad with shrimps and a cucumber and pancakes with red caviar.
Do you like it? Do not be upset! After I will come to you I will make much better dishes.
I am very good cook. Because I live alone very long time. And I have to cooking self.
But I am with big pleasure will cooking for you. The way to heart of the man lies through his stomach.
Now I will go to shopping. I want to come to you beautiful and elegant. As soon I will visit travel agency and to buy flight tickets, than I will write to you my flight information.
Wish you nice day today and will be thinking about you. Kisses and love, your forever
Letter 9
Hi my lovely Frank! Now I am complete free!
Now I have long vacation and I do not see obstacles for our meet!
Today I have visit travel agency. For me more conveniently to buy tickets via agency.
My travel agent will arrange everything and I do not need to worry about something.
So, I have to buy flight tickets today. The flight ticket to you and return ticket cost 840 euro.
But I have paid only 300 euro because I do not have more money. I want ask you to pay 540 euro direct to my travel agent.
All my documents in order. I have valid visa, passport and insurance. I need only flight tickets.
And very soon we will be together!
My darling, I hope you will help me to come to you. I have chosen you from many men on the dating site.
And during our correspondence I have never regretted about it!
Because I am see in you honest and reliable man with whom I want to spend all my life!
So, let meet and be together forever! I want this most of all in my life!
My travel agent will contact with you in the nearest time. I have leaved your information to him.
You need to arrange everything in the nearest time. Please, as soon you will speak with my travel agent, let me know about situation.
I am thinking every time only about you! Miss you very much, and cannot wait to meet you!
With all my love, your forever Vika
Letter 10
Hello! My name is Sergey Zavoloko. I am main manager in travel agency Travel President. My agency of travel sales flight tickets. Today I have meet with Vika Kerova. She has make booking of flight tickets. The price for her booking is 840 Euro. This price includes the price for the ticket, the price for the return ticket, gathering of the airport and all taxes. But Vika Kerova has paid only 300 Euro. About other money for flight tickets Vika Kerova said that she will ask you. You need to pay only 540 Euro and I will arrange flight tickets in the nearest time.
You can pay via bank account or via international payment systems Western Union or Money Gram. Information for payment. My full name is Sergey Zavoloko. Full address is 847365, Russia, Moscow, Tverskaya 11, office 3. You need to make contact with me in the nearest time.
Best regards, Sergey Zavoloko, +7 905 176 2831 mobile number.

FAX +7 4832 684092
MOBILE +7 905 176 2831
OFFICE +7 4832 684092
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