Scam letter(s) from Yana Blaginiyh to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, I am Yana and I interested. Write to me and I will answer.
Letter 2
Hello Mark.
Im glad that you answered. You remember me?
Now I write to you from a new e-mail. On an old e-mail came a lot of spam.
You wanted to know as I have found your e-mail? If it is fair, I already and do not remember))
I visited different sites of acquaintances and most likely on one of them I have found yours e-mail. Im from Russia, from city Pavlovo. This is small but beautiful city in the Nizhni Novgorod Region.
I like traveling around the world. But I have not been to many countries), only for recreation - in Turkey with my friends, last year. Im a designer of fabric. I have a small shop with exclusive clothes. Now I'm sharing it with a partner, but I hope to have my own.
Clothes in our shop are not for everyone, perhaps only for good taste. Im also involved in the purchase of material in the neighbour countries such as Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria and hope to get to Italy. Well as you can see Im 29 years old, I am young:). My height is 176 cm
I am in a good form. What do you think? I hope I do not seem immodest)
Now I do not have a lover, Im alone in the house of my mother. Im dreaming of making design or model making projects for fashion brands or to be a designer.
Now I want to show my abilities in the best complex situations and to work for designers.
I hope I did not bother you with my dreams)?
I also hope that in the near future I can find a man from whom I would feel care and love.
I have not had a friend for a long time, I was alone in Russia, my Past is forgotten and I do not want to go back, I just want to go to the new developments. I hope you can understand me)! Tell me more about you, I feel like we will have some connection here:)
Write to me please. Kisses, Yana.
Letter 3
Hello again my new friend!!!
How are you? I hope all well with you!!!
I hope you wish to continue our acquaintance!? Tell you received my last letter?
I told to you about myself much and I hope for your answer.
I send you again my photo. I hope you remember me.
I should go now. I'll wait for your letter.
Take care.
Letter 4

Hello Mark.
How are you? I hope you are okay and have a good day.
Thank you again to answer me, I am very pleased to see your desire to communicate.
I will try to always find free time to write to you.
You can send as many photos of you as possible.
Thanks for your photos, it very much is pleasant to me. I work in a shop (paying rent), but I also try to find people who can buy my design project.
I'm doing sketches of different clothes with my friend. But I do not want to talk about it much. I do not want to jinx ...
Do you understand? I'm the one and only child in the family, my parents love me very much.
My birthday is on August 3. My Grandma's House is located in a suburb of Pavlovo.
My parents were professors, they travelled a lot, they are a geologists, and I have this passion for travel, too. I tell you a lot about myself, because I think we must get to know each other step by step.
When things are going without rush this is good for the relations, so we can know each other better.
I am of the kind of deep person and believe in senses more than in words. But I am of a kind and open minded nature anyway.
I have finished university, the faculty of philosophy and sociology.
Many times I refused the offers to be a model, I think I was not born for this, I have other goals and dreams to realize in life.
First of all to get known as fashion designer worldwide.
And of course I want to be successful as a loving wife and mother. Now in Russia we have summer, and how is your weather today? Tell me what cuisine do you like?
I love to cook, I love Japanese cuisine. And I even took lessons for cooking Japanese cuisine).
But now I have a little free time, Im always busy with work. I hope it will change, I have to resolve business problems and hope for success.
I would like to tell you more, but do
Letter 5
Hello my friend Mark.
Im writing to you from work. Do not have much time, so only write a few lines.
Now we with Inna solve some issues and sort some stuff to sell at a discount.
But I'm thinking of you and write at least a little. I always smile, thank you for your good mood!
Letter to you I am writing in a hurry, because I have to help. Mark, I just want to say that you are my friend.
And I appreciate that you occupy your time writing to me. I like this link between us.
The reason we are beginning to share our moments and experiences, our history!
I want to wish youa good days and rest! I hope you have a a good time unlike me). Now I'll leave you. I will try to write to you soon in the coming days.
I want you to keep in contact and maintain our dialogue.
And if it is not difficult please write to me, talk about your days. Bye Bye
Your friend, Yana
Letter 6
Hi dear Mark.
Im finally writing to you again.
Today I just woke up and had the desire to write to you and of course to see your news. Sorry if I can not always write you a lot. It does not always depend on me.
But I try to write to you because it's always a lot of happiness to write such a man like you.
I am confident that you are a good and honest man!
On the internet I have to send letters to my partners and watch deals with different countries.
As I told you I have to make some design projects of women's clothing.
It is basically blouse, maternity clothes and underwear. Maybe some day I can open a factory and make my own designs.
But now I need to find buyers, to decide on tailoring.
But I do not want to clog your head with my problems ...
I am confident that each person has their own goals, but I think the main thing is that we have the desire to write to each other.
And I want you to be willing to write to me) You're a very intelegent for me! Yesterday I had dinner with my agent. I gave him some samples of my design projects. He is looking for for customers for me, helping with the project for a certain percentage.
And now we have to wait and see what happens from that. Yesterday my agent at the dinner was with his wife, we were in a restaurant.
When we ate they were together, it reminded me that Im alone and Im the one who lives with this feeling of loneliness in me.
Im missing a simple thing that makes people happy.
It's so wonderful that the husband and the wife have lived with each other together for a lot of years and still genuinely smile at each other and communicate as best friends.
Sure they have a huge passion ... One can only envy them) you know that I have the desire to wake up with the beloved man!
Make breakfast for him and tell him good day before work.
I really want to explore my feelings with someone, to feel the presence of love in each other.
Clean and wonderful relationships, I think it's the best for me and I am waiting for it. You know that I really want to have a family, spend the holidays with my husband.
Im just tired of being alone. Do you feel the same?
What do you think? I hope I did not bother you with my talk? Im, tired for today, going to take a bath and sleep. I will wait for your mail as usual. Your Yana
Letter 7
Hello my dearest Mark.
Sorry I couldnot talk with you this past days.
I had a lot of work and very tired to do anything else ...
There has been some success in sales and we enjoyed the occasion to celebrate it)
I think I'll feel better after you receive my letter. You can see in my pictures that I represent a woman's loneliness. Im trying to show my feelings through them.
I want to send you more of my pictures. There's just loneliness, but also there are other good feelings.
Maybe you can understand them, and they are familiar for you too. Today I am in a happy mood and I hope to bring it for you as well)
I do not want our friendship to end, I just want to continue our relationship! My agent told me yesterday that we may have a buyer who is very interested in my projects of women's underwear.
Let's see what happens.
This agent is working on a holding company. He is confident everything will go fine.
But I can only hope and work for it.
Now we must wait for some days for the answer of the buyer. I wish for you good news and good days. I love to chat with the man who always has good humor and smile).
I wish this for you. Now I feel better, putting in a letter to you my thoughts.
Letter 8
Hello honey Mark.
I had a full day of excitement. Me and my friend Elena were shopping all day long.
I thought I may have a free day because I was already tired and working hard.
But Im planning everything so do not worry.
We bought some wine at the mall after we gave a good look at the purses for women. Mark Im a little ***** right now and maybe I'll be a bit ashamed tomorrow about what I want to share with you. But ........
Its kind of a worm, and I feel your presence with me. I want to trust you I want to feel your warmth and your contact ........ Maybe we can talk on the phone? Tell me your number and when it is best to call you. Sorry I can not write to you often, because of my work, its crazy now, but I want to manage it now, to have more free time.
So you can understand that I want to escape from work for some time and relax.
Im trying now to get more free time to communicate with you more. Can you tell me again which city you are living in. Tell me more please about your days?
What do you do in the evenings? I would like to learn more and more of you. My favourite colour blue and green. I love walks in the open air, dances, picnics. I think now that I should relax, a lot of kisses, Yana.
Letter 9
Hello dear Mark.
Forgive me for such late answer, but I had to leave in urgent business trip in other city. I had no possibility to write to you.
How are you? How is the weather? Here in the early morning
the sun is shining brightly, which makes for me a good mood. Today, 26 C, I do not know, it could be 79 in F, right? Since this day, Elena works for us with Jana. And I now have more time to deal with my own projects.
Now I have to wait for a response from my agent - I very much hope that the buyer from the USA will be interested. Then my day rise again)
But Im always "catch high" from my work. Now we again want to make purchases in Italy, we think about working with this country permanently now. Mark I always tell you much about my work matters and I hope that it does not bother you.
It is always nice to talk to you about my prospects and successes in my work. I do not want to brag but I think that I can achieve great success very soon!
Although I never considered the money important in life.
I hope you understand me. I want to have simple happiness and joy in life, have my own happy family, good friends with whom we can always have a fun time and always help each other in difficult times. I love the positive in people, I feel like I'm interested to communicate with you and want more of our communication.
Im just happy that I can write you and that I can spend more time with you talking to you, it's wonderful.
I hope to share with you my dreams, and you to share with me yours.
Maybe one day we could have a real conversation.
it would be a wonderful meeting, when I imagine it I feel a strong heartbeat) Now I want to send you another of my pictures.
Just a few letters ago I wanted to do it, but forgot).
In the next letter I will send you more of my pictures again, although I do not have many pictures that I like)
I don't always love to be in the picture .. We can talk on the phone, it's nice for me even when I think about it)
I will see what is the best time for me to call you.
Tell me the best time, but I think it's my day to make it early in the morning at your place?
I have the desire to hear your voice, but I want to be a bit ready) I hope you understand my female thoughts). Sure we'll have a good understanding of each other, because I think that you can easily understand my English. Now I must go. Many kisses for you, your Yana.
Letter 10
Hello my gentle Mark.
I had a good morning. What about yours?
I hope that you have successful days and I wish you this in the future! Dear Mark, this feels so good when you have some free time for yourself.
This morning I enjoyed a long bath, a long brush up. Women always want to have an attractive image to feel the glances of men)))
I hope you do not think that I love to flaunt my beauty and be available to anyone ... Im performing daily routine work about the house, I think that we always have time to do everything on time.
And I think my future man will appreciate all my qualities. And I want to tell you one of my secrets:
My next choice will be the only one who will be forever!
I do not want any more experiments ... I hope you can understand my English well?
I have studied it since childhood, but the writing is always harder than the spoken language. As I told you I would like to talk to you.
I would like to call your number to hear your voice, your accent, surely I would like to talk to you and I will do it soon.
I think I'll trust you.
It is very important to me. I hope you understand me. I've always wanted close relationships of people and business relationships to be always truthful.
My agent said that the buyer is interested and 100 interested in my project and is willing to buy it and make an advance. I want to tell you that I was preparing sketches of women's blouses, clothing for pregnant women, as well as various sketches of lingerie. In this case, I was helped by various people.
I motivate them, as was confident that we will have success. One of my friends as well as my agent had good communication and helped me in contact with Thailand.
We agreed that our designs were turned into a beautiful product in the factories of this country.
It's been pretty difficult and talks every time.
The agent would not let me speak directly with the buyer every time, because he fears of the release of his commission from the case. Well its ok - I thought so. But now have passed a lot of time and I hear from the agent that the buyer is not interested now.
It happens when he got from me and my agent a lot of information))). I am very upset now.
I do not understand what is going on ... Sorry that I'm telling you about it.
I do not want to implicate you in my weird things ... I just wanted to talk to someone about it .. No ...
I wanted to tell you. I like to have a dialogue with you ... And maybe I'm waiting for your advice or just a good word from you)! thank you that you came into my life. It gives me pleasure of our fellowship and I want to continue ...
I will definitely sort out my affairs, if it does not now realize in my thoughts and views on life, I am confident that in future I will succeed! And I hope you support me.
I heard that in your country a lot of people have problems, they do not get enough sleep,
Is this true? People in your country work hard and get up early in the morning?
Tell me when do you wake up? Tell me how you spend your evenings?
I am very pleased to learn more about you. As for me I think now there is nothing interesting in my life ...
I notice that all of my time is work. And sometimes really want to distract from all - have a good - a cheerful holiday in good company. Well, I started to dream, now I must go, the agent will get in touch with me today, so I'll have to go.
bye bye bye.
Hugs and many kisses, your Yana.
Letter 11
Good day dearest Mark.
Sorry I could not write to you soon.
Thank you for your letter and holy patience you have for me, you are my love dream now)
This morning my agent called me. Was not good news.. Buyer does not need my services for this project now.
But he wants to offer me a job, I must have a meeting with him, but there is no certainty ...
And I realize now that my ideas were interesting and they just used them ... Almost fooled me ...
But I think life will put everything in its place...... I hope you are not hard to understand my thoughts) I am confident that our cultures are different.
But I'm confident at 1000) that I am glad to know you, your thoughts, your inner culture. Tonight, I think have a little rest and drink a glass of wine.
I go to Jana watch a film on DVD. Then I will go home. I wish to you Good day and always a good rest! I see that you are the person whom I can trust and put my head on the shoulder of a remarkable man, you!
You warm my heart and I want to warm yours.
I would like to get used to each other, so we could become best friends, I am confident. And you? Dear, now I have a lot of work and work again ...
Many kisses for my darling. Yana.
Letter 12
Hi dear Mark.
I am pleased to write to you again.
I believe you will see my letter and you will raise your spirits)
I know that I should be stronger, I take coffee in the morning and just start with a new spirit.
Now there is much to be done. Now I need to do in shop.
In order to do my sketches I think should be new people and new communications.
I think this time I finished, but I will necessarily return to it in the future.
I have many ideas and necessarily should realise it. I saw interesting the movie, I can say that this story is beautiful.
Its true love that is so strong that can destroy all or make the world a better place in the world.
I've always loved Melodrama and stories of love, also like comedy when I can laugh a lot))).
And what movies do you love? A bit chilly at night here, How's your weather? I want to be near you)!
Have to say that all my friends and fellow consider me very sociable!
I should tell to you that I always was very serious in relations and never searched the fleeting novel.
I do understand that we cannot become very much close through our letters and we should learn each other personally.
Maybe it will happen some day? Now I consider you as the best my friend have to say more than best friend and with each new letter we learn about each other more and it become seems to me more close to each other.
I am always assured that your new mail waits for me and when I have time I hasten to read through it and to send reply to you.
When I read your new letter my eyes sparkle because it very fascinatingly!
It is similar on to film which we remove together!!!
While I don’t know what it will be in the ending but I trust in success:) Now I have to go to do some paperwork for the store, hoping to talk to you soon.
Very truly yours, Yana. P.S. Attaching some photos to warm your heart!
One of the last New Year. This is my favorite holiday)
Letter 13
The dearest Mark.
Hope everything is fine with you.
When I see your new mail my heart starts to bump!
Only having read through your new mails I’m at once become joyful and happy.
Internet is an excellent opportunity which reduces distances and removes borders between the people.
I feel very comfortably and easy with you. The thing that Im worried about is my shop, now sells are not very high, I just can not sell women's underwear.
So I have to put most of the clothes and underwear for a great discount of 30 and 50.
It is usual for this time of year but no one buys it.
In comparison owith 2009 - 2010 and 2011, there is a big difference.
And I can understand it. Okay okay, but it all is not so important.
Only my desire now is to allow you to give me a hot kiss and hugging)
I want you to tell me more about your self what do you think about all of this?
In fact any woman is the keeper of a home and wishes to care of it.
Whether I don’t know I have told it correctly but if easier that in Russia the woman is engaged in creation of a coziness and beauty in the house therefore to me it is very interesting.
The woman waits when the husband will come from work and to be going to meet with greater attention and care, cook tasty food.
I do not know how is in your country but in Russia most of the families women like this. Warm kiss for you! Very truly yours, Yana P.S. Today I tried to call to you, but unfortunately you had an answering machine.
Letter 14
Sweetheart Mark! I want to wish you a wonderful day, I caught a cold, my voice is down.
But hope I'll be fine tomorrow or the day after. This is no time to get sick.
And I do not understand why in such warm weather this happens ... Perhaps the excitement ...
I wish you Good luck in your day and you wish me luck please! Thank you for your understanding and care you want, give me, Im just excited, and the only thing I can think of is about you!
Hopefully we will be able to get seriously dating. I am confident that I understand you and your desires.
I think that a woman should keep farming at home in her hands, but I also wanted in the future to have a small business. I do not wish to hurry up but should tell that in me there is a dependence on you.
It similar on an infection caused by your attention to me:)
I still have something to do today, check the accounting store and then go home to bed.
I'll try to write to you tomorrow. I will hope to see your letter also.
With many kisses and hugs, Yana.
Letter 15
Hello honey Mark.
How are you? I hope everything's well with you! Im feeling better.
I have a fever now. You know that the weather is good. The doctor says I have a lot of excitement.
Maybe I caught cold in the night air at an open window. But now I can not open it.
I checked yesterday, accounting store well, but we need more clients to get the shop better. Im waiting to get better tomorrow because I'll have to consider important aspects of the case.
I hope I'm not getting stressed out over it. I will take medicine, hot tea and make chicken soup.
I hope all this helps me. I would be in good health, if you were taking care of me. Your intentions are strong, and I can feel them, that making me stronger and healthier.
Im grateful to God that he brought you to me, of course I wouldnt be able to meet you, if I did not write to you. But despite that fact that grabbed my attention, there's a special bond between us.
You are like my closest soul mate, whom I knew long ago and can trust around you. You are very safe and can take care of me and you. I? afraid to give my love and to receive instead of it roughness. As it is the worst thing, such feeling not pleasant.
I do not want it more but now I know that that all not so. Our relations should depend on you. As it is accepted. The man all over again should show interests in desires with the woman.
The man should make all over again deciding steps to creation of any relations and I hope that you agree with me.
I think, it will not be correct, If I shall take the majority of a part of the initiative in our relations.
I? the modest woman and I also need in your decision, your opinion and your support, attention and care.
I hope that I have not frightened you? I hope you understand my thoughts.
Always warm, your Yana.
Letter 16
Honey Mark. How are you now? I feel better.
I really could not know that our relationship will be so close and I like it. The first thing that we got better with Jana. We had a quarrel with her and misunderstanding.
And I think that we are too good friends to spend time arguing with each other. We are higher than that.
And all people should always live well with each other. I am glad we always have a good relationship and have no problems in understanding each other.
I want to share with you my fantasies I have.
I know that you have many fantasies and many of them with me, yeah Well you ?))))
always making me happy by getting your letters. Write me about your fantasies!
I will respect you and your thoughts. As I told you about my project fails now ...
I was really hoping that it will be a success, but it turned out what happened ...
If you knew what I feel right now, but I try to be strong - I am confident I will be successful, but now it requires more time and re-evaluation of my actions.
Now the agent offered me some work, but I refuse because I can not accept such conditions.
I did a lot of work in the past and now I have to "freeze" it and I intentionally look for the business partner in the future who would be interested.
I'm now busy only with the shop, but I would like to have a holiday to reflect on my actions. I hope I do not bother you with my stories, I just want to share with you ...
I am confident you understand me! I trust you.
You became close person to me, the special connection that we experience between us.
I want you to be my trusted.
Now I do not want our relations to disappear, I want to continue, I want to always lift your mood)!
And I hope you will want it. Hope to hear from you, kiss your Yana.
Letter 17
Good day dear Mark.
Thanks for your answer. I am glad to answer you again. Honey I miss you and want to forget about all the problems that I have and start feel safe from anything bad.
Im also tired and want to have something new in my life, please lets do it all quickly as possible. For a few months I did not have any relationship with a man, but now I have a desire for it!
I'm tired of all my problems here. I thought a lot and talked to Inna.
I told her that I wanted to have a rest and she understands me.
I have a desire to see your eyes close, talk to you, to know you more.
It's so amazing what I'm talking about ... But I really want it!
Long distance between us, we are in different countries, have different cultures. But maybe that is what I like. I am sure that you are wonderful, kind and gentle. Our relationship must depend on you and I hope you agree with me.
I do not want to make quick decisions. But I really, really want to know you in real life, I feel your desire to do so too. And so I'll be glad to make our appointment. Say you want to spend time with me?
I want to tell you immediately that I would not stretch you.
I would like to use this opportunity to see your world, meet you there, learn your way of life. I know that this is a difficult path for me and takes time, but I'm ready for this step.
As I told you at work no one would mind it, I leave work at any time. I see the 18 - year old girls get married. I wish everyone happiness and I wish them all be well! I want to have courtship of male attention, and hot open arms ... There are times when to the tears I do not want to be alone ...
Tell me if our meeting happens you will take care of me?
I'll wait for your answer and I will try to answer soon. With affection and many kisses, Yana.
Letter 18
Dearest Mark.
How it all works for you today?
I feel in a very good mood. The weather is warm. How is your weather?
Excuse that did not write you long time, but I had no possibility to do it.
My mum was ill, therefore I should look after her all these days.
But now doctors have told to me that its health became much better, therefore I can come back to work. I often ask myself why I often think about you? I want to share my life with somebody, At least at some moment, but hopefully for a long time ...
I want to start a new day with him, wake up, cook breakfast, get a morning kiss and energizy for all day long!
Agree Mark, this is what we live for!?
In order to build a better future, to feel that next to you there's a man who gives you opportunity to feel you are a real woman who will do everything for her man. I've learned the details of a trip to your country.
There's no great difficulties, but this would require some time.
Say, you really want me to make the trip for you? Tell me please your desire.
If you want it, I would like to know if you can give me a roof over my head so I could have somewhere to live?
Do you have any kind of rental apartments in your country, to take the hotel is expensive for me. I hope you understand me.
Just I need to know which airport you meet me? And when you want me to come? As I already told you I can take leave at any time, and I want to do it now.
Now I want to use this opportunity in my life - meeting with such a man as you!
I understand that I need time to process all documents and to make all the necessary steps.
Therefore, our meeting is only possible through two - three weeks.
I was told that all visa paperwork and other documents to travel to you will take around 10 to 15 days.
But please do not worry I've never been demanding in relationships with men.
If you want to take me to your place I'll be your "*****" all the time.
I'll take care of you, I'll try to do everything for you.
My heart says that I will never regret this step in my life.
For me the main thing is that you were kind and considerate to me so that we had joyful moments of our meeting. I'll wait for your response and hope that we'll have a small joint vacation soon.
And perhaps these days together will change our lives forever.
I do worry a little now when I am writing this, I am very serious with you.
I only ask you not to hurry, because we will have time to discuss everything.
I really want to share my joy with you. I feel your warm care and love.
And I'm very glad we found each other!
I am confident that at the meeting, we could understand each other well. I want to say, I'm missing you. I want to feel you, hear you and see you.
Lets hope that everything will run well.
Always your kind Yana. PS I very much want to speak on the phone with you, but unfortunately my phone does not accept trunk calls. Today I will try to call to you again.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Mark. how are you now? I hope all with you is well!
Once again I write to you and enjoy it. Every time I read your words I am glad that I found you. Now I want to tell you that I learned everything completely on a trip to your country.
I have people who know and say what I should do.
I will be helped in different designs and everything will be much cheaper and more convenient for me, since this way is not easy. But I'm ready and I want to know you in reality. Now I have to make a new passport. Then the most difficult is to get a visa to your country.
As I tell you I will be helped with this and I have a visa to your country for 6 months.
To do this, I must go to the hospital, to undergo a complete medical examination that I had a health certificate.
I should also have a certificate from work, a certificate from the police that I have no offense.
And then I will do everything necessary to make the paperwork.
If I'm going to need your data, I'll talk to you about it. Ok?
But I was told that now everything is solved and I should not be afraid of anything. After the start of registration I'll have to go to the embassy of your country. In Moscow, or possibly in Ekaterinburg.
I'll know everything for sure later. Now I just need to start doing all one by one.
When I go to the embassy I would have to be interviewed.
And I would have to be in the city for two - three days to wait for the result, and only then will I have a visa to fly to your airport.
I hope I told you everything in details because I want you to understand my difficult path. In the recent past, I was hoping for my project.
Then I had to have a first payment from the buyer and it would facilitate my departure.
Then it was all easier. But now I know that to buy a passport, to pay for all inquiries and visa requires I have to have a great sum of money.
Since I still have to live in another city for a few days and my expenses for travel and food are also needed.
I understand that this is not so easy. I need to pay 23,000 rubles (500 euros) for a visa and preparing my application for the embassy.
Also needed road, housing, + other expenses. That's about 900 euros.
But I'm ready for it. But now I hope for your help. I need to be confident, you know?
I do not want to strain you and I feel uncomfortable. But I must ask for your help.
Mark say, can you help me 500 euros to help with registration of all my documents so that I had the opportunity to visit your country? Then everything would be arranged for this. I am confident in your words!
It will be my great pleasure and happiness - an opportunity to know you in reality!
See you, talk to and understand your lifestyle!
Be sure that you will never regret our acquaintance, because I'll do your days bright and happy.
I want to be with you! I want to belong to you. And that desire grows stronger every day. And the passion is getting more.
I am sure that you always give me the only tenderness and life filled with happiness and love. Am I right??
For me you are now the only man. I want to feel your kindness, passion and warmth.
I really want to see you, be with you and feel your breath to be able to cling to your body and hear the beating of your heart. I now this is all very necessary.
Let's use our chance to meet! I wish it and ready to do whatever is necessary. Please be patient, I think its worth our meeting, and hope that we have it.
We have been writing letters to each other for 1.5-months and its a good time to explore a small part of you and me. I feel better after writing to you!
A lot of kisses and hugs to you, but please do not choke (a joke), Yana.
Letter 20
Hello my lovely Mark!!!
I hope you now well myself you feel! I wish you all most good!
I am again very glad to see your letter and with the great pleasure I hasten to answer you!
I hope that my answer also will be pleasant for you.
It is very pleasant for me to talk to you and to understand that our acquaintance the friend for the friend develops into the big sympathy!
You very much like me as the man and would like to develop very much ours with you sincere relations!
I completely want to trust you and certainly I trust, I will be confident that all at us well!
I have not received till now any parcel. I do not know why so occurs...
In our country post service is not reliable, very often parcels do not reach the addressee.
In English it is possible to write my name Yana or Jana. In it there is no difference.
Today I will try to call to you, I very much would like to hear your voice.
Now I want to tell to you about my last day off which I carried out together with my parents at them in village.
As I spoke you my parents there were together many years. A word they were always with each other during all their life.
They do all together - to look football on the TV, working in a garden. They really have the big love.
And now I look at them and I would like the the man near to myself!!!!! I want to open to you the heart!
I do not have any secrets. And it is very pleasant for me to communicate with you!
I will be well confident that with you to me always and I shall make all that you have never regretted about our acquaintance)))!
On it I shall stop. I hope this my letter will deliver to you a lot of to positive energy and smiles!
I would like to write to you about the ideas and I promise to write to you still in the near future.
I wish you success in all your affairs, and remember that you have girl in Russia who thought of you...
With impatience I shall wait for your answer! I send you the hot kisses!
Yours Yana
Letter 21
Hello honey Mark. How have you been?
Today I spent the whole day waiting for the moment when I can write to you. Honey when Im having a dream I have many thoughts about my successful journey to you.
I want to go with you, relaxing from work, not looking for a business that I have.
I think it is an important level of my life when Im trusting a man who is far away.
This will be a great relationship, I'm sure. I just want to be with you my honey. I am confident to 100% that I am ready to leave my country for such a time that you'll want to spend with me.
I think and my friends tell me that if there is a chance I should take it.
Just please be sure that I'll be your woman during our meeting.
I hope you do not have any doubts about me. I was very glad to speak on the phone with you, to hear your voice. I will try to call to you more often.
Many thanks for congratulations, to me are very pleasant to receive it from you!!!!
I will ask a tourist visa in embassy of your country as it to receive most easier.
I have armour tickets in your country. I reserved them in advance when wanted to go to your country on business, but I had to cancel a trip.
I hope that I can use these air tickets. Now I need your help to issue the visa.
You will help me Mark? I learnt concerning transfer of money from abroad and to me have told that the Western Union is the most convenient way.
Tell to me you you can send money through the Western Union?
Here my data for the Western Union: my full name: Yana Blaginiyh. My full address: Russia, 606130, Pavlovo city, Suvorova st., 44-17 I am very pleased that we were able to find each other. And my happiness knows no bounds.
With each new day I more and more think of you. Think about what you are doing and what we do.
I believe that we will be able to be together. This will be the happiest day of my life. Now I am overwhelmed with feelings for you! And that heartbeat becomes more frequent.
I am confident we will make the right decision together.
I'll wait for your letter.
Love you, my lover!
Your Yana.
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