Scam letter(s) from Veronica Kadochigova to Gordon (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello!! I think you are astonished to get my letter, so I will try to explain. I live in russia and I am going to leave russia to work abroad! I`m a manicure master, I have several international diplomas.
So it will be easy for me to find work everywhere, because everywhere girls take care about theirselves. As for me, I take care of my body and my face a lot and I want to get pretty life. I think I deserve it and I need to meet man who can care of me and be my beloved man!
Here are many men who want to be with me but I want to leave russia and I prefer to meet foreign man. I know they are more kind and more smart and just different ones,don't drink and are not rude like russians.
I don't smoke and i am social drinker,sometimes I like to have some red wine to relax and just to dream!I am 26 years old. I am sending photos I want you to see how I look like! My name is Natalya.If you want to meet me please send your photo and some info about you! And write me your real name also!!
Letter 2
Gordon dear you see I am here, wrting to you as always!!!!
You should know that The agency here only helps me to get work visa and leave russia!
And I can choose any city or town in your area.
I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain but I want you to know my plans. I saw many stories in news on TV about girls who started a new life and decided to work abroad... I started to register my documents about 2 months ago, so I will travel soon and I will be allowed to work! Gordon You see I`ve already started to register documents and now I need to decide in which city I want to work. When I am in moscow I will tell agency that I know the town where I want to work. Gordon dear if you are ready to meet me please tell me the name town you live and nearest inter airport name! So it will be my destination!!! Well,I will leave you, because I have to go now ,I have a lot of things today to finish! Kiss you!
Please forgive me if I missed some of your questions so many things to do! Natalya!!!
Letter 3
Gordon hello dear! You should know that after sending this email I will go home, take my packed bags and fly to Moscow! You know I sent documents for visa to moscow about 2 months ago,so when I arrive to moscow my visa will be already ready!!
Well,I have to run,I think I will be able to send letter from moscow tomorrow!
Please wait for me and don't look at different girls, you know I am the best!!!(joke).
Gordon please confirm the name of the closest Airport to you (possibly International) and the code if you know. I will be in moscow in three hours after leaving here. In Moscow I will get my documents to travel, as work permission, medical insurance etc.
Gordon from Moscow I will buy ticket to your airport. I know it will not be cheap, but my mother will receive a salary for last 6 months (her work detained wages)and will send me to moscow by western union to help me to pay for tickets!.
And about one important thing,do you agree that good *** is quite important for successful relationship? I like *** a lot but at first I have to be sure that I have feelings and want this man because just *** without feelings is not so hot and tender,I think so. Please tell me what do you think about it?
Kiss Natalya!
Letter 4

Hey dear Gordon!!! Can you believe I am here in moscow!
What is the great city it is!!!! I rent a room own to an old woman because hotels here are very expensive. I think I am not a princess to spend money to live in hotel where the room costs about 150-200$ a day! The lady who rent me room is about 70 years old.
Tell me is it O.K. if we will like each other maybe it is possible to live together?
Gordon dear I think it could be more funny than to live me alone in hotel!?!??!??! Of course if you don't mind , I will send all the info about my flight schedule and all travel things tomorrow!
People from agency have told that everything is ready and I will get all the info! So I am waiting for the letter from my mom,she promised to send transfer as soon as she can! She should send the amount I need to buy tickets! Well,I will close this letter ,Gordon I have so strange feeling that I know you for many years. I have never met you before but I am so sure that everything will be all right between us and we will have a lot of fun and wonderful ***.
Natalya. people here were so kind to help me to send my photos from airport internet cafe.
I do hope you like it and it puts smile on your face!!!
Letter 5
Gordon!! I`ve got all travel info from agency and resend this letter. You should know it is only booked schedule and I will send more details later when I have tickets in my hands. I will send time of my arrival to your airport and number of terminal! Now I am sending exact date of my flight.I am sending english variant so you can understand it! >-------------------------------
>From "Tour Trip, Moscow, RUSSIA" to Natalya Smirnova.
>TRAVEL INFO : Natalya Smirnova - Individual tour. Flight info - English variant.
>Travel dates for: Ms.Natalya Smirnova.
>Thank you for your booking and have a pleasant journey. Kind
>regards.Travel Agency - "Tour Trip, Moscow, RUSSIA" is a licensed and officially registered travel
>Please use our service .Manager: Ms.Babaeva Kristina.
>The date of the flight is - Friday,12 August 2011.
>Price: foreign passport,visa,tax,consulate fee,ticket Eco.class.USD
>800.00 + Visa -390$
>all the sum : 1190+
>Taxes and fees 60.00USD Includes a service fee. Total trip cost 1,250.00 USD
>Your reservation will be confirmed by e-mail. Prices are not
>confirmed until we issue your confirmation invoice.
>This reservation will be automatically cancelled if the order is not
>purchased until - Friday,12 August 2011. Gordon, I am here after my visit to the consulate and to the agency, so please be ready to read my long letter.
The thing that mom was able to send me only 200$ due to finance problems at home, so I received a transfer today morning and I need your help.
Mom told me that I can ask you about help if you are my future beloved man and she will send all the sum in three weeks and i will give it all to you. Gordon I wanted to ask you to help me to pay for my tickets directly but I was told in travel agency I can't use your help or ask you about sending me tickets or ordering electronic ones because I have a permission to use the help of the travel agency only. You see it is business of travel agency to arrange all travel things for my trip, such is the law. If I will buy ticket by myself, I will be not able to use my work visa. So you can't send me tickets.
If I will not buy tickets my visa will be canceled and it will be forbidden for me to apply for visa again for next 8 months. I have only about 150 dollars that I expected to take with me for the first time and plus 200$ mom sent so if you will help me with 950$ I will have enough to buy tickets and have some extra money for travel needs. Well,I will be here tonight and please don't worry if I can't answer immedeatelly! I have too much to do. Gordon please make transfer by western union, I got transfer from mom and have all the info for it, it was so easy to get. You should know my rent address here is Russia, Moscow, Vernadskogo street 129 -43. My full name is Natalya Smirnova and I can pick up the money at any bank of moscow.
It will be safe to use western union transfer!
Please try to help me with the sum and in one month I will return you money back!! P.S.Gordon dear I am sure when we meet we will have no regrets about it, I promise. I dream about our first meeting, our first kiss ,our first night.............I will dance for you, I think everything depends on you! Please, honey, don't leave me alone I've done so much to start this trip and I don't want to give up. And as always forget about important thing, when I got my mom transfer in western union bank here I fill out the form and I send this form because I can't get transfer from you if I don't know this info to fill the form.
I need to know ---Full name of the sender.
The name of the town from where the transfer was sent.
MTCN transfer number. I am sending my best photos to make you sure that I look enough well for you and you see my ****** I hope you like it it is natural one.Natalya.
Letter 6
Gordon I'm so sorry you are having only problems with me... I swear if I were with you now I would make everything to make you happy and I would do everything you wish.... but I can't do it... I'm so far away....
You've done so much to help me and you probably have regrets you've met this Russian girl online and you are having so many problems because of me.
Money is a fiction. Please put great importance on the money. But actually happiness cannot be bought for the money. Money do not make people more happy. But in our case due to money it is possible to reduce the distance between us...
Gordon nobody done so many good things to me and I'm very thankful to you. You've never met me and you care so much about me.... I don't want to miss this chance in my life to meet so good man as you... but I don't have an access to any money, I'm not in my native city now, I'm lonely here in Moscow... I'm just a country girl who came to the big city...
Maybe it will be possible for you to find this money, so I will buy tickets finally for my trip to you. You see I need to buy only ticket now and I will fly to you on Friday!
Please don't hate me. I love you so much. I know it's impossible to love someone you've never met but I just write how I feel.
I hate the stars because I look at the same ones as you do, without you.
I know you are looking at the stars at another part of the world and I just want to **** myselff because I can't be with you now and it's my best desire to be with you...
Gordon my mum didn`t allow to take my photo camera to moscow, so I`m sending you some of my old photos!
I will cross my fingers hoping for help and start to dream about our meeting..
I decided to scan my passport and to send it to you, so you could see that I`m real!!!
Yours only Natalya
Letter 7
Hello Gordon! I have some good news for us!
I talked to mum mum today and then she sold her gold wedding ring.
So she is going to send me 430 dollars today,so pls help me with the last 520!!
You know I asked for help all my friends and family but their answer was "no".
I thought that I will never ask you for such help, but I don`t have another way...I do hope to get your letter with words that you will help me because if not I have to cancel all travel preparations and collect things to go home.I can't imagine I am at home again,without any result with canceled documents.. Oh I want to be with you so much..
Honey please take me from here,I will work hard to earn money and I am sure I will be able to return all your money and return your kindness because you are so kind to me.My poor english is problem to express all my feelings I only hope that you can read between words and I very much hope that we will meet each other tomorrow, on Friday.
I`m not a ganster or a mafia, I`m a usual girl which just wants to be happy.
Pls answer me, I don`t know what to do.
Gordon if it was possible to send me tickets I would have asked you to do that. I checked all ways and that's not possible.
I applied for a work visa because it's more easy to receive this type of visa then for example tourist visa. You country has quite strict rules on receiving visas. Many people all over the world consider your country to be the best place in the world and many people want to go there, that's why the rules are so strict. I should pay for my tickets by myself and bring a check from the travel agency to the embassy to prove them I'm financially stable to make this trip and pay by myself.
If you buy tickets for me maybe the embassy will learn about it they will ask me many different questions as who is that man? why do you want to meet him? And if they learn you are my darling and I want to meet you and have a relationship with you they could not give me my work visa.
I know its difficult to believe a person who is so far away..
But I feel that its something special between us, I never met such man as you are.. Gordon I`m sure I`m the only girl who can make you happy and I can be happy only with you.. My heart is in your arms..
We just need to make the last step to each other and finally kiss....
Today I had a dream at night. I dreamed about our meeting, how I will look into your eyes, touch your skin and kiss your lips.Oh it was so realistik! We laught and we both were happy.
I never had such **** dreams before I want it to happen in real life soon..
And I was so dissapointed when I woke up in the morning and understood that it was just a dream. But I hope it will happen in real life. We will spend all time together and we will kiss each other without stop.!! Gordon before I left home I took a photo with my passport, so I decided to send it to you also!!
My sweetheart pls help me with the last 520 dollars and I will finally buy tickets for my trip!
I`m waiting for your answer in internet cafe. Yours, Natalya
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