Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear friend! Thank you very much that you answered to me and it will be very nice to know you better if you decide to continue communicate with me! As you know my name is Tatiyana and I'm here with the same goal like you, to meet the one who will be able to make me happy! So my e-mail address is, write me here, it is my personal e-mail address and I will be very happy to start our acquaintance! Tatiyana
Letter 2
I can put you the same question, if I'm too young for you and too pretty and it means at once that I'm not serious then why you answered me? I wrote that I just wanted to know you better as we have the same purposes on this site and you at once put me so many conditions that of course, I felt at once myself not comfortable!
Don't you want simply to start communicate and then we will see what will happen? Tati
Letter 3
Hello! Well, I do not want to quarrel with you as I'm not for this here! I think, we started with you not very good our communication but I hope, you understand, that it is mistake of both of us! I tried to explain you in my first message that I will not lie to you about unbelievable love to you and so on as I just do not know you! I can not guarantee you anything as first of all we need to know each other!
For me it is not a problem that you are much older then me, I just wrote this because your first letter was too offensive! I'm so sorry for this,really! I'm not a rude person and I all the time very sad when I offend people so I hope that you will be able to forget this and we just can get acquainted with you if it is still interesting for you! We just misunderstood each other from the same beginning and now it is just not important to find our who was right and who wrote this and who wrote that, let's just try from the same beginning and we will see what will happen, of course if you still want,ok? Tati
Letter 4

Hello! It is very nice for me to receive a normal letter from you in return on my message! Hope that we will be able to continue to know each other better and maybe it will end like a fairy tale, who knows! :-) I already explained to you that I wrote about our age difference in the first message just because I was a bit offended by your first letter! As I have already told you, I do not care about our age difference and I'm here not for finding exactly young man for living, I just want to find a normal man who have the same wishes and goals! I understand and I also know that in the Internet there are a lot of different people but it is just ****** to suspect everyone who write you! Yes, I'm younger then you but whether it is a drawback? As you know, my name is Tatiyana, I'm from Eastern part of Ukraine,from the town called Alchevsk, maybe you have heard about it?!
By the way, have you even been in Ukraine? As for me, I have never been abroad but I'm sure that in the future I will be able to see everything what I'm dreaming to see by my eyes! I'm working in the beauty salon, I'm the manicurist, I like my job very much but by profession, I'm teacher of English, so you can see that I know English very good and I do not need any help in writing letters or in speaking! I'm living in Alchevsk with my friend Masha, we are renting the flat together!She is entry-level photographer so as you understand I have a lot of photos because Masha is trying everything first on me! :-) I'm very easy-going person and I dream about "the world in the whole world", maybe it is banal dream but it really will be real miracle, I think, if all people forget about fights and politics and start to think about their families, relatives and friends! As you have maybe already understood, I'm an optimist and what about you? How you are looking on the world? I like to smile and I'm very happy when I see around myself only happy and satisfied faces! :-) what else you want to know? Just ask me and I will answer you as I do not have what to hide!

Hope that it will be not boring for you to read my letter and will be very nice to hear from you again! Have a nice day!
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