Scam letter(s) from Maria Makarenko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
hello, dear
i know that you do not know me and you did not expect to get a letter from me) I 've just found this e-mail address in your profile so i decided to make a first step)))) If you are interested in me i will be pleased to correspond with you.
I am sending you my pictures please write me what you think) I expect to get pictures from you))))))))) I will be waiting for your reply with the impatience)))))) Have a nice day, Masha
Letter 2
Hello dear!!! Thank you very much for your attention and for your letter. I am really very happy to receive a message from you because I am interested in you. Darling, the photos which you have sent to me is amazing.
I should say that you are a very handsome man. You are so courageous on this photos.
It is seen at once that you are a real man and to be with you means support, care, protection.
I feel that you are a very responsible man. As one proverb says: to be like behind a strong fortress. You know, I have never had such an experience of communication and dating through the Internet. I am a new one here, that is why it is a little bit uneasy for me. I don't know what exactly I have to write in the first letter to come into your notice. I should say that the task is uneasy. This letter should be interesting, I can't bore you in the first letter)) In this letter I have to make the full and complete picture of myself in order you realize whom you are dealing with. Wow, the task is very difficult!! But, I will try to do my best+ I will just be who I am really are. It always works))) So, where should I start? Ok, I will start from the beginning. Sorry, I am a little bit nerves!! So, as you know, my name is Masha. I am a single woman of 33. I have a son. His name is Ivan, he is a six years old boy. I am from Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. It is a big city and very beautiful.
The city has a variety of theatres (plus an Opera) and museums which may be of interest to tourists who speak Russian. There are also several parks, restaurants and beaches which have no linguistic requirements.
The major streets of the city were renamed in honor of Marxist heroes during the Soviet era. The central thoroughfare is known as Karla Marksa Prospekt, a beautiful, wide and long boulevard that stretches east to west through the centre of the city. It was founded in the eighteenth century and parts of its buildings are the actual decoration of the city. In the heart of the city is Zhovtneva [October] Square, which includes the majestic cathedral founded by order of Catherine the Great in 1787.
It was a little bit about my city.
I was married, but our paths and views divided and we decided to break up.
I am a "free" woman, as it is very popular and fashionable to say, for 3 years already. I love my son very much, he is the sense of my life.
Though our family is small (just me and my son), we are very friendly.
I try to give and teach my son everything I have and know. Ivan is a very friendly boy. You know, he is a real man, though he is a little boy yet. He does everything to see a smile on my face.
He is s good person and I hope that he will become a great man and the best father for his future children. Now, Ivan attends a kindergarten, as I need to work and to support our family. I am a manager at one small, but successful firm. I am a manager on a purchasing of alcohol drinks. I sit in the office and work with computer. I receive orders from clients. I don't meet with them, I just receive their orders by e-mail and make registered parcels for them. That is what I do.
Our firm is a young one, there are 22 people working there. I like my job very much and I value it. We have a very friendly collective and I respect my colleagues. My boss is a wonderful person but he is a very strict leader. But, I think that it should be so. )) Isn't it?
As for my personality and features of character. I think that my eyes will tell you about it. In fact, eyes is the miracle of our soul. Look into my eyes and write me, please, what you can see there. So, dear, I think it is enough for today about myself. As a real lady I have to keep some secret and mystery!! So, I, as wise people advice, will leave some good and positive information about myself for future. I will only ask you to tell about yourself, ok?
it was very pleasant to receive your letter and more pleasant to answer back!!! I hope to hear from you soon.
With the best regards, Maria.
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