Scam letter(s) from Louise Matovu to Luis (USA)

Letter 1
Ummmmm so you can get back to me darling..I just be on bed since thinking about what is going between me and you.And i have already told God that i don't want to go for another guy again than to be with you for the rest of my life,That make me so sad you don't understand me for the first time..Well am really so much happy we are together again cos i don't know where to start again when you said you don't want me anymore....How are you doing today and i hope all is going alright with you over there my love?Such a thing will not occur again and i think if this does not happen we can't be serious with each other so we have understand each other now...Well about where i am..I will like to tell you that am not really happen here i am at all cos think just got hard for me here,can't be able to eat breakfast,lunch and dinner sometime...And about my studies....Well i will graduated this month that is why i want to look for a serious and long term relationship to be with now cos i don't want to marry someone in Nigeria here cos my mom has already told me that before she die....About my grandma......Well that is what grandma self what to happen..she want me to get married and go to my husband place and i told her have gotten someone from USA and she was so happy for me and even she want me to go..What she just told me is that i should get her a housemaid to help her and when i get a better job over there i will be able to send her money to open shop there and the housemaid will be helping her to sell and be able to use the money to feed herself..She really want me to go to my husband.I don't have any family at all...Only me and her remain.That is why it hard for us here..We are just selling our property to eat and get better...So Honey that is why i want us to plan on how am going to be there with you as soon as possible cos am so tired of been here always....I have really do missed you so much and thinking of you since you don't reply me all days....Am really sick right now and your the cost of it..Am in bed now feeling really sick don't know what to do now....Well i don't know but i will try and send you my pics if i can cos right now i don't know what is wrong with me at all...Hope to hear back from you again... Love you with all my heart.
Letter 2
My Love am really so much happy to hear this from you and my love don't doubt me at all as i know and it will happen i will be with you as soon as i get the money from you i promise you,You would regret of wanting me to be there with you...Just have faith and trust me me.As soon as i get the money i will start the preparation and i will let you know who everything is going and when i will be there with you..Here is the info you will need and i think you know you will have to send it via Western Union so i can get it here..
Name:Nikky Williams
Address:32 kareem street
Here is the info and let me know how much you send so when i get to the bank i should not be doubt and email me the bank details when you send it..Am so much very happy that i want to be with you and i will make you happy for life and honey pls promise me you will take a good care of me when am there with you?Hope to hear back from you soon.
Love you with all my heart and am very much happy..Thank God today is Sunday and you make my day sweet and lovely today .
Nikky love you so much.
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