Scam Letter(s) from Ludmila Rybakova to Warren (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Warren!!!!!
How are you? Writes to you Ludmila.
I am very glad to see your letter, I hope you too was glad to see mine.
I have seen your structure on site Yahoo. In it to me the help my friend Alexsandr.
Several months ago he has returned from USA where he lived and some years worked.
First of all he has arrived to our city as it is his native city here again his parents and as we with him friends live He told much about that as veins in America.
Now he has left and works in Moscow and soon to marry the girl who lives in Moscow.
He tried to earn money in America, but at him it has turned out nothing, But he has not told than was engaged there, he speaks, that it is a shame to him from that, That he could not achieve that what for leaved for America.
He has told, that he had girl in America, but has added, that women from America not for him.
Due to him I could find you on this site. He has told, That in USA certainly there are different people, but basically they very kind, truthful and respecting women.
Alexander my friend and I trust him completely in it.
You that person with whom I would like to correspond and from all that The big number of men you have most of all liked me.

I am glad, that you have answered my letter and have given me some minutes of time.
Probably it will be interesting to you to learn why I have not found the man here in Russia?
The matter is that at me the guy was and we already were going to get married, but I have learned, That he changed to me with my girlfriend, I could not forgive it to him.
For me always honesty and truthfulness were and will be on the first place.
As I have decided to write to you as I well know the English language, I almost write all itself and As I speak on it rather well. I learned it at school and passed special rates, Therefore I think with dialogue between us there will be no problems, but think you to me the help will better learn your language.
My friend Warren I would like to tell about myself.
As I already wrote to you, me 40 years, my growth 5 ` 7, and I weigh about 55 kg.
My birthday on June, 3, 1965. Please write when your birthday?
On a nationality I Russian, on religion I orthodox the Christian also believe in god Jesus.
As you have already understood I were never married and I do not have children.
As my friends and native I very sociable, kind, clever person speak.
The city in which I live refers to Kostroma, here in Russia.
Our city very beautiful, is set of sights, as our city very old There are beautiful monasteries and churches, streets, the areas.
Kostroma is located not far from our capital, approximately 400 kilometers. Time zone-GMT+6.
Especially I like our city in the summer, this my favourite season.
At you probably it is always very warm, tell you you love summer or you like other season?
I want to tell about where I studied. I have finished technological university, on the speciality - economist.
In Russia very difficultly it happens the young expert to be arranged on works on a speciality. To me the help the girlfriend of my mum, Which suited me with the economist to private to the businessman at which there is a network of shops in our city.
I like my work, my colleagues very kind and good people.
Unfortunately I have no computer of a house, but my boss has allowed to use a working computer, But only at the end of the working day or during a break for a dinner.
I at all have not noticed as have quickly flown by time and already it is time to me to finish the letter.
Well, I have told, what I good. I generally was going to tell and about lacks, But as the letter and so already long I shall tell about it next time ". What do you think?
I shall be very glad to see your letter. I shall be very glad, if you will tell about yourself, about family, About the city, where do you live. I never was in other countries and it is very interesting to me.
I send the photo, I hope to you it is pleasant.
About respect your new friend Ludmila.

Letter 2

Greetings, Warren!!!
How you will spend time? At me all is very good.
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter.
I come for work, I want to look at once your letter and to write to you, But it is work and I do not have other output as soon as to wait for its termination, I hope you understand me.
It so is wonderful for learning with each letter on you more and more and more, this is wonderful Warren?
Each your letter for me a riddle, you for me a riddle, but I very much want in due course it to solve.
Beside my employees cost and prevent to write to you the letter, I from try to banish, that did not prevent you to write, But you do not think, only I one read your messages anybody another has no to this access.
I think to you it will be interesting to learn what still interests me except for work?
I very much like to listen to various music, as ours, Russian executors, and foreign.
From Russian groups I like such groups as more:
"Tatu", " Ruki Vverx ", "Lube", "Kino", "Korni" and some other.
From foreign music I listen to much, but I know under names not everything, for example I know " Bon Jovi ", " Elton John " and others certainly like, But I do not know them under names. Interestingly and what music is pleasant to you? I as very much like to look cinema.
Certainly I do not have on it especially a lot of time, but for the most interesting films we go with girlfriends to a cinema. Certainly most of all I like comedies, But also on other films I go with pleasure if about them respond very well.
As I like military films, certainly frequently in them it is a lot of horror, but I think, that all this show our generation only so that we did not make mistakes of the past.
What do you think of it Warren?
As I very much like to read, earlier. When I still went to school also university I frequently if took the book in hands read it up to the end, yet I do not learn that will be in the end.

I could read it even in transport. I went on study in the bus and even there I read.
Certainly I very much like our classical literature, I think, that these authors and their products are immortal.
Whether I do not know you read these authors, such as: Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevskiy, Lermontov and others.
As I very much love sports. In the winter it is a ski, skates.
It is campaigns in the summer, very much it is pleasant to me, when we with friends it happens that for some days we leave in a campaign and this time we carry out simply wonderfully.
At leisure I visit a hall of aerobics, it very much helps to behave in the sports form.
In the summer certainly I very much like to go on a beach, to sunbathe and bathe and there I spend time as very wonderfully.
From the foodstuffs, what I like from the foodstuffs?
So, most of all I love various salads, then soups and certainly meat dishes.
Very much I love a fish, but certainly not such what you eat, probably at you a lot of the sea foodstuffs, at us it is, But very expensive, I basically prefer the European kitchen, others simply are not accessible to me under the price.
As from other female hobbies, I like to embroider, sew various things, but unfortunately At me for this purpose very much it is not a lot of time.
Me as the daddy learned to go by the machine, it as very much is pleasant to me, certainly we do not have machine, but the daddy frequently gives me a message the automobile when we leave for limits of city.
I think if you would sit down me in the automobile all over again would be very much frightened.
It as my mum when for the first time villages with us in the machine and we have gone kept strong for the handle and asked that I went as it is possible more slowly, it was so interestingly.
Yes, my parents very much are interested in you and I speak, that you very good person.
They are very glad for me and wish that all at us was good. I explain them, that we while is simple friends, I speak, that you very much like me.
Believe Warren for me it very important, I want to learn as much as possible about you that if day when it will be necessary to make a decisive step in a life will come, to be completely confident that you act absolutely correctly.
Yes, Warren I very much would like to hear your voice. I did not speak you, that we recently have moved to a new apartment and while we do not have phone, but I can call to you itself.
I asked my girlfriends that they have allowed to use their phones, but they have given up, speak, that will speak much more cheaply with you from telegraph. I shall be very glad, if you in the following letter will send the phone number and I promise you, That I shall call you. I think to you it will be pleasant to hear my voice.
Please do not overlook Warren to send the phone number, ok. Director again sat down me and waits for me.
Excuse, but it is time to me to finish. Probably I and so have written much about myself.
Very much I hope, that it is written clearly.
Certainly I shall be very glad, if you will write to me about the hobbies, favourite dishes.
Yes, as usually my parents and the little sister send you greetings.
As my director has asked to send the regards from him.
I have written rather big letter, I hope you to me will write back.
Please Warren write to me as soon as you can.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Your new Russian friend Ludmila.

Letter 3

Hi the my dear friend Warren!!!!
I on the contrary tried to write, that only I one read your letters, I seem to me all correctly have written.
Today there were small problems with a computer, I had to wait a little before I could write to you the letter.
Whether I have asked our boss frequently there are such breakages, he has told, That not frequently but it happens so, that in general the information can disappear.
It has a little frightened me, I was frightened, that I can lose touch with you.
I have written out everything, that I know about you, but I very much would like, that you have given me the address and a full name for that, That I could write to you the letter and in this case I shall be confident, that I can always find you.
Warren I hope, that anything bad will not take place with a computer and we can and is farther as to write each other, Every day I with impatience wait for your letter and is very glad, when I find it. I even am afraid to present, that you suddenly absolutely will cease to write to me.
Yes, yet has not overlooked I send you The address: Russian Federation,
City Kostroma 156000,
Street Sovetskaya, 63, an apartment 12.
My full name: Ludmila Rybakova.
You can write if something will take place to this address.
Please dear Warren do not overlook to send also you to me the address, You understand as far as it can be important.
Excuse, but because of a computer I today too was late and I can not write much.
I as always with impatience shall wait for your letter.
My best regards, your new friend Ludmila.



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