Scam letter(s) from Roselyn Aboagyewaa to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
please my love please use the same name on my id card be cos am going to use that id card for the money my dear so use the name on my id card
there was a mistake there but i have been using it like that unless i do another one with the y but that will be later my dear
hear from u soon take good care of ur self my love
i will always love u
Roselyn Aboagyewaa
Letter 2
thanks for your reply my love on my ID card that am using now is Aboagyewaa Roselyn so my love u have to use this name.ok my love i will never be ashamed again its a promise i love u and once again my love i thanks u once again for what u have planing doing for me
hear from u soon
Letter 3
my love am worried,long time i have not hear from u .u see why i didnt want to ask u for help ,my love how do u think i will think ,is it be cos i asked u for that is why i have not hear from u or what
my worried in fact i must tell
please do let me hear from u
i have miss u
Letter 4

Hi Dear JB,,
Thanks for the money,, Yes i picked it up and was not sure when you are going to be online so i decided to come at 10>00 pm so that i can meet you so chat but you are still not here,, reply this mail and let me know when you will be online tomorrow so that i can come and meet you,, Yours love Roselyn
Letter 5
Hello Dear Jb,,
I disappoint you because the girl disappoint me
I said i can get the cam by weekends because i knew i was going to have that, because i talked to the lady and she said when am ready by weekends i should come for it, That is why i promised you dear, but she did not come home by weekends when i call her she said is examination time so she is staying in school to prepare for her exams that is why she did not show up..
I got your hopes up because the girl got my hopes up too.
Dear i was much a shame of myself for promise you and disappoint you.
My love i know you will be sad and upset but am sorry,, yours love Roselyn
Letter 6
Thanks for the mail dear love,,
I know you will say you will not send me any more money...
My love i do really love you and you are the only man i love since i broke up with my guy here.
And am not around you because of your money i am around around you because of the love i have for you..
Yes at school i told you i was going to borrow a cam and my love that does not not mean i have that am going to use.I tried but did not get it..I told you i was going to cafe cam and you saw me once that was the once cam there and you said that was not clear.. So i didn't get any again that was why you did not see me again till i left the school..
My love i promise you you will be seeing me every day if you get me my computer with cam. So don't think you are bothering you self for nothing because i am your and we will be together,,
Yours Love Roselyn
Letter 7
I am tired of your excuses!.
I bought you a cam and it was just a waste of money wasn’t it and I am tired of sending you money for credits for your phone and you don’t text me.
I’m ********** now
sad tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Letter 8
Hello my love,,
how are you doing and the work ?
dear i really wish that you see me on cam too as i saw you.. But you not my problem cam don’t work in cafe, if you want I can send cam to you...dear yes i don't have money for phone but i have money for cafe because is cheap to use the cafe than the phone,, but that does not mean you should stop texting because i like that so much....
Love you always yours girl roselyn
Letter 9
she is a close friend ,,, I am sorry for typing her name.... Dear text to me when you are online so that i will come and chat with you,,, and using a friends name because i want talk about her to someone on phone.your forever love Roselyn
Letter 10
Hi Dear JB,,
Good evening and how are you doing??? Tell me what i have done this time around....
I am missing soo much you are hurting my soul..Roselyn

Letter 11
Hello Dear JB,,
not any of that is true, it is in your head, you do not think ok.I am ROSELYN ABOAGYEWAA ACQUA...
You have even forget that today is my birthday....You make my day a very sad one,,,I ALWAYS LOVE YOU,,,,ROSELYN
Letter 12
Hi JB,
I thought i will never hear from you again because you didn't ever send me a text or a mail on my Birthday,,,Hmmm How sad i was on that day,,Because i was thinking on last year,we had chat all day before i went out for my party.So this time too i was ready with the cam and you never showed up..
I said was engaged to stop all the proposals I was getting. I have the 2 profiles just for fun,,
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