Letter(s) from Olga Blohina to Cyril (Canada)
Letter 1
Good day my friend Kirill!
I am happy to see your new letter very much!
What new at you? How there is your day?
I am on work now. Internet of my house has broken, therefore I shall write the letter on my work some time.
Now a small break and I can write some lines to my friend!)
Today in Petersburg excellent weather! The sun shines brightly!
Air is filled with freshness and sing birds! I love this time very much!
I with the great pleasure continue to write to you about myself! Petersburg my native city.
My parents have came to live here till my birth.
I was born on June, 11, 1981, now to me 28 years old.
It is possible to tell, that I have typical European appearance. I have light hair from a birth.
At me a white skin and blue eyes.
I very kind, clever and interesting person. I very active and cheerful.)
I work as the manager in saloon on sale Russian car. You know, that in Russia do car too?
It is name Lada. Certainly it not such good as foreign automobiles,
but not expensive, therefore many Russian willingly buy them. I am pleased with my work very much, though probably it not female work to sell car.) I very much love sports and I try to have good health and body.
I am fond Yoga and dances. They are my favorites hobby.
I cannot tell that my life differs from a life of other Russian people, but I try to make it interesting.
I do not have such harmful habits as smoking and the use of alcohol. Now many women have such bad habits, but it is inadmissible for me.
I try cares of my health very much. I like to waste time with friends and to have good rest.
We can go at cinema or walk together! In Petersburg many good places for rest and entertainments.
I like to skate on ice and to ski.
Unfortunately the winter already has ended, but in a hall for hockey it is possible to skate on ice all year!
I wait warmly and summer very much! I like to have rest outside of city in the summer.
I love the nature and picnic very much!
I love music and cinema! I do not have special favorites, because it depends on my mood more.
Most of all I listen radio. Please tell to me more about yourself? All is interesting to me!
What else to tell to you) I love home affairs very much.
I think that each woman should be able prepare well and cares of the house. I live one already long time.
I always dreamed have a dog, but still have not dared to receive it.
My parents live on surburb of Petersburg. I frequently on a visit at them.
What about you? What you most of all like in your life?
I shall wait your answer and certainly new photos too!
Have good day Yours friend Nataliya!
Letter 2
Hello my friend Kirill!
Thanks for the new letter! I am very glad to continue our correspondence!
I waited your letter very much! It seems to me that the friendship between us grows with each letter! Today good spring day! All around thaws and a lot of water! The sun shines brightly and very well!
At me excellent mood! This usual phenomenon, because I very vigorous and positive person. I with pleasure continue our acquaintance and I shall try to tell to you about myself a little more.
All my life has passed in Petersburg. I have no brothers and sisters. I am one child in my family. My parents live in our old house on surburb of city. I love my parents very much! These are most close and dear people for me!
I some years live separately from parents in my apartment.
I have received good education. I studied five years in institute at faculty of management. Now I have a trade the manager on work with the personnel. I do not know why, but to me were always interesting cars.
Probably for this reason I began to work from a auto saloon several years ago. It is very good auto saloon and every day at us sell many new cars. I am main manager and in my submission some advisers. Unfortunately I have no car and a meal on the work on bus or the underground.
I am afraid to operate car in the big city, therefore did not do the driver's license. I like my work, but it not all my life.)
I have a habit to wake up early in the morning. I do not like to sleep for a long time. In the morning I accept a bath and have breakfast.
I do not have special favorites in food. I can eat almost all, but not much.)
I try to have good body and consider calories.
In the morning my food is milk and salad. After a breakfast I direct beauty and a meal at work.
I work about 9 morning till 6 evenings six days in a week. On Saturday I work up to 14 : 00 and on Sunday full day of rest. I love a free and active life. I live many years independently and have got used to do all that brings pleasure to me. As I already spoke, I love dances and sports very much! In Russia it is very popular. Except for Yoga I skate on ice and a ski in the winter and a mountain bicycle in the summer. As well as the majority of people I love music and cinema. My favorite singer Enrico Iglesias.
From cinema I like fantasy and animation more! You saw Avatar? I went with girlfriends on this surprising film in 3D!!! It is incredible!!!!
I like to look movie at the big cinemas with a good powerful sound convenient armchairs and the huge screen!
My favourite actors it Nicolas Cage and John Travolta!)
What about you? It is very interesting to me!
I am glad that my photos liked you! All of them are made my friends from the amateur camera. I very much want to see your new photos too!
I have a lot of good familiar and best girlfriends! We are friends from the ending of institute many years!
I am single some years. Probably it is surprising for you why the beautiful girl one. At me was bad experience before. The ambassador this a sad history I have changed and became very circumspect. Not looking on my age I am not was married also any children. I think that for each woman in relations very important to be always confident her man! Always to feel attention and care. I search good man, which will give me it.
What the main thing for you in relations between the man and the woman?
I would like to learn your opinion.)
I shall wait your new letter very much! Now I should finish.
Take Care Yours friend Nataliya!
Letter 3
My dear friend Kirill!
Again your new letter makes my day!
I always wait your new mail! I am very glad, that have found such good friend as you Kirill!
With each new letter we learn better each other.
It is very pleasant for me to write letters for you! I receive a lot of positive energy from your letter!
It seems to me that we can speak with you on any theme and we can understand each other.
As I have already told to you in the last letter, that I live one some years in my apartment.
But I am usual do not spend a lot of time there, because right after works I go to friends or a training hall, or on walk.
It is not interesting to me to sit houses one and to watch TV, therefore I try to think up something interesting for the evening.
I already long time live independently and all that occurs in my life it is my own result.
I love my life though in it there is nothing especial.
When I wake up early in the morning at me always good mood, because I am glad new day and to all new, that can take place with me! Certainly not always good weather and there are troubles, but I know, that it only temporarily and it is not necessary to despond.
The only thing that would not suffice me now it is the person, which always was near to me.
I speak about the man, which would be ready to cast in the lot with my destiny and to pass this life together!
I had relations before, but I did not find that searched.
Unfortunately now men seldom appreciate serious and long relations.
It is very difficult to find the man, which has the same vital sights and priorities.
Even more often men search only for relations for short time.
I never respected these games and tried to not communicate with such people.
My parents have learned me to respect themselves! I always dreamed of the real feelings and serious relations.
When I more youngly, to me was seemed,that to me still early to think of it. Now I am adult woman, but I do not see in Russian men of those qualities and priorities, which there should be at worthy men.
Time goes also all around changes. Serious relations and a marriage any more does not involve men.
People use each other in the personal purposes. It sounds severely, but it is valid so.
In Russia of the proprices of cancellation of marriages grows every year.
From it suffer not only adult people, but also small children, which remain without family and parents.
Therefore I did not hasten to leave in marriage and to create family.
For me in relations the most important full trust, honesty, fidelity, attention the friend to the friend, understanding, support and care, respect and certainly love.
Life in Russia not so well. I for a long time think to begin a new life in other country.
Therefore I have decided to find the friend abroad.
First of all I search for friendship in fact without friendship there can not be relations. I am open for all new!
Our correspondence became very important for me!
I am very glad, that we have found each other and now we have an opportunity to learn each other better.
I do not hurry and hope anywhere that you too. I only wanted to tell to you that I think.
Certainly it is interesting to me that you think of it.
Have good day! I always wait your letters! Your friend Nataliya
Letter 4

Hello my lovely Kirill!
Your new letter again gives me a lot of pleasure!
I am sorry, that I have absolutely forgotten, that you were born in Moscow! It is very a shame to me before you!
I hope you you will forgive me!
My dear Kirill our correspondence became a part of my life and I cannot without your letters!
I miss when I do not see your new letter, but when you again write to me I is happy!
I am very grateful for attention and care, which you give me! I with the great pleasure read all that you write to me!
I feel that you give me the big heat and tenderness. I feel it! When I read your letter all around ceases to disturb me.
I read your letter again and again, because it is pleasant for me very much.
At this moment the distance between us is reduced also I present that we have real conversation.)
I would like that it was valid so!
I am very happy, that destiny has enabled us to find each other!
I know that you really kind and good person! Your letters warm my heart very much! Now we have only correspondence, but I very much would like, that it grew in more. I dream will get acquainted to you in a real life, my sweet Kirill!
I sincerely believe, that my dream will be executed. It seems to me, that we are familiar for a long time, because to me very easily with you! In you there are all qualities of man, which I always searched.
I could not imagine, that to me the chance will get acquainted to you, my dear Kirill! I think of you more and more!
But most of all I am inspired with ideas about our meeting.
My day is filled with pleasure! I wake up with ideas about you and it give me excellent mood for all day!
Time for work passes imperceptibly and all that I want to check up my mail box and to read your new letter!
When I see your new letter to me it becomes very good!
It is similar to a drink of fresh air.
My sweet Kirill, your letters this the most valuable that is at me.
I feel inside me there is big heat. I never tested such surprising feeling. Your attention is necessary for me very much!
It is surprising feeling, and I feel especially happy now!
I feel, that my heart began to beat more frequently and my eyes light!
Kirill you the reason of it!
I shall wait your new letter with impatience.
Always your friend, Nataliya!
Letter 5
My sweet and gentle Kirill!
How are you my lovely?
I missed your letters very much!
I feel excellently today!
Never I felt like so well!
You my wizard! You my kind and gentle man Kirill!
You always know as to warm my heart! Your gentle words heat up me very much! Your attention is necessary for me.
When I do not see your letter to me becomes sad and lonely.
But if your new letter waits for me, then my heart starts to knock faster.
I am very glad, that my last letter has found the answer in your heart. Kirill you the best for me.
I can trust you completely. Only with you I feel well. Therefore I do not want to hide my condition and my feelings now.
I feel improbable change inside me and you the reason of it!
I hoped that you will understand me and approve my feelings.
You have changed my life from the moment of as we have written the first letters each other.
Then I could not present that you man, which I always searched and waited.
My life boring before our acquaintance. But now all in another way!
My my heart sings and my oppressing aspires upwards!
I always dreamed about happiness and love! I trusted that sometime my dreams will be executed.
I knew that the main thing to trust in the dream! And now my dream was executed, because I have found you my lovely Kirill!
My gentle man, you have filled in my heart tenderness and heat!
I always wanted to meet good and worthy man with the big and kind heart!
I dreamed of the happiness and love! My happiness it is you Kirill!
You have heated up my heart and have forced it to beat with new force!
Your attention, care, heat have woken me from boring dream. You became the best friend for me, but I feel that our friendship turns in more. Me pulls to you very much!
I do not want to interfere with this feeling!
I know that your heart takes place for my feelings too.
Your gentle words speak me about it and I ask you to be completely frank with me.
I have understood that I want to be near to you, and only you my happiness!
Every new day heat inside me increases and I cannot hold it inside itself more.
I want to divide my warmly with you my sweet Kirill!
Emotions fill in me now and I want to transfer it to you!
I cannot find, that a word to tell to you everything, that I feel now!
I am very glad, that you have appeared in my life. My heart knocks only for you my gentle Kirill!
Kirill, you my happiness and my love!
I love you, my prince Kirill!
I miss you always! Write more likely again!
The most gentle embraces and kisses! Yours Nataliya!
Letter 6
My sweet angel Kirill!
Yours baby miss you very much!
How are you, my treasure?
I'm doing great, because you're back to me!
Your very gentle and very sweet words make me very happy!!!!
I miss you madly and only your attention my medicine!
Only when I see your new letter, my sanity is outperforming!
Your attention and care necessary for me constantly, because I feel like a little girl and you are my Prince!
My sweet man Kirill, I adore you!
When I read your new letter warmth inside of me is a huge fire, which warms my heart and soul inside!
This flame of love and passion fills me completely and I want to convey to you through my new e-mail at least a particle of this great heat!
This heat belongs only to you, my gentle angel Kirill, because you woke him and gave him the power to burn!
Your tender, care and love is always with me!
I always loved to dream. Some say, that dreams are a waste of time, but in our dreams can see the world, which we want!
I have always dreamed of happiness and I found it! My happiness it is you Kirill!
Dreams must necessarily be performed, and my dream came true, because I found you, my angel Kirill!
In the book Paulo Koelio is golden words: "When you have something you want, the whole Universe will help make your wish come true. "
I sincerely believe, that this is true!!!!
I looked for you all my life and the Universe help me to find you, my love Kirill!
You appeared in my life and my dream came true!!
People can not know, what awaits them ahead, but we know what we want to find!
I always believed, that there should be a great desire! The desire, which comes from the very depths of your heart!
This desire does not give you the rest, because it is your dream!
Before our meeting, I did not know true happiness! But now even the happiness of your letter to me, because you put in it a part of yourself!
My happiness it is you, my Kirill!
You are amazing and unique person!
I love you, my angel Kirill!
You are always attention and care on me and this is all what need a woman!
Women need only know, that her man will always be with her and never leave she.
I know, that you will always be with me, because that is our destiny!
My love Kirill, I want our correspondence has grown more! I want to see you, hear you, touch you!
I want to feel your tender and hug!
I want to feel the beating of your heart in front of my and feel your breath, when we together!
My biggest dream now is to come to you and enjoy your company!
I want to see your life, your city, your house and of course totally know you!
Your society would be the best gift for me and I will care about you all time!
Happy day of our meeting is all about what I dream now!
I want to share everything in this life with you!
I would like to support you in difficult times and to share with you the joy of the bright days!
I want to give you all, what is in my heart!
I want to make you the happiest man!!!!!!!
I appreciate our correspondence, but only real meeting will be the beginning for our future!
Last days I very much think about it and, that thought excites my brain very much!
I would like to get a vacation from my work and travel to you!
All I want it is to be with you!
I dream, that our correspondence has grown in more!
I plan to talk to my boss and ask for leave from work.
I have long had a great holiday and would like to spend this time with you, my love Kirill!
Once I will have news soon, I will let you know!
My sweet man Kirill, you would like, that I traveled to you?
I will wait your new letter impatiently!
My Kirill, know that I miss you and my heart beats only for you!
I love you my Kirill !!!!!!!!!!
Thousand sweetest kisses!! Only yours baby Nataliya!
Letter 7
Hi my love Kirill,
My love, my love you knew as I very much I miss on you my love.
My love I was so glad to receive your letter, my love I hope that that I have learned rather ours with you meetings will please you.
My love yesterday I had a lot of free time and I went to travel agency so to learn rather all so to arrive to you.
My love to me spoke that I can receive without problems all documents and pass interview in embassy without problems as I have privileges because I not when did not leave Russia and I have no the dirty past. My love I hope that you are very glad to all to it now also. My love I has concluded the contract with tourist agency on registration of all documents of travel so that this all was more quickly done also they have already started to legalize to my papers so to arrive to you my love.
My love to me also have informed how many this all costs, my documents of travel will cost 540 dollars when I have heard it I has been a little upset as now I have no such money.
My love I should pay for the passport for travel abroad 215 dollars, processing of the application on consideration of the visa 120 dollars, cost of the visa 170 dollars, gathering of the commission 35 dollars. As a result I require in 540 dollars.
My love at once after travel agency I has gone in my mum and spoke it all about it, I asked the help from my mum, but it has only about 30 dollars of the savings, also I have addressed to the friends for the help but there is nobody there is no such money, my mum has told that there is a person which the present gentleman can really help you as it and will not throw me, my mum spoke it about you my love Kirill!!! My love I require in 510 dollars my mum will give me 30 dollars.
My love I very much hope that you will not leave me in a trouble and will help me for the sake of ours with you of a meeting, my love I so require you very strongly, my love to you I am real also love you and only you.
My love my documents will be done about one and a half week, but I should pay all much earlier within this week as I should pass all over again interview in embassy which to me will appoint to this weeks.
My love I also went to post office and learned as you can transfer me this money, my love to me it is very a shame to ask from you this money, but I simply have what opportunity to pay this all. My love you can transfer this money through system of remittances, my love exists many systems of remittances but to me have told that there is very reliable system of remittances " western union " my love you heard about such system? My love so to transfer this money you you require only my information which I to you now I shall inform, here my information:
Name: Natalia
Surname: Miniankova
City: St-Peterburg
The country: Russia
address: Demian Bedniy Street 30. Bldg. 5 square. 193
My love also so that I could receive this money I also I require your similar information, therefore write to me all this also as I have written to you my love and then I without problems shall receive this money and I shall mourn over my documents of travel.
My love I hope that you will help me and then we shall be together, and at us the modern history of love which will begin will last eternally. I very much very much dream to be in your gentle embraces, I very much wish to tell to you in a reality already at last that that I love you and only you.
My love now I shall wait for your letter and to hope for good news, my love you the present my gentleman and only you are necessary to me in this world.
Your love and only yours forever, Natalia!!!!
Letter 8
Hello my love Kirill!
My love, I am sorry, that long did not write to you! I have been occupied by search of money for payment of documents! My love, I has not found money! Many thanks, that you will help with payment of documents! I love you and I want our meeting! Yesterday I went to agency to learn all about payment of documents! The manager of agency has told, that documents will be very soon ready, I need to pay documents as soon as possible only! Also to me have told, if I do not pay in time documents the agency can bring an action against me or impose the penalty! I very much am afraid of problems with agency!
My angel, I have no bank account! I not the rich person, rich people have bank accounts only! My love, I already said to you, that it is very convenient for me, if you send money through the Western Union. Copies of my documents, and also everything will not be necessary to you, that you asked to send me to you! I ask to send you to me money through the Western Union because it is very convenient for me, also I can receive your money very quickly! You understand me? It is very good for me! I sent you the information which you require for remittance! You received the information? Anyhow, I send you the information again! Name: Natalia
Surname: Miniankova
City: St-Peterburg
The country: Russia
address: Demian Bedniy Street 30. Bldg. 5 square. 193 My love, now you can go and send money, through the Western Union. As soon as you will send money, you should inform me control number monetary transfers - MTCN. Well?
I already said to you, that I have no phone! I ask to send you to me the phone number, I will try to call to you from a telephone exchange! It will cost to me very few money!
You asked me how many my wages! My wages of 300 dollars. From this money, I should pay apartment, buy meal and clothes! At me almost does not remain money. My love if I had money, I never asked you about the help! You trust me?? I very much love you and I wish to be with you! I understand, that it for you also the big money, but you should understand also me, that I will have problems if I do not pay documents. It is very a pity to me, that between our meeting there is money, but I in it am not guilty! I love you, I ask not to leave me in this situation and to send money as soon as possible!
My angel, I finish the letter! I very much miss you.
I will wait from you for news!
Your love, Natalia!
Letter 9
Hello my love Kirill!
My love, I went today to bank to learn all about the Western Union! The manager of bank to me has told, that you deceive me! You do not require such information! You deceive me??????????
What is up?????? Why you so conduct yourself???????
I never deceived you, I only asked you about the help! I love you and never I can to deceive! Why you so conduct yourself! The manager of bank has told, that in one part of the world such information about which you is not required to me spoke! I sent to you the address and all data which to you are required! You only need to go and send money through the Western Union! If you do not wish to send me money tell. What for me to deceive! I am very upset by your behaviour. I do not know that to me to do, if I do not pay over documents this week I will have problems with agency! You understand me??? I you ask to answer me at once! Anyhow, I very much love you! I think every day of you! I hope, that soon we will meet and we will speak about all! I asked to give you to me a phone number that I could call to you, but you have answered nothing to me! You ignore my questions????
I will wait from you for explanations!
Your love, Natalia!
Letter 10
Hello my love Kirill!
I again went today to the Western Union that once again all to learn!
Also I asked the manager to contact the Canadian colleagues and to ask, that is necessary for sending of money from Canada!
When have contacted the Canadian Western Union, to us have informed, that it is full of boxes and you deceive!
So much documents are not necessary to send money from Canada!
You require only that information which I have sent you! You understand me??????
I do not trust you! You deceived me all this time! I have fallen in love with you! I ask not to write you to me more because I do not trust you!
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