Letter(s) from Olga Blohina to Armin (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello Armin. Thank you for a message it is very good to hear from you and see your photos. And thank you that you showed your interest back to my interest to you. I will be waiting that you'll tell me about yourself and your life more in your next letter, and in my turn i will tell you about myself a little bit in my letter now.
Originally I am from Poland, been living and working in Australia for about 6 months now. I am 26y.o., 5,6, 52kg, i am Pisces by Zodiac. I am a woman who is tired of being alone. All i want is simple: a happy family life with family oriented Man.
My family living in Ostrava, Czech republic, my mom and my younger sister. I miss them very much, so i'm calling to the Czech often. I came to Australia to work, I want to buy a flat for my family in the Czech because my family is tired of living in a rented apartment and not to have their own home. I am young woman so there’s a lot of potential power and energy in me, and i wish and dream to meet my true love and give my sweet man this energy. I love children, music, movies, pets, aerobic and dance. I appreciate the true generosity and kindness in men. i am a romantic and honest and looking for the same in man, who does not play with other people's feelings.
I am a woman who appreciates the seriousness, confidence and determination in men. I want to find a good and interesting man who will love me and keep that love. The man who will appreciate me and real warm feminine feelings and attention! I want to have a long term relationship, so i want to correspond and develop a relationship only with serious men, who are interested in finding true love with woman, settle down and share life interests, wishes and desires. I hate few things like lie, selfishness, impolite, mosquitoes, snakes, diseases.
I hope that i have told you a little bit about me in these few lines. Write me your questions in your next letter if you want to know more about me. Do not be shy! I am waiting for your letter soon, if you do not forget me... I'll be glad to know about you and your life! I send you my photo, and i want to see your photos very much. I hope to see your letter soon.
With warmth,
Letter 2
Hello Armin. I received your letter and I'm happy about that very much. I am sincerely afraid that you do not respond to my letter, but you responded to my letter and i am glad to write you my answer now. I like your attention. If you wrote me your letter then you are interested in me aren't you? I hope to understand that I can interest you. I think you'll continue to write me your letters in the future because I like to learn something about to to create an image of the life. I thank you for your story about yourself. I hope you find your woman, that will assist you in your life. Maybe I could be that woman for you (it will happen in the future if our relationship goes well). I will tell you, in turn, about my family. My family is the only happiness in my life right now, for which I continue to live and strive for something in this life. I miss my family here, so I'm calling to Czech often. As I wrote my family are my mother and younger sister. Mother's name Petra, and her age is 53 years, and she has already retired. She is a good mother, and I love my mom. The name of my sister is Marketa, she's 23 years and she is studying final year at college, degree in economics. My sister is my best friend who understands me always. I work in Sydney at medical clinic as a nurse, practicing and learning and earn money to buy a flat for my family in Prague. I have serious intentions to find my happiness now, with the right man. I have great interest to meet someone one now, because I'm very tired to live alone and I want to connect my love with. I want to love. I live in Sydney (Riverwood) in the house of my girlfriend Suzanna, she was born in Poland too. She’ve been living here for about 10 years now and has Australian citizenship. Suzanna was married about 2 years ago, but six months ago she divorced with her husband. She has a young son, his is 15 months old. We know each other from childhood since from Czech, so Suzanna helped me a lot when I arrived to Australia. She is a good friend!
I am a very romantic woman, so I love to dream. My fantasies are about the future that awaits me and my family in the future. To say more my biggest dream is to meet my prince, who will have clean soul and the great chivalrous generosity who will love and respect me, with whom I can create a happy family. My thoughts about true love are a little bit childish, maybe, but that's me, I believe every woman have such nature. I am a sincere woman, so my fantasy of love is naive, perhaps. But I want you to know Armin because you are interesting to me. You are sincere and kind man with deep inner world (I see you so now), so I want to see your letter on my email at all times. I am a single woman now, so I'm trying to find my love on the Internet, because to write and wait for each day a warm letter for a single woman is interesting and romantic, especially if the feelings start to develop between you through these letters (possibly love). .. Am I not right? This is best way for me now because I am using Suzanna’s computer for a short period of time and writing in Word first of all what I wish to tell you.
What else I should say, I like to read romance novels, both contemporary and classic. I love listening to classical music, sometimes POP and Rock-n-Roll. I love to dance to some good slow music, watching movies, romance (I am a bit sentimental). My favorite film Ghost, quite old but so wonderful and romantic in which the first role of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. You know this movie?
I end my letter on this, and I ask you reply to my questions: What interested you in me? What kind of woman you could love? Armin, please answer this question, because I know it's important for me. Tell me about yourself and your life more. I send you my new photo, and I hope to see your new photos in your next letter. Waiting for your reply so much now...
Letter 3
Hello Armin. I am glad to your letter all the time now. Your attention to a single woman is a gift. I thank you for this gift. I ask you Armin write your letters to me often, because I want to spend my free time talking with you... :) Please do it for me and know that this best for me to learn each other first. I think (honestly) that we like each other very much and we would be interested, along ... What do you think about it Armin? I want to know more about you and want to continue our conversations with you through our letters. I beg you not to stop and continue to write me if you're interested in me, really, because fate has given us a chance and we should use it, right Armin?
I'll tell you of me something else. It will sound surprising to you, but I haven't not had close relationships with men for 1 year. I think the reason for my failure with men is my dedication to my boyfriends and excessive naivety. It is a shame when BELOVED leaves me. Your beloved left you ever? I'm afraid to be deceived again. I want to love and be beloved (get it Armin)! Therefore, promise me Armin you do not deceive me ever, if our relationship is close, OK? My friend with whom I live now, invited me to come in Australia and find my happiness here after one year without a relationship with men. I agreed and came. I found a job here and I realized after working for several days that I have little free time to find my beloved. Therefore, my friend advised me to find a man over the Internet, using her computer. I agreed with my friend again, so I am writing to you now, and you can write me your letters. I told you this so you can understand my fear of mistakes in the search for a man again. Psychic wound - it hurts! Please understand. This is the reason why I chose the Internet, to find the right man. I think I can learn and understand the man and his soul (required his soul) much better through the Internet, because we have no real communication and can concentrate on understanding each other. I really enjoy all your words and answers! I ask you to tell your next letter about your plans for the future. What beliefs about true love and family you have? Answer these questions please, because I understand a lot of you, if I know it. And I send you my new photo (I hope you will love this pictures). I look forward to your new photos and your new letter soon.
Letter 4

Hello Armin. I thank you for your new letter. You are a responsible man, and I love it in you. My most desired fantasy is a man who is romantic and affectionate with me, because I can be a happy woman with this man. I think the main thing for our relationship now is a constant dialogue to understand each other. We should try to get to know each other more in each our new letter, and then we'll see later (maybe) that we need each other, and that we should meet in reality and see what we should do with our relationship to reality in the future. I'm right Armin?
Well by "naivety" I was try to explain that I am trying to understand myself when my ex man unfaithful to me, so I think maybe I am naive, therefore I am try to meet such person who will love me so clear and sincere that i trust all me and my life to him and never worry that he will be unfaithful to me.
I love our correspondence, because I feel with my heart that we are the same in our souls. What do you think about it Armin? I thank you that you have opened and shared some secrets of your own personal opinions and character. I love it because it's true (I feel it). I think sometimes as if you did not write it, and your weary heart and lonely soul wrote it with your hands, because these romantic ideas can only belong to a tired soul from a great loneliness, which wants happiness. I believe that single women from your area are blind because they do not see a good man who lives next to them. So I'll catch this chance to get to know you better, my dear Armin, because you are very interesting to me. I dream many and I dream that we dream together one day. I hope that happiness will go up a star in our skies soon in the future (I believe in it). Remember that I believe you now (please Appreciate it.) And best of your qualities for which I respect and appreciate you - it's your romance and sincerity. Please do not lose these qualities and do not waste them on bad women. Remember that!
I am a romantic woman who believes in the true attitude and feelings, so I like to dream a lot. I dream often about this: the sea, wild beach, the sun sets behind the horizon, I lay with my lover on the beach, we drink red wine, and we look at this beautiful sunset. We understand at this point that this is true happiness, and we want to be just the two now, and we fall asleep on this pleasant feelings in each other's arms. Do you like this fantasy? I think you'll love my imagination, because you are romantic, too, as I am. By the way, I love nature. I love to spend my free time enjoying nature. I like active rest: for example, I love to swim on boat or go to the nature what I used to do often. Do you like to simply walk or picnics, fishing, sail a boat along the shore..?
The photos usually take Suzanna, I have some from Czech also. This one with dog was made at neighbors house, there two houses were separated with the part of metal net because of pets.
I end my letter on this, and I thank you once again that you told about yourself in your letter. Please reply to my further questions please. You like to dream? Why are you trying to find your loved one via the Internet? Tell me about your parents in your next letter. I hope that you answer these questions soon. I look forward to this and miss you ... Vitalina
Letter 5
Hello my dear Armin. Sorry for a little delay, it is very busy week for me and also I am on duty on weekend but I'm glad to see your new mails again because it's interesting to me to read your letter and to learn about you something new (in the first place), and secondly I miss male attention very much. Believe me Armin that you are interesting to me too, and I love telling all about me and about my life in my letters to you. I believe that my loneliness will end soon, if we continue to keep our relationship in the right direction. You know, I am totally agree with you. I feel that family orientation is is my blood and i just dream to settle down and create wonderful and calm and nice family and bring happiness to my man and our children. Armin you're lonely and want a woman to love you with a great and genuine love (not as a friend or a father, as a man.) Then you would look at the eyes of your lover and you'd think at this moment that only those moments of love did not end, and the eyes that you see with love today also would look at you with great love and affection for 10, 20, 50 years. Do you understand me Armin? I thank you that you are giving hope and a chance to find my true love with your letters. And I promise you that I will catch this chance that you give me. I hope that you will not forget me ever, that you will write me and will try to develop our relations. You are a romantic man, and I love it in your character. So I ask you to be so sweet and romantic man ever. Please do it for me. And I know that love that began between two people of interest must necessarily exist between them (such a spark to the fire started). And know, my dear Armin I have such an interest in you in my heart, and I believe that this fire might break out between us once. Frankly, I sent my first letter to you because I liked your profile on the site, and later, when I learned more about you in our correspondence, I became interested in you seriously. I guarded our relationship a lot now, because I believe in our future together. What do you think about this? Many men want reciprocity from me, but I have excluded these men from my life now, because these men were looking for just sex in our relationship. These men did not understand that I want to find a man who respects my opinion, understands and loves me, but I have not seen it in these men ever. So I'm a single woman now, who wants to find happiness.
I'll tell you a little now, what I did yesterday. I want you to know me and my life better. I worked for not very long day because my boss has allowed me to relax. He sees that I'm working a lot to get more money. So my boss was kind with me and did it. I called my friend Suzanna after my work, and we met. We visited a small cafe in the evening and drank a cup of coffee there and talked for a long time (we were talking about men). I told Suzanna about you and about our relationship. She is sincerely glad, but she begged me not to rush. So I think we need more time so we can understand and learn each other better. Ok? We then returned home and did a complete cleaning home (I live in a house of Suzanna). We finished cleaning, and I started writing to you my new email which I happy to send you now.
I end my letter on this and please answer my new questions: You feel lonely yourself? Do you believe in love at first sight? You think of marriage in the future? Forgive me (maybe) for such personal matters, but I want to know it. Your photos of sunset just special to me. I send you my other photo that will please you (I hope). And I look forward to your new photo and your next letter.
Your Vitalina
Letter 6
Hello darling Armin. I'm glad you're writing always, and you know it well, my dear friend. So I thank you for the joy that you give me with your letters. Your letters are necessary for me, I realized this in recent days. I know with confidence if I do not see your new letter, my day is boring and sad. Your words are a balm for my soul and heart! Therefore you acknowledge that you are special to me. I hope that my sympathy to you one day grow into something more ... I am confident that we will move forward in our relationship to know each other better and see where this relationship will lead us. And maybe I'll be the woman with whom you want to bind your life. And you'll be that man for me, with whom I want to divide the family fortune. I thank you also that you responded to my questions. I understand your thoughts well, because I'm lonely too, like you Armin. I miss you very much, I do not have that man in my life who tells me in the morning: "Wake up my dear, I love you!" When I think about my single life, then begin to miss very much, and I want to cry with this lonely feeling. I can not understand now: why can not I find a good man? Why do I meet men who think only about sex and wealth? Perhaps it is my destiny ... I do not know ... I've lived 26 years, and I do not have the right one and an important man for me now, who will support and embrace me in a difficult moment ever. So I am glad to each of your letters always. I hope that you will be so unique and important to me, who will love and respect me. I think that the fate introduced our lonely souls purposely to help each other ... What do you think Armin? Am I right?
I end my letter on this to you, my gentle Armin. And I ask you my new questions: What qualities of character do you like in women? You can do something crazy to your sweetheart? You did such things ever in past? And what was it? Tell me more about your city, culture and nature in your next letter. I look forward to your next letter more then before now. And I'm sending my new photos. I was thinking about you all day yesterday. You interest me very much!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Armin. I'm glad to see your new letter so much! I can say that I am agree with your opinion and your point of view on life and your search. I thank you, that you understood me and my thoughts in my last letter, because I really need it. I tried to explain to you in my last letter, that my family and my friends will remember and take care of me always, but they can not replace the warmth and a sense of mission for me that I feel when I love. They can not replace my beloved! So I'm trying to fix my lonely position and hope to find my true love (maybe with you, my dear Armin). I just want to see the man next to me every morning, who will protect and support me in difficult situations, always, kiss and hug me in the morning, who escapes into a flower shop, and brings to me a small bouquet of roses, wake up before me and who will love wholeheartedly. I hope (honestly) that you are to me as a man in the future, because I love to write to you and get your sweet letter. You must be surprised with these words ..? You help me to forget about my loneliness always, and I thank you for it. I believe that you can be the man who is my true happiness, because I see in you and in your character the qualities that I want to see in my beloved. If I scare you with my frank admission, please forgive me for it, but I can not conceal from you my sympathy, the more we promised to be honest with each other in our letters. Therefore, my dear friend, my sympathies (which I feel for you) are increasing with each passing day, and I hope that these sympathies continue to increase, and these feelings can I call "love" for once. I believe in it! I used to think so (as long as I knew you): fall in love with a man through a virtual communication is not possible, but I understand now that these feelings may arise in me. Love - this is a very powerful emotion that can be done. Therefore, we must write to each other and develop our relations now, because fate has given us a chance, and I think that we should not miss this chance ...
My dear Armin, I hope I have not spooken you when I tell about my sympathies to you. Understand, my dear friend, I want to be honest with you. I think that we can not build good relations through virtual communication, if we write lies in the letters to each other, right Armin? I want to say also that I started to trust you in the last days of our correspondence very much, so I want to tell you my little secret, the more I want to be honest in a relationship with you completely (I think you will appreciate this act). I wrote to you already that I have no lover or boyfriend now, and I did not have a boyfriend in the Czech Republic for a long time. So I want to explain to you now the reasons for my disinterested conduct of men a long time and the reasons for my great interest in foreign men. I already had a relationship with a man from Australia about 2 years ago, his name is Richard (he - the only man who did not deceive me ever). We loved each other and thought we would together always. Richard came to me in the Czech Republic often, and we wanted to get married (my girlfriend Suzanna introduced us to Richard. This happened because: Suzanna visited the Czech Republic one day with her ex-husband, and Richard was a friend of her ex-husband, and they came together to see the Czech Republic ). We saw and got to know each other during this visit of Suzanna to Czech Republic. We thought that our happiness will be eternal, but the result was different. Richard died in a car crash, and it was a big blow and a disaster for me. I experienced this loss difficultly and could not look at other men during the long 6 months. Probably that is why I wrote you that my favorite movie is Ghost. Then I met a Czech man (I tried to forget Richard) after the 6 months of my great sorrow. He talked a lot that he loves me ... Actually, he cheated on me with other women. And I decided then that I do not start the relationship with the Czech men ever (when I learned of his infidelities). Czech men deceived me very much and I do not want to feel pain in my heart and my soul again. I have not had relations with men after the gap for one year (before meeting you Armin). My girlfriend Suzanna called me one day in the Czech Republic, and invited to build my life and find my happiness here. So I decided to go to Australia then after talking with my girlfriend, because I remembered, recalling Richard, that he alone of all the men who did not deceive me ever. So I think now that many Australian men are honest and affectionate, as was Richard. I think you understand the main reason for my arrival and the reason for writing my first letter to you my dear Armin. I hope you will appreciate my revelation, and please remember that I trust you very much. I hope that this recognition will help to develop our relations better. So I just told you about it, my dear Armin. Understand that this is very personal things that you can only tell the closest people. Therefore, always remembe Armin you are very close now, and I hope that the one ... I end my letter on it and wait for your new letter soon. Your Vitalina
Letter 8
Hello my dear Armin. I am very glad to receive your warm and tender letter ever. I do not know how to thank you for your attention to me. But your letters help me to feel my importance to you. Thank you that you share this with me, I understand how it is hard and just can not understand how possible to do such pain to another person. You are a very romantic man, so you are well able to appreciate the true feelings and serious relationship. I trust you and I love the quality of your character. I'll be jealous of the woman whom you love, because you can make your sweetheart happy (I'm sure of it). I dream of falling in love with the beautiful and romantic man like you ... The man who would be willing to give totally love that will protect and nurture the love, who will breathe a sigh with his lover. And I love to see in you that man that I always dreamed of. I (honestly) can not believe sometimes that you're living in this world, but I get your new email again and I understand that you live in this world and are interested in me. I am very attached to our correspondence, and I can not think about this if I open my e-mail and do not see there your letter. I'm very accustomed to you, so I'm afraid to lose you. Armin forgive me for such a request (perhaps I am arrogant little woman), but I must ask you about this because I want to continue to develop our relations. Armin please promise me in your next letter that you can not deceive me ever, that you will not disappear overnight. You must tell me if something you will not like in me and in my character. And you will not be silent about it, trying not to offend me. You promise? Understand, I want honest relationships built on trust to each other, I'm tired of false men. And I do not want to lose you as well, because my intuition and my heart tells me that I could fall in love with you and with you to build a good relationship. I am glad that this feeling is mutual.
I'll tell you right now about what I was really surprised last night in my sleep. I had a dream last night where I saw you Armin. The dream was this: I'm going on a bus in the Czech Republic and I feel that the man standing behind is looking at me. Bus rides to the bus stop, and I hear a pleasant male voice from behind, who asks me in Czech: You will leave this bus stop? And I look back and see you. Once I saw you in my sleep, I woke up immediately. I was very surprised by that I saw in a dream a man for the first time that I have not seen in reality. Therefore you know that you have already took a place in my subconscious mind now, and it says a lot.
I love to do massage (and to get too :-) so we should try to do much pleasure to each other during our meet. I hope that you understand that I am not have fun here with you? I am very sincere and honest woman and would never do pain to you. I finish my new letter to you and hope you will appreciate my honesty and understand me. Please answer my new questions in your next letter: You loved a woman before (tell me more about it)? What can you forgive your lover for, what offense? And what fault you can not forgive to your lover? I look forward to a new letter! You are very special for me! I miss you...
Your Vitalina
PS: I want to talk on the phone with you today or tomorrow, here my number for you 0280037257 ... The best time for me in the evenings about 8 - 10 PM I hope not later because Suzanna's boy sleeping.... And i'll be waiting for you at Yahoo Messenger too ...
Letter 9
Hello my dear Armin. Sorry for a little delay in my reply. Thank you for wonderful photos! I decided to write you my new email, finally.
I was so waiting to hear you in the evenings but it all fine and we can speak later anytime. I had a good time after and read your letters and think... about us and our relationship (I had to do it).
I needed time now to reflect on my feelings for you. Understand that I had to figure it out, because our sympathies are growing together every day, and it comes to some of the results once. You Armin will be able to understand when you read my letter to the end (I promise you that) if you can not understand those reasons now.
I am glad that you answered my questions always, because I asked you about very personal things that we can speak only to friends. You have shown me that gesture again, I was very special for you (I love it). I want to say also that the betrayal - it is really very painful (trust me, I know it too), so I can not forgive my lover's betrayal for me with another woman (it is very difficult). And I am very glad that you understand it too and told me about it. We will not cheat on each other and will not suffer because of this, never, if we are together and we love each other in the future, because we know the pain of betrayal of the lover. Dear Armin, I'll tell you something new about me now, so I ask to understand me and read my subsequent explanation well (this is important).
My feelings have changed for you during these days, and I knew a lot about my feelings towards you. I realized that I was in love with you. You can blame me now: How I can say this? You are reading my letter now, and probably very surprised to my confession. This is not a dream, pinch yourself by the hand, and you can see that this is reality. :) I knew it, having listened to my heart. For example, I cannot endure for long without communicating with you. I'm starting to get bored and think that I might lose you. And my soul begins to ache at the thought (as if thousands of fleece cat claws my soul). You know the feeling Armin? I love you and many of your traits: Your kind and sensitive nature, your beautiful and courageous person, your sweet voice and a lot more in you. I have not talked to you about this before because I did not understand these feelings to the end and I understand now: I love you. It's funny (probably) because I'm talking like a teenage girl who fell in love for the first time. And something happened to me recently that made me better understand the feelings for you. Something happened with me on my work when i worked 4 days ago. I worked in the morning. I had a lot of work that days and was tired by the middle of my shift. I walked down the hall clinic. Two beautiful and successful women met me in the lobby and asked personally about some older women doctor in our clinic. I answered all questions and requests for these women, but they are interested in me and started asking me about my personal life, hearing my accent. I told them that I am a Czech girl, also told them a bit about the Czech Republic. But they asked me about my beloved and I told them about you my gentle Armin, and our acquaintance through the Internet. I also told them that I have not seen you in reality, never, but I love this man. And they joked about me to hear my story about you. Armin please allow me not to talk to you about this joke, because I am ashamed to tell you this insulting joke. I could not continue my business day after the incident (I'm very sentimental), so I went home after that and cried during the whole evening. Later, my friend Suzanna got home and calmed me, and I talked to her. I told Suzanna about the reason for my tears for you Armin. I told my friend that I love you, but I am afraid to tell you about my feelings because I think that you will not believe this recognition, and I scare you, and I might lose you by telling about my feelings. But my friend told me that I should not be ashamed of my feelings because my feelings are sincere. Suzanna asked to speak to you about my feelings, so I did not regret in my life then that I fell in love with a worthy man once, and I did not tell this man about my feelings. Suzanna told me to refrain from communicating with you some time too, so I could check my feelings and think about everything. And I did as Suzanna asked me to do, and I'm telling you now, my gentle Armin: I love you! I hope you understand me, because my heart says so. And I ask you to tell me about your feelings for me, because it is necessary and important to me. I opened my heart to you, so you are my beloved Armin. I do not demand this recognition from you if you do not want to talk about it. But I ask to understand me and my feelings for you only, and be polite to my confession. I'm happy to hear any of your answer. The main thing in your answer to this question is that this response is sincere, because I'm tired of the lies (I told you about it). I understand that it sounds a bit unnatural and naive, because we have not seen in reality each other before. So I want to see you in reality soon, so we can finally understand our feelings. So I ask you to think about our possible meeting date and write me about it in your next letter. Please, think about it! Understand Armin, I never thought that I could fall in love with a man over the Internet. But it happened, so we must understand the reality of our feelings for each other.
I end my letter on this, and I ask you, my love, understand the feelings of a lonely woman who has found love and do not want to lose it. I'm sure I'm not mistaken in you. And answer to my one question: Your friends and family know about me and our relationship? and I am waiting for your new letter and your and will do to you soon!
Yours forever Vitalina
PS: Remember that you live in my heart now, your letters make something to me. I'm thankful for it because love is great!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Armin. I am glad to receive your letters always, because the letter of the lover - this is a great joy for a loving woman ever. I thank you for your answers to my questions. Know, it's important for me, and I'm glad you got it. And remember my gentle Armin I will not let end our relationship at this stage, because I feel great sympathy for you in my heart. So I think we should meet in real life, so that we can understand the feelings of each other and the future development of our relations. And please, always remember that you are very important to me. I think that weekend is wonderful for us to know and feel and understand each other. I dream every day that on the day of our meeting when I can tell you during our first meeting: "Hello Armin!" I know with certainty that this first meeting will be my greatest happiness, because I will meet with a man who was able to win my heart. I thank you that you have understood my feelings for you and accept my love. Understand Armin I'm surprised by this love to a man whom I had not seen in reality yet. My mom knows about you already, I told her that I feel that I met someone special in my life. I really could not believe it for a long time that I love you, but this feeling is living in my heart, really. And this feeling is sincere, why should we think about the future of our relations. And know also, that this love gives me the only happiness now because our love for each other is mutual, and mutual love - is the best love, isn't it, Armin? I see now that the Internet has helped us to find love, and my friend's advice was correct. And I want to tell you that I finished my search for love today, and I'm not interested in other men, because I'm only interested in you right now. And I believe that my love is true, and a bright future awaits us.
I want to tell you about my friend's birthday yesterday. I celebrate the birthday of my new friend Ann (we work in a clinic together) for the first time together with my colleagues at work. We celebrated her birthday in the hospital, the event was good. I gave Ann beautiful lingerie (she was glad to get it). We drank a little wine on a holiday (I rarely drink alcohol), so my mind is "dimmed" quickly. I remember that we danced and sang a lot. I sang karaoke for the first time at this event (I liked it). I remember that I told my colleagues about you and about our relationship my beloved Armin. They are happy for us and wish us only happiness. I showed my colleagues your photo (I carry your picture in my bag always), they said you are a handsome man. My colleagues were asked to tell you my dear Armin, you have to protect and defend me. You will do this for them and, more importantly, for me? And I want to tell you, my love, that such birthday was made just for women, so guys do not attend this event (only I need you). I told you about this birthday, that you realized that you it’s important to me, and I do not want to lose you. You're my boyfriend, you should know everything about me. Am I right?
Today at night I am waiting for talk with my mom on the phone about information according apartment for my mom, it is very important for me. I will of course let you know everything. I finish this my letter to you, my best man in the world. And I ask you to reply to my new questions: Do you think we'll be happy together? Which scenario we first meet you see? Answers to these questions I hope to see soon in your new letter, because it's important questions. I am waiting for your letter soon. Remember that I think of you always.
Forever yours Vitalina

Letter 11
Hello my darling Armin. I am writing my promised letter today in which I will tell you more about my departure to the Czech Republic and the reasons for this departure. Hope you're not angry with me because of this, because I understand that we are both waiting for and planning our meeting in reality, as a result of this now such. I having a thoughts all the time that after that you may even never reply me again, well it will be very hard to me and I can do nothing to fix it as soon as possible. I love you and and something happened with me last days. I can't without you Armin and I need you in my life and I will not survive if you will be not wait me.
But understand, my gentle Armin, I have to fly to the Czech immediately, because my family has problems, it is very important (I hope i can figure it out). And do not worry my love, I'll be back in the Australia in 10 days (I have a return ticket on April 29 and we will meet with you at once, because you are very important and necessary to me. You're the king of my heart and I wish you saw this my love. Only patience yet, and we'll meet again soon. OK? I need your understanding and your support now ...
My love, understand that I must leave immediately, because my family has more problems with our apartment, and only I can solve this problem for them now. Understand it, my family could be evicted from the apartment in the next few days and I will not let this happen. My mom has phoned me today and said all this, and I could not sit here not helping my family, so I decided to fly and help my family. I promise you my love when I come to the Czech Republic and get all the details, I'll write my letter to you and explain everything. What happened there (I want my boyfriend know all about me). Do not worry about me and our relationship, you, my love, do not lose me! My family has a computer with access to the Internet in our apartment in the Czech Republic, so we will be able to chat online in YM too and write to each other, as in here. And I'll buy a cell phone there on my arrival in the Czech Republic, so that we can make calls. Please do not worry about my return to the Australia, because I already reserve a return ticket on April 29, arriving May 1. I'll be back in 10 days because my boss gave me a short vacation. And I have one request for you, my love, think Please about my coming to you in the city, because I will have 3 free days (May 1-3) after my return (I have to start May 4. Perhaps we could be just “the two” those three days? Please, think about it! I want it! I think that our feelings should be experienced in reality, it is very important for our future. I hope you understand that ... I am confident that you will agree with me, because we want it both ... I love you, my sweet Armin!
I finish this my letter, and remember always that I think of you and keep my love for you in my heart forever. I miss you! Wait for my letter in 2 days. Your Vitalina
PS: I am sending you photos which you asked. I hope that you like it from me. I am still do not know what to expect because I really love you but not sure 100% that will get your reply when arrive to Czech. The tropical island is a Greece where I was about year ago with my family ... Please wait me. We'll be together soon!
Letter 12
Hello my dear Armin. Your beloved Vitalina write you promised letter now. Do you miss me, my love? I'm back home in Prague now. I'm happy now that my relatives are around me, but I miss you here and look forward to our meeting soon. I really hope that you'll wait a little while before we meet in reality and will not be interested in other women ... You promise me this, my love? I'm worried because of this very much... I walked with my mom and my sister today in the streets of Prague and saw couples of people roaming the streets. And so I'm afraid now to think, that you can find it in Australia with another woman, and you forget me. My love, wait for me please that short time, until May 1. I do not want to lose you and our love, because I believe that we can be happy together.
And I have a ticket back to Sydney (Kingsford Smith). I leave Prague on April 29, Details of my ticket for the last change of Plane: departure - London Heathrow, 10:00 PM April 29, arriving - Sydney Kingsford Smith 6.05 AM May 1, QF-302 flight, Boeing 747-400 Qantas Airways airline. I hope that it will be convenient for you. You can meet me there that day, my love? I want to see you, where you live ... You know the beautiful places there in your area? And I want you to come and be with you. It will not embarrass you and your family? Please think about it. I look forward to this meeting very much, and my love, do not worry, I love you with your life's principles and habits. I need you.
I'll tell you about a meeting with my family Yesterday. Our meeting was very joyful and warm for all of us. They met me at the airport, we were happy to see each other! We came home and sat for about 3 hours and talked about everything. It's very nice to be with your families! I love my family and I am sure that you Armin will love my family. I told about you to my family, and they say you are a handsome man (I showed your picture to my family). My mom asked to tell you hi. But the most memorable in this meeting with my family - were tears of joy at my mom. Tears of joy streamed down the face of my mother when she saw me yesterday at the airport. I'm starting to realize at such moments of life how necessary and important for me is my family. I'm sure you understand me and my feelings Armin.
I finish my letter to you, I still feel very sleepy, time difference so big! and I await for your phone call (my number is
(+420)774352814). Remember always that there's a woman living in this world for who you are very important and needed! I love you and look forward to our meeting soon. Your beloved Vitalina
PS: my old photos for you where you see my family, my mom and sister and one of my old girlfriend ..
Letter 13
Hello my sweet Armin. I thank you that you will always remember me and send me your romantic message. I thank you for your understanding. You gave me peace to my heart and soul of your promise. Understand my love that we are far apart now and we can find relationships with other men or women who live in our cities now. And I understand it, so I ask you not to look for relationships with other women there, and I promise you (in turn) that I'm not going to look for relationships with other men. And I will not be interested in another man now, because you are the only man who interests me now that has gripped my soul, my heart, my mind completely, my beloved Armin. Therefore always remember about this and about your promises to me. I feel good here, but I miss you and dream about the day of our first meeting will be coming soon. Well I understand that you will not meet me at the airport, and will be look forward the day when I can tell you during our first meeting at the airport "Hello Honey" and embrace you so warm and tender.
I'll tell you right now my problem, because of which I left for Czech immediately. If you remember my love, that the problem with the flat of my family in Czech was the main reason for my temporary return. My family ( with me) have been living in this three-room apartment for 11 years (we rented the apartment after the divorce of my parents), and we were doing repairs in the apartment, paid for the apartment for 11 years ever, we accustomed to this apartment and want to live here in the future. We made friends with the owner of the apartment (the owner of the apartment - an elderly man 67 years) for these 11 years. And the owner of the apartment suggested we buy the apartment from him at a cheap price of 53,000 usd (it's very cheap) two years ago in installments for 3 years, but this elderly man died two weeks ago, and this apartment is inherited by his daughter. And his daughter wanted to sell the flat quickly, knowing about our agreement with her dead father. She warned us that the balance of the price we must pay her for the next 2 weeks. If we do not pay it during those two weeks she will sell this apartment to others for the real price. The money we have already paid to her father, she returns to us after the sale of this apartment. So I flew to Czech once, when I learned it all. You understand that my love? The problem now is this: we have to pay this woman to the end of next week's 11,500 usd, and we have now only 5400 usd what I saved, so we have to find 6100 usd, what I am doing now all my free time here. So I'm worried about this now. I do not know now where I'll find the money, but I'll use all the options for this, and I'll find the money required. And I'll catch you in YM tomorrow, my love. Happy Easter my Darling!!! I wish it so sincere. I think of you always wait for your new letter. Your beloved Vitaliana
PS: Good night and please forgive me for this talk about money, but I want you to know everything about me and my life, because I am your woman, so you need to know everything ...
Letter 14
Hello my sweet Armin. I am writing you this letter now because i'm bored without you here in Czech, and I look forward to our meeting in a few days in Australia. I did not hear from you few days and it was like weeks. I'm sitting at the computer and I understand now, looking at your picture that you are the only man now, where I found those masculine qualities that I appreciate and love to see in a man. So I understand now my love, i received a lucky ticket, "when I found you. I can not believe now that I love the man, whom I know through virtual communication. Love - this is a very powerful miracle, which can perform the most impossible things. I love you Armin and do not want to lose you! I'm going to bed and wake up with only one thought that my lover does not warm with me my bed ... :) You know that feeling of loneliness my love? I ask you to do my one little whim. Armin you must promise me that you're going to organize a small picnic in a beautiful and quiet place or beach in those few days of our meeting, if the weather is good at this time. Please promise me that, because I really want this. This is my little female freak! I think you'll be able to understand the caprice of your romantic girl...
I want to tell you now my love, about my childhood and my hometown. I was born and raised in town of Ostrava. This is an ancient city on the east of Czech Republic that is more than one thousand years. The same as Prague this city stands in the heart of Europe and has many beautiful castles. Do you know something about it my love? My childhood was happy and fun, thanks to the love of my parents. I was very cheerful girl in childhood, so I loved to create small performances or competitions in our small apartment. My mom helped me in organizing these fun times. I went to school at the age of 7 years, where studied for 10 years. Many interesting things happened to me over the years: My first love happened to me in school, first kiss, I was the best student, I sang in the school choir, I was involved in a brawl with the boys at school, and much more. My childhood was happy until the moment when the divorce happened between my parents at the age of 15 years (very severe nervous shock for the child). The reason for the divorce of my parents - a betrayal of my father (my father cheated my mother with another woman). My mother could not forgive my father and divorced my father. My father lives in the town Warsaw now and works in motels masseuse. We see him once a year. Maybe I can introduce you, my love, with my father sometime in the future. My father is a kind and cheerful man, I have not seen him long but somewhere inside me, feels so miss him.. I believe that this small story about my childhood was interesting for you my love? I'll tell you more about my childhood, during our meeting in Australia, if you are interested in this. I want you to know everything about me, because you are very important to me! I think of you and wait for our meeting soon. I await your response to my letter. Your beloved Vitalina
Letter 15
Hello Armin, How are you dear? I did not hear from you anymore, maybe I said something wrong? Let me know please. Your Vitalina
Letter 16
Hello Armin,
What you told me is a huge surprise. But is it so sad to me that i just don't have anymore words right now. But know that as you say from the beginning "good to be true", now i am disappointed. Only one question where you found this profiles?
Suzanna went to Perth before my return with her baby. Today my return was not possible. I am planning it and when i return i will let you know. I do not have any wishes after your letter to explain anything else. If you wish to we will meet, but i understood your point of view on this.
I wish you only good and luck.
Letter 17
Hello Armin,
I told you the truth always. Now i see you really from another side.
You showed me "really you". Do you think I will be run after you, do i know you well enough to trust you? You can imagine what i am thinking of our relationship, where it would lead us (if even now i feel not safe after your words), would you humiliate or beat me if we would build something between???
Are you persecute me? Should i worry on my life and security? Should i worry about my family and friends?
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