Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Blohina to Graham (England)
Letter 1
Hello! I`m worried and do not know with which words I begin this mail.
They gave me your e-mail address and told that you are looking for a serious relationship.
I`m a lady who wants to find a friend or a serious relationship. I`d be interested to know you.
I`m Aleksandra. I`m shy girl, and in the relationship I want a man was paramount.
I wrote you the first mail and I hope it will be for you a pleasant surprise, but I'll wait for your answer.
waiting ...
Aleksandra Robbins
Letter 2
I'm waiting for this moment for very long. I can finally write you my letter. Sorry, I'm doing this just now, but I have not been able to do this before. I once again apologize. I was able to make a web just now and I first watched his box and I was happy to get your answer. I am very worried and do not know what I should write to you now. You know what my name is Aleksandra and I am 29 years old. I want you just to say that I'm looking for a man who will love me and whom I give my heart. I saw on TV the story of a girl who was dating over the Internet with a man and they talked away from each other and eventually they became husband and wife. It was a beautiful story and I'm jealous of this girl and now I tried too find the man through the Internet. I do not know anything about you, but I hope you tell me about yourself. You're looking for a serious relationship? The kind of girl do you want? What can you tell me? I'm very excited. this is my second letter to you, and I do not know how I should behave. I'm a little shy because I was raised. I hope you can understand me. I send you this letter in February of their pictures and I hope you enjoy them.
I feel now that my heart is beating stronger than the excitement. It's very strange for me and this is the first time such a feeling. I want to know more about you. what are you man, how you live, what you are looking for. I hope you're really interested in communicating with me. if you have another girl or you do not want to communicate with me, tell me, I can understand you. I would hope that we will communicate with you. I hope this letter will come to you quickly. I did not quite understand how to send a letter and how to do everything right. I hope that I will do everything correctly. I want to tell you that my heart was broken man and I do not want it to be again. I can not stand it. I want sincere and honest relationship. I understand that we need to communicate with each other and in the future we will have no love, but then I think we will become good friends. What do you think? I'll wait for your answer. I hope you'll be glad to get my second letter, and you will enjoy reading it. I am really excited and worried. I hope that in future I will write you letters bigger and better. Good mood and good day to you! ALEKSANDRA
Letter 3
Hi ! How you? You read my letter ? I thought of you and for me our acquaintance means really much. Certainly we yet do not know anything about each other, but I think we every day we will learn about each other more and more. I will try to write in this letter more about myself. I will wait from you for the same.
I want to tell you that I do not live in your country, and I live in Russia.
My city of Kirov. I hope that for you distance not a problem. This world very big and now I think that people can meet even if they are on big distance. My mum says that "the love does not have borders". I too so consider. I certainly understand that we is far, but if your intentions serious, it not a problem for relations. I very much worry because of this question. Write to me, what you think of it?
My birthday is 15/04/1981. My height is 171 centimetres, weight about 57 kg.
I work in the school of our city as a teacher of junior classes. For me it's a good job. I love to walk outdoors, love nature. I love the water, I am happy to swim in the summer I often went swimming and sunbathing on the banks of the river remarkable Vyatka. Summer with friends we go out of town on the river Vyatka. I love life, I am an optimist and I believe that all of us expect a bright future. How do you spend your free time? I believe in God and destiny and wait for their happiness. I believe in family and in love and looking for the man to whom I could give all the warmth of my heart and be with them always together. I wish to share with him the difficulties and joy. I'm fairly intelligent, strong and generous spirit, I am good to people and I expect the people of this relationship. Do you believe in God? My ideal man is one that I love, and who will love me. The man, who need a reliable family and fair relations. Send me your photos please. I do not know why, but I am pleased to write you this letter. I am sending you a new photo in the letter and I hope that you pleased to see me. I want you to answer it as soon as possible. Write me about myself, I want to know about you as much as possible. Ask me about what you're interested in, and I am happy to answer your questions. I do not know what awaits us, but we will look to the future with hope and a smile. I tried to write you this letter and I hope that you will be pleased to read it. I am looking forward to your reply !
Your friend from Russia Aleksandra!!!
P.S. I want to ask you some questions, I hope that you respond to them.
Are you free? It is very important for me because I'm only looking for serious relationship and do not want to disturb other people's relationships. Did you have relations with foreign girls? If yes, how long they lasted? Thank you in advance for answering my questions.
P.P.S. Sorry for my English. ;-)
I thought you might be wondering where I picked up your e-mail. In my city there is a dating agency and I turned to them and they gave me your address and told that you are looking for relationships. I thought and was very worried and wrote to you. Hopefully for you it was a pleasant surprise!
Letter 4

Hello again) I want to write you another letter, because I was really glad to receive your answer and my intentions in our acquaintance with you seriously. I want to say that I will be sincere with you from the very beginning to the end and I hope you are also going to tell me the truth, because I think it's important in a relationship. Now my thoughts about you and me bud waiting for your answer. I hope you are happy to receive my letter and you have a good mood from it. With good wishes from Aleksandra
Letter 5
Hi Graham!
I am glad to receive your letter. I thought that you write to me or not. I am excited waiting your letter. I am very glad that you answered me. Sorry I could not answer you right away. I had a lot of work. When I have the opportunity, I immediately responded your letter. I plan to write to you every day, convinced that it will not be a problem for me.
Thanks for your photo. You very much were pleasant to me also you perfectly look. I will wait for your new photos. You like to be photographed? Who does your photos? I am am photographed by my girlfriend, she works as the professional photographer and she says to me that I can be model.))) I do not think that I could become model and I do not want it. I send you again the photos. You like they ?
I hope that understands you from my previous message that I also looking for serious conditions. I need not light flirting, or just friendship. Friends, I have enough, but the man of a family, I still have not. Court in a position to meet. I'm looking for a man? Marriage for life. It is obviously too early to decisive, will we have children or not, we will get married or not.
I just want to warn you that I am looking for only serious relationship, rather than a temporary distraction. So please do not play with me and deceive me, because I will be very painful. Previously, my heart was broken and I only recently recovered from it.
And I hope you were pleased to learn about me a little more. In your letter, I see that people are equal regardless of the country and for me it makes no difference what country will live my future man. I know that when I'll have my favorite people, I come to it at any place in the world. I believe that good people can live anywhere, especially when they love each other. I will try to write about myself, those things that might be interesting for you.
And if you like what you ask me, I'll tell you with pleasure. If you ask me, I have only two choices: to answer the truth or not responding. I will never lie to you and honestly answer all your questions. If I cannot answer your question, I mean I am at a loss or I do not have answer or I simply have not understood it. I now again start to read books in English that it was easier to me to communicate with you Graham!
Instead, I want you to, too, was honest with me.
I will try to tell you about their special qualities as well. Just so you know what to expect from me. :-) I hope I did not scare you with this. I am kind, good woman, good looking, take care of your body. I love to dream. One of my hopes - to live in full family somewhere in a good place to have reliable friends and that we are not worried about strange things like political and economic situation, and etc. :-) I want a family in which all members will live for each other. I like open people that's just not conceal the truth. I'm patient enough, but if something really got me angry, I can be very indignant. My friends tell me: "it is very difficult to wake a good sleeping bear, but if you did, you'd better run." :-) In my life, I rarely get angry, but I was angry when my former young man said one thing and doing something quite different. But of this I'll write you later. As for the rest of the world has 2 sides: my family and the rest of the world. I like to be ready for any eventuality and create stability in the home. I always try to create a happy home and I really want to have a beautiful family :-), for which I have lived with those who share with me all pleasures of life and support in any situation. I love to travel. I used my mother travelled across Russia, when ticket prices were not so expensive. Sometimes we relax with friends around the city on the lake. Summer I spend with friends. This is very interesting, we have a very beautiful area. All year I wait for summer. Wood, guitar, tent, is not it beautiful! I love going to the cinema.
I love listening to classical music, especially Beethoven and Chaikovsky.
And what music do you like? Sometimes I like to listen to modern music. Now I live with my mother. Her name is Veronica Okunev, it is very interesting man. I always share with her sadness and joy. She always gives me advice. I do not know what I should have done without such a wonderful mother. You should have seen how she teaches the children! Its main lessons that understanding. My dad was a good man and I really miss it. I think you understand me. Unfortunately I have no home phone, so I go to internet cafes to communicate with you. With this I conclude my letter, and so it proved to be a bit more than I planned and I hope that is not tired you with this letter. Write me back as soon as possible. I look forward to wait for news from you.
Aleksandra! P.S. I hope that you were interested to read my letter :-), and if you do not mind, I'm going to ask you some questions. Are you interested to communicate with me? How many girls you say? I wish to communicate only with one person. Only with you. I am very interested to talk with you and learn more about you Graham.
I learnt at an Internet cafe if I can use the communication through skype, yahoo, msn, but I was told that I have no such opportunity. I am very upset. You can write me at the e-mail?
Letter 6
Hello Hello! I am pleased to once again sit at the computer and write you a couple of lines for you. I do not have much time now, but I want to say that my mood the past few days is getting better and better my friends at work and my mom said that I had changed. I think I become happier, because I think about you. You're causing me only pleasant feelings and happiness, perhaps because you're a good man and I am pleased to communicate with you.
I hope you have a good day and I'll wait for your answer with impatience!
From Russia Aleksa
Letter 7
Hi! I am very sorry that I can write you only now. I was very worried because of this. Can I write to you today just a short letter and say that I'm just fine. I have a lot of work and when I finish, the Internet cafes do not work anymore. I am very worried. In these days of Internet cafes was not working and I do not know how I write to you. Now I am writing to you from a friend. I will tomorrow be able to write you a few letters at once. I hope you're waiting for my letter. I thought about you and I will write you tomorrow. I hope you are fine and you think of me too. I wish you good mood and I hope that my little letter to give you a smile on your face.
Letter 8
Hello! I want to say that I am happy that in my life, you appeared and I began to think about you every day. I'm attracted to you, and I'm waiting for the moment when I will be able to write to you. this is strange, but I can not do anything with it. I am completely in our correspondence, and even when I come home from work and go to sleep, I think about you. I do not want to hide from you, the feelings and emotions that I feel. Of course I can not send them the letter, but I want to say that my day with your letters to feel better and I am changing. How are you? What's new with you? Write me your letters give me a smile on my face. waiting for your answer. your friend Aleksandra
Letter 9
Good evening! I am sorry that you have to again wait for my letter. I'm sorry, but internet cafes have been closed those days. I am very upset. I am able to write to you tomorrow. I think of you these days. I hope you will too. I'll write you tomorrow, I promise! 100000 apology. I am very hard that it turns. I hope that such problems will no longer be. I hope you had a good time at the weekend! I think about you. Good night! Greetings from Russia by Aleksandra
Letter 10
Hello. How are you?
I do not know how to write you a letter and tell you what happened to me. I was in the hospital these days. I'm trying to have a good mood, but I'm very upset. I spent this week in the hospital ((((( Just today I was released and I can write you a letter. I really miss you Do not you forget about me? I'm sorry that it happened, but I could not write you sooner. I went home from work and fell. There was ice (((I hurt my leg and could not walk. I thought I broke my leg (I was approached by people and have helped me and was able to call an ambulance. I was taken to the hospital and took a shot up. This was a strong injury. I'm glad that I have no bone fracture and I did cast, but I spent this week in the hospital (my mother was told that I am a hospital. I could not find a way to say this to you. I am very worried, because much time has passed and I could not write to you. I hope you did not worry much. I thought about you and I waited for the day when I was discharged from the hospital and I am able to write to you. It happened just now!
Now I feel better and I can walk. I was a little lame, but doctors said that soon it will pass. They said that I was lucky. When I was in the hospital, there was a lot of people with severe injuries. The roof was falling ice for people right on the head (((This is very scary to see. Such stories I saw in the hospital a lot. I want now to forget about it and that more was not like this.
I really missed you. How are things? I hope you're waiting for my letter. I am very worried because of this. Please write me. Tomorrow on Monday and I'm going to work and I can now write letters to you again. I am waiting for your letter. I really miss you! I'm very bored. Write me. I'm waiting. Your friend from Russia Aleksandra

Letter 11
I am not afraid to express the feelings and I have written you in the last letter everything that I feel. My mum always said to me that the first feeling this most correct feeling.
I worry and hesitate a little, because I do not know your reaction to my letter. I hope that you began to have any feelings to me too. I did not think that it is possible through the Internet, but it is really real. I think of you 24 hours a day and I think that I have very much become attached to you!
I do not know that will be further, but I should you tell about my feelings.
Now to me it became easier, because I all to you have told. You are necessary to me and I wish to communicate with you further. I am afraid to lose you already. These are sincere words with all my heart. Aleksandra
Letter 12
Hello my dear! I am happy to write you a letter today. I'm going to go to work in a good mood, because I think of you. How are things? How are you doing these days?
I want to convey greetings from my mom, and her words. She sees that I started changing my mood and better every day. She was glad that I was able to meet with you and wish us luck. The main thing that we had an understanding and responsibility, and we will succeed. I am very glad that my mother could support my choice in getting acquainted through the Internet and communicating with you. I'm happy. Now I do not stop ))))) Today I slept very well and I dreamed beautiful dreams. You have dreams about me? ) I'm late for work and I'll write to you today after work. I do all day I'll think of you. It gives me a smile and good mood. Thoughts of you. Your Aleksa
Letter 13
I did not know to write you the dreams or not, but I will write.
Today on work I dreamt of that as we have spent romantic evening. It was as in a reality!!!
I do not know as there will be a romantic evening. But I present you so. You invites me to appointment to you home. We it is passable to you in a hall. The room is covere by nothing. Only sparks near a wall. It is a furnace in which burn down fire wood. From the furnace there is an aroma of decaying fire wood which fills in all room. I have closed eyes and have sighed air.
On an instant I have presented that I am in a wood. I became pleasant for me also has smiled to you. You has passed in the centre of a room.
I there did not see anything. Suddenly to light two light points. In one second they became brighter. It were two candles. They stood on a table. Light has illuminated in the centre of a table a vase with a bouquet of red roses. I was delighted with a sudden surprise. Yes, you knew that I love red roses. You has lovely smiled. You has prepared well for romantic evening. We had slightly a meal and cut fault. You has invited me to dance. You has embraced me for a waist and I you for shoulders. You looked me fool in the face. I even hesitated slightly.
We long danced. I have put the head on his shoulders and thought what remarkable evening. At this moment I wanted that you has embraced me more strong and did not release me. I felt what now to fly up with happiness. I have closed eyes and have simply smiled. I smiled with happiness. We slowly dancing were turned. I have fallen into a reverie and did not hear music. I simply was in embraces fine men. We have not noticed as music was finished. We continued to dance. I have noticed that the tape recorder does not play. But I continued to dance. I did not want that these seconds have now stopped. But it might not proceed long. I have thanked you for fine evening and have presented you a passionate kiss :). Do you liked my story :)? And you as imagine romantic evening?
Ocean of kisses. xxxxxx..
Letter 14
Hello my dear. I am writing my letter and I hope you have a good mood and you think of me. Today I have the whole day thinking about you and dreaming.
I became more and more thinking about you and to your future with you. I believe that we will succeed and our communication through the Internet becomes more and it turned into something beautiful, like love, family. I believe that we will succeed. I was able to find a very beautiful music and videos, and send it to you. I hope you like it too.
My thoughts are always with thee.
Your Aleksandra
Letter 15
My love is Graham I am in Moscow! Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I arrived at the airport and found an Internet cafe to write to you. My trip was very long. I could not write to you before leaving the Kirov, because I do not have time. All is well. At the airport, so many people and for me it is very unusual. I can not believe that just a few hours we will be together. My love Graham, I must now provide some documents to pass on my plane and I'm very excited. I'm happy. My love Graham, I can not convey all the emotions.
I am very worried. This is my last letter, before our meeting. We wait for this !!!!!!!!!!! Graham is fantastic! I'm a little tired and now I'm still a little time to come to you and I will do it. My love Graham, I will not write much, because I need to do much. I'm just fine and soon I shall arrive to you. I'll wait for you at the airport! Ur !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!! I love you Graham!!!
I must go! Prior to meeting my love Graham! Aleksandra
Letter 16
My love Graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am cry(((((((
Graham, I do not know what to do! It's just awful! This is a complete surprise for me!
I'll cry. I could not fly to you Graham (((((((((((( Excuse me. I'm ready now to die ((((I have bad news about my trip. I came to the airport to check out all my papers and deliver luggage. with my documents all is well, I was very surprised when they told me that I need to carry a sum of 1,500 euro.
The Administrator explained to me: Under the law, I should have that amount when they leave their country. This is done in order to Russian citizens in case of trouble could spend some time in your country and were able to return with various problems. I told the administrator that you meet me and I will not have any problems. But I was told that it is the law and they can not break it and it is necessary. I'm very upset I could not find such a sum. Now I'm in a strange town and I do not know what to do. I'm bad, I really want to come to you. My only hope is you. I hope that will you help me, my Graham. This is a very big money, but they told me that I just have to show them to customs control, and I'll bring them back. Once you meet me at the airport, I'll give it to you Graham. Without this money I not let ((((I was even the chief of the airport and cry with him, I do not have that kind of money, but he said that the law is equal for all and he can not help me (((I could only cancel my flight and I said that as soon as I have money, they immediately make a booking my flight the next flight. My love Graham, I'll wait for your answer. I'm sorry Graham, but I did not know about it (((I feel right now very badly, but I had to write to you.
I understand that this is a very large sum, but the money not be spent, they will always be with me. I soon will return them to you when we meet at the airport. I have checked all the documents and they were all good and it's the last thing I should do. I want to give you all my love, I want to hug and kiss and be close to you. It is very important to me because I love you very much. Please answer me as soon as possible. I'll wait for your answer.
I'll hope for you, now your support is very important to me.
Your Aleksandra.
Letter 17
My love Graham! I'm sitting in an Internet cafe and wait for your letter. I hope that today we can all do. I want to fly out to you tonight and I talked with the managers of the airport and they said that I could book a flight. I want to see you today, Graham. I cry all day (((I want to be with you Graham. Thank you for your support. It's hard being in a strange city and have this problem. My love Graham, I arrive to you and I will give this money. I stood and watched as my plane flies away and I was very sad. next plane will fly and I'll be there. My love Graham, I'll wait for your letter.
Write me as soon as possible. I love you Graham! Your Aleksandra
Letter 18
My husband Graham! I ran to get money. I will make our meeting and I promise you. I should have time to do everything. I'll go to the nearest westernunion, to obtain cash. I'll have to get to town, because I was told that there is the nearest bank. My love Graham, I get money, and soon arrive at the airport and I will write you my letter. We'll be together and I hope that it will today. I have enough time. I hope I have time all day. I love you Graham! I must flee. I write to you yet but I do not know how long it will take me. I'll try to do everything as quickly as possible. Russia now 16.27 pm. I should have time to do everything. I love you Graham! I write to you immediately. Your love Aleksandra
Letter 19
My love Graham! I'm at the airport now. Do not worry. For me having a bad day (((I can not now come to you ((((It is now 19.37 pm. I could not get the money ((((( I'm ready now, to yell at the world and blame everyone. I can not believe that we have not met today. We have been waiting for this, and because of this problem, we could not meet ((((I cry ((((I can not believe it and it hurts me. I'm trying to have the strength to do everything tomorrow to be with you Graham. I promise I'll do anything. I went into town and found westernunion, but it was already closed (I tried to ask people where I can find a bank or westernunion, but in Moscow, people are spiteful and rude. They do could not tell me and someone even told me that I left behind. It's a terrible day. My love Graham, I am very hard now, but I know what I'll do tomorrow. I'm talking now with the managers of the airport and they told me what they have done for me and here are my flight details. I'm going tomorrow to try to get money from the morning and then I'll just go to the airport. I'll try to call you and write letters to let you know. My love Graham, excuse me (I do not fault in this. I shall arrive to you tomorrow.
This is the last night and tomorrow we'll be together. Here are my flight details!
SU241 flight airline Aeroflot
Departure 11:20, Sheremetyevo
Arrival: 12:30, Heathrow
Graham tomorrow we will go together and choose a house. We'll be together tomorrow! I've checked everything and I'm good and tomorrow I will get this money and I will immediately go to the airport and wait for my departure.
Today I'm going to sleep at the airport and is in the waiting room. I'll try to sleep, so tomorrow we will have the strength and look good before our meeting. This problem does not stop us and we'll be together Graham! We both waited for and it will happen. Moscow is really hard city, and I want to go faster for you to find you there and took care of me. I know that with you it would be easier and I feel under your protection.
I love you very much Graham !!!!! I must go now. Internet Cafe here is much more expensive, but I've got money, so I wrote to you. I'll save it to buy some food at the buffet. My love Graham, I'll try to sleep, but I do not know if I can. I want this nightmare ended as quickly as possible. I wrote to her mother that all is well and I flew to you. I do not want her to worry. It would be better if she thinks I'm just fine. I'll be you tomorrow and I'll write it! My love Graham, tomorrow I'll do anything! I love you Graham! I'll try to write you all the information immediately. I love you Graham! I love you Graham! Tomorrow it will all happen. I really miss. My kisses! Tomorrow I'll kiss you in reality Your love Aleksandra
Letter 20
Good afternoon. You wrote a doctor Gurkko Irina. I am the chief doctor of the Institute of Surgery named. Vishnevsky. We have received today the patient is unconscious and it was a woman. We found her documents in the name Aleksandra Vorancshyhyna. Also, she had e-mail address:,, graham.Parker @ We are trying to find her relatives or friends. If you know something about it, please contact us. Yours Irina Gurkko?
Letter 21
Mr. Graham.
Once you have responded to our search for relatives. This phone was recorded in her notebook, but we can not call in another country, because we are not allowed and the maximum that we could do is write a letter to e-mail address. Do not worry with Aleksandra all is well, now she is under anesthesia, and when it all goes well, then I will write to you. To us it was brought to 11.00am and she had a concussion and many bruises. The police, who brought it to us said that she had committed robbery in the subway. She underwent an operation and it is not so serious. When she was brought to us, she repeated the "Graham". Perhaps it was because of you Mr. Graham. I do not have to write much because I have a lot of work. I'll let you know immediately the news of her recovery. Do not worry her life not in danger. Maybe after 3-4 days she will be able to feel better. Thank you for having responded. Irina Gurkko
Letter 22
Good afternoon Mr. Graham.
I received your letter and I see that you are very worried. With Aleksandra all is well and she had regained consciousness. I wanted to talk to her today, but she does not want. She just cry. She now can not worry and I tried to reassure her, but she could not. We gave her the pills and only then she fell asleep. She had some of the wounds of the head and bruises on his body. It's okay, and the operation was simple.
Now she has a difficult psychological condition and I understand that this is because of her travels and attacks.
We just Polyclinic Mr. Graham and we do not provide services to the arrival of aid on a trip, we just treat their patients. I think that soon we will write it out of the hospital and she will get in touch with your mom and you. When she came to us we found her Russian passport, international passport and tickets. I am very sorry that you have such a situation occurred Mr. Graham. Now Aleksandra should relax and not worry, but she is experiencing because of this. Maybe later, when she gets better, we'll give you the opportunity to write. For we can not call because it is a hospital and there are all strictly. You only have to wait until she gets better and she will write to you herself. Mr. Graham, I see that you are very close person to her and I hope Aleksandra will write and you will meet. Good luck. I'll let you know if there will be some news. Irina Gurkko
Letter 23
My love Graham! Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me, Excuse me! Excuse me!
I am very hard now and I cry and I am writing this in a letter. I am in hospital now, and I was allowed to give a computer to connect with you. I do not know what to say to you. I could not come ((((My love Graham, sorry!
It's like a bad dream and I remember it and I feel bad. That day was awful.
It is hard to remember, but I must tell you everything. I got your money and I had a good mood and ran into the subway to quickly get to the airport, but at one point I felt a blow on the head. I hid the money in his pocket in the clothes, like you and me talking. Then I remember that I had already taken to the hospital for emergency assistance. I do not remember ((((( It was the worst thing that I had. My love Graham, all the money had been stolen (((((((((((( I talked today with the police and they came to me and told me that this was a special attack, and maybe they are watching me. They are trying to find them, but chances are small, because it's tough in the big city to find the culprit. I cry, I lost all your money. I feel guilty . I was told that I should not worry, but I can not be calm. I'm sorry Graham. I called the airport today and I told them the whole situation and they said that I would have to show them a certificate from the hospital and they will be able to transfer my voyage to you, my documents well. My condition is better, and doctors say that I can write in 2-3 days. I have a little headache. There is a bump, but I was told that it will pass. I can not even imagine how you feel. It's very painful for us. My love Graham, you're not done nothing wrong and to blame me. Maybe I was not very careful. I hope now that the police are able to find it and they will take money that I could arrive to you Graham. They say it will be hard to do. They told me that if I'm going to get that amount in the bank and going to fly away, I had to go along with them and they could take me to the bank and the airport. I was told that such attacks have already occurred and it is not the first time ((((( I caught this (How are you Graham? I understand that you now feel very badly. I need your support. I love you Graham! doctors say so I was able to quickly forget this situation, because it gives me great excitement. I could not forget what happened. Only when I'm with you, I'll forget it and I will be calm. I talked to Irina and she told me that you are very worried and waiting for when I write to you. Yesterday I was with no one talking, because I wanted to be alone. My condition was psychologically difficult (I still can not believe it. I wrote my mom a letter today that I'm just fine and I am yours. I did not write it, I'm in the hospital, because for her it would be a shock. I do not want to upset her. I know what her reaction would be bad and I'm excited for her and for her heart. Now I think that the faster I was discharged and I was at the airport to transfer their tickets.
I do not know what we will do with the money. I love you Graham! I want to quickly forget about it. This world very cruel and just next to you I will feel completely secure. My love Graham, excuse me. It is hard now, but I had to write to you, because you seriously too. Our love is stronger than all the problems. I must go to take drugs. I'll try to go back to the computer to receive your letter. I need your support for Graham. I love you Graham.
Your future wife Aleksandra
Letter 24
I'm ready to die Graham! I read your letters and I just cry, why do you say about me? Do you understand me now as hard and now you just accuse me of that, I kid you. Please do not say so. I wholeheartedly love you and I want to be with you Graham!!! You ask me many questions and I understand that you just have doubts in me. My love Graham, do you want me to die? You want to leave me alone?
I have now contacted the airport and I asked why Aeroflot say that I do not need money and they did not have not any departures. I was told that they could not say so. They always have crashes and the fact that I was able to delay his departure, it is done at the airport, rather than Aeroflot. I was told that I must have money for customs points, and not when I will sit on an airplane. This can be verified at the airport customs officers, not Aeroflot. I do not understand. Aeroflot has no effect on it and it's just a transport company. My love Graham, I do not know why they write to you so ((((
I'll call you up again, but you did not answer me. Yes, I asked Irina, that she gave me the opportunity to call you, and I explained my situation and she allowed me to it. Here nobody do not give a call and simply Irina is a good man and she was able to give it to me. I cry every night and she sees how hard. Now I'm ready to make yourself sick, but I think of you Graham and I want it all ended. It seems to me that the fate of our checks. Graham please do not leave me alone. If you left me, I can not go on.
I will be discharged on Wednesday. I'm trying to make a picture in the hospital, but it is also not permitted and there is not even a camera. I will be discharged on Wednesday and I'll do for you copies of my documents.
I want you to trust me. I understand that a lot of money and you have to show documents. I'll do it and I hope that you will not have doubts. I am seriously thinking about it and talk. I love you with all my heart and with all my heart. I'm very hurt that our relations had such a problem. I am very hard here without your support and your recent letters have been severe.
My luggage is at the airport in the luggage. Graham, I do not know what to do now. This whole world is against me and I think that you too ((((I hope that you will not leave me alone. I do not I go on living without you. You know my love for you is very strong and I know that you you love me too!
Hard for me to write this and I do not want excuses. I did not do anything to deceive you. All that was with me, it's true. I have no words. I'm ready now to jump off the roof of the hospital. I do not want to live like this (((Why is this happening to me? I want to love and be loved, I want to be with you Graham. I no longer needed anything (
Letter 25
My love Graham! I will go now to the airport. Me have discharged from hospital. I will try to contact Kyle and Sveta and I hope that they can help me.
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