Romance scam letter(s) from Anjelisa to Pete (England)
Letter 1
Hello my greatest and unique love Pete!!!! I am happy now because I see your letter, I can read and answer it to you now. I have for this purpose time again. I really happy - and my pleasure every day all growth and growth!!! At the sight of your letter my heart very strongly to fight, more often than it is possible, and such sensation - that it simply jumps out soon!!! Then, if it to jump from my body - that only a part of my heart. It will fly to you on the sky to your house - and joins you. Thereby I wish to tell to you what to give a part mine hearts to you I want. And to give all my mood and the pleasure, all my love to you. Tell to me as your mood today? I think, what all is good also you write as you spent day, and night?
I nevertheless last night and more close by the night already thought again of us. Just I did not watch TV at all and there is nothing did not distract! I suddenly thought, that if about what we write all can occur in a reality, also as our words! That is so quickly people can fall in love each other under letters. I to write you the truth about all my feelings and my love to you!!!! But as to sex - I am not engaged any masturbation. I simply think much of us and I dream.
That I think also I I can not already display it in words at all! So strongly I want relations with you. To come nearer to you, I have grown fond of your private world, - that that at you in heart. And you to me tell about it, and I think that you that just the man which are necessary to me. Yesterday I thought of us and planned much. That nevertheless I can not without you any more. Letters is one and you are itself understand, that is absolutely good we do not learn each other. And if we can meet once - then it will be an instant which will show at once that we approach each other. I not drops not to doubt that is that if I see you really - all will be fine between us. And if I to you in eyes to a smog look I to see all that, weigh their shine which of your eyes will go to me. Then I to smile at once, then I will understand at once all, all your feelings and love to me. YES, only on a sight! And if I see all your acts which the care of me or courting would show. It is necessary for me the nobility and to see in you! I assured, that I represent you just such which would like to see and what you are actually. I would like to begin a new life with you which to me would allow to forget absolutely all past which occurred! That then simply not to recollect any more it. I and now do not think of it, simply I speak to you. Now, all my aspiration you to meet - in me. But if you are going to go to me??? You have such desire??
I think, that it not a good variant. As if someone from my acquaintances, here in Azerbaijan learns me. They will inform at once on it to my parents. Both my father will see also the nobility - that I with you. I cannot such admit. As the law then will punish me!!!! BUT!!!!!!!
If I arrive to you the darling. Then I have the right to leave Azerbaijan, and then to build my life as I want. And also I can change belief (now it is the Allah). I can accept other belief if it will be necessary!!!! You understand all that I write??? Here, in Azerbaijan I cannot be with you. And this very important condition!!!!!
In my head and I cannot think of what the friend. All those things, apartment, parents, my native and my work is all it is possible to leave! Though girlfriends and parents - for ever in my hearts and I can visit them once, together with you!!! If I come to you then I can leave from work in Azerbaijan, and work for you. Also I think that you in it help me! That in shop it is completely not difficult to be arranged with the seller at you and everywhere they to be required. Professionals who are able to work with people. I already wish to work, try with people. Which not from our country. It will be very interesting to me, and attractively, probably I can change their style more than others! I can offer them footwear and clothes. ok? In it there is no I think problems if I had citizenship! In any country it is possible to receive citizenship, but for this purpose I think it is necessary to be the husband and the wife, the truth?, nevertheless - but we will discuss at first it at a meeting. If we want we create absolutely all at all desire.
That is I wish to tell to you, what at first we can meet for some time to learn - whether there can be we together or?? What do you think of it???????????????? And if we it see, and already 100 confidence we will approach each other, thereby to live together. Then we about wedding conversation will already go!!!
I very strongly love you and pleasure you also would meet. I will wait on it for your answer the darling!!!!!!!!!!
Nevertheless if we meet. I speak is absolutely another, it any more letters. It is a lot of pleasure to bring letters and many desires, are a lot of dreams!!!! But they cannot all those feelings which I have to transfer to you. All those emotions and my sight! You cannot look at my eyes. Therefore I and to speak this all to you now!!!
If we meet - then all that we write each other we can to do and we can embody in a reality. We can make love in a bed, and we can walk on different streets and the finest dreams. We can bring every evening each other pleasure to be happy. I would like you massage constantly, at each kind when you tired. Would like to be engaged with you sex, at each our general desire and to want. That that you write all you also could do! You write you also love me and want love big. We can do it soon!!! I so thought yesterday, that will suffice to dream, as it is even more desire to meet.
I so strongly to wait your answer! In general that you think? Speak me your thoughts and further we solve all!!
I with the big impatience will wait your letter! Also I wish to tell once again, THAT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Here, yours for ever Anjelisa!!!
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