Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Klimova to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my dearest man from other part of the world. Yes it's you John. But all the same you are very close to me, because we correspond together and our letters make us closer. Do you agree with your Katy, John?

As I promised I want to tell you about my dream about us in details. I know you want to know about it. I do it because I love you John and want to be with you absolutely frank. So here is how our first meeting goes in my dream.You are waiting for me in the airport. You hide yourself a little so you can surprise me by coming up behind me close to my eyes by your hands. Then I will feel a little shiver. Then I will turn to you and our eyes meet. We both have big smiles on our faces as we look at each other for a moment. We embrace in the middle of the airport and have a very long kiss. You put my things in your car and before we leave the parking lot I climb over to the driver's seat, sit in your lap and we continue our kissing for about 15 minutes. Just from the kissing I can tell that your cock is very hard and my nipples were bursting through my shirt. You drive as fast as you can to your home. We barely make it in the door as our clothes come off. We embrace for a little while kissing. You pick me up and carry me to the bedroom. You lay me down as we kiss a little more. You start to ease down my body with light kisses stopping at each nipple and circle my tongue around each one until they are like little rocks. You move back up kissing my neck and behind my ear then back down to my nipples. You then start tracing your tongue to my belly button then give me soft kisses there. You have both of your hands on my nipples caressing them with your fingers. I take one of your hands and start sucking your fingers with anticipation. You move your lips down towards my panties which are the only thing on me. You tease me by kissing my inner thighs for awhile as you are still caressing my nipples. My juice start to soak part of my panties. You slide off part of my panties away with your tongue to taste my juices. You take down my panties then slowly lick around my pussy and clit licking up some of my juice. Your tongue continues around my clit until you put your tongue inside my pussy. You begin to get your tongue inside me as I grab your hands to hold on as I begin to press your face by my thighs deeper into me faster and faster until I climax. You let me catch my breath until you start again on my clit and take your fingers into my pussy to make me cum again until I can't take it. I have you flip over on your back and take your cock in my hand but before I start you have me in the 69 position so you can continue to caress clit with your tongue. I start to suck you for awhile. Your cock is very hard at this time. I suck you slowly then fast then slow again teasing you to the point you almost cum in my mouth. I know now that you are ready to climb me on top of you and slow begin to insert your cock into me. I feel so warm inside and we both quiver and groan as it feels so good to be inside me. You ride your cock for awhile. Then you have me lean towards you so you can suck my nipples. I tell you that I'm gong to cum so you turn me over slowly to let me catch my breath. Then as you lay on the top of me you begin to penetrate inside me again. Your chest barely touching my nipples as you drive into me faster and faster. We go until we let out a scream together as we climax. We lay in bed for awhile. You continue to give me soft kisses on my lips and around my neck as I do the same for you. You then trace your finger over my face as you see my beauty like a fine peace of art. You take me to the shower and wash my body. Every minute of time which I spent with you we feel our true love together. We stand in the shower and the water rushes over us like a rain. We stop and stare at each other as we are both think the same thing. How can two people from different worlds end up together? As we stare into each other's eyes at the same time the words from our lips say I LOVE YOU!!! Do you like my dream my dear John? I hope for it. I have seen this dream as it was real and I woke up wet and all my body was in sweat. I hope you will not be offended by my dream and you will not be mad on me because of it. I just wanted to show you how I feel and how strongly I love you. All my feelings to you and all my love awake my dreams. I like it! Hope you like it too. Also I have attached new picture for you. Ok, I will finish my letter. I will write you later my John and of course I will wait for your next letter. Oh, almost forget, please let me know the name of the closest international airport to you where you would meet me as in my dream! I need to know the name of the airport.
I suppose it's not a problem for you.

Your Love from Russia, Katy.

Letter 2

Till last day everything was all right and now you say you don't love me you found someone. How it may happen. I don't understand you! What is wrong. I think you just deceive me that you found someone else. You have never said me that you dating with other girl. I am sad because you was not honest with me. And now I see that you didn't love me at all and all your words to me was emptiness. I am really sorry that I waste my time and I was mistaken in you.



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