Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Michael, I miss you and all my life I felt so lonely without your letters.
Every day looked like the previous one. I knew, that in a week or in a month - everything will stay the same. I felt, that life goes fast and I cannot stop it. I felt the sorrow of disappointment at once after my fleeting infatuations. One day I decided there's no prince on the white horse at all. The fate never was gracious to me. I was happy of stranger's life, not mine. But deep inside I hoped, that some day I'll find my happiness. Most of my friends don't trust Internet by now. But I'm happy, because I met you via Internet. Though we didn't meet each other yet, but the main thing, that we are ready to meet each other.
Sometimes, when I think about you in the evenings, the fear creep over me. I worry, if everything all right with you this moment, what are your thoughts about... I'm so happy you feel our contact and i want very much to continue it. My dear , I honestly think that you are a very good person, and I want to say one more time how much I like you, and I only hope that you feel the same way about me! Please please say you do:) To hear this would be the sweetest tune to my heart!Unfortunately I have to tell you that I have financial problem now and there is a big possibility that I wont be able to pay for our translations any longer.I was paying for every letter till now. I don't want to lose you, I worry about this situation. I don't know how we will solve this problem and I would be glad to know, what do you think about this? I hope for your support.I am very interested in continuing the correspondence with you as you are a gentle and a very interesting man for me.. I can feel your mood, when I read your letters. I share my happiness and sorrows with you. Though we have different cultures, we are the same human being, because God created us: you and me. I believe, that our thoughts are material and my feelings to you are material as well. All I need is to see you and feel you near. When I dream about us, I cannot help thinking about intimacy of our souls and bodies. What does your eyes shine with? What kind of walk do you have? All these little things leave no rest to me.
I cannot and don't want to resist this feeling for you... Oxana
Letter 2
Hello Michael, And I wasn't able to write to you as my account was closed and you told to the agency that you are not interested in me any more , I never thought that to pay 5 $ per letter can be problems for you , as i pay for you and for my letters How are you? What's new? Thank you for your letter , I am glad that you continue writing me. I have read your letter very attentively...What can I say? I can understand you, experience is the thing we are getting and if you are hurt once you will not believe in future. But , please understand me too. I earn 170$ per month, I am paying for your letters and my letters to be translated, each time I get your letter and write you a reply it costs me 10$, it is not easy for me to afford it. But I am doing it and I am taking a risk , may be you stop writing me, or may be you are not serious, may be you are married and have eight kids and you are just having fun:)I am not telling it to you , so why are you treating me like this? I am doing what I can to talk to you. Do not you respect me? What if one day I loose the chance to pay for the correspondence translations?
Will you think bad of me? I do not think that relations should be started with doubts, be open and do not wait for bad things. I am interested in you and I would be happy to continue talking to you! I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. Oxana
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