Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Oleshchenko to Peter (England)

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Letter 1

Good day Peter!
I am sorry, but today since morning I have no good mood. I have problems on my work. I understand, these are working questions and it is solved, however, my mood is spoilt. Anyway, how are you, Peter?
I hope your day better than mine. I was in bad mood all the day long, but now I see your letter and I smile. Your letters bring to me pleasure. To me it is very pleasant, that somewhere in the world, it is far from me, someone waits my letter with pleasure. I also wait your letters with the big excitement. I am always glad to read your letters. I try to check my mail every day, but not always I have such possibility. Thanks for your pic. I like it!
Peter, I wish to tell to you, that I began a often to think of you. I like your letters, I like you. You trust in horoscopes? I trust in horoscopes when it promises to be good. On a sign on the zodiac I the Cancer. I was born on July, 7th, 1979. This summer to me 33 years will be executed. I want that you knew, that our age is not a problem for our dialogue. The real age at us in a our heart and soul. To us it is so much years, how much we feel. I want that between us there were no barriers. We should communicate without ceremony. The love has no age borders. I wish to tell to you why I do not search for the man in Russia. You, probably, often hear that men in Russia are unreliable, they drink vodka and do not care of women. It on half truth. In Russia there are also many good men. Which do not drink and do not beat women, however all of them are already married and have families. I do not know, how in your country, but in Russia deficiency of men. I understand, it sounds ridiculously, but it is really so. I tried to find the husband in Russia, but I was unlucky. I met the guy two years ago. We were together 6 months. But as it has appeared, he wanted only my money. He never had feelings to me. I have seen as he fucked another girl in my apartment. To me it was very hurt. We have left.
After that I have decided to try to find the man in other country. And I have found you. To me it is easy with you and it is pleasant to me to communicate with you.
Peter, tell me how you represent your future wife? What do you search in the woman? What qualities your wife should possess? I approach for a role of your wife? I search for care, courage, sense of humour in the man. I love cheerful and positive people. Between us there should be a trust, friendship, love, understanding and respect.
I trust you and I give you my home address.
TULA, 300041
Sovetskaya, 12-6
My cellphone number is +79109490741. I do not know, what is prefix code. I will be glad to hear your voice. Today I send to you some my pics. I will wait your letter. With kisses, Kristy.



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