Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Petrova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hi John!
Thanks for your letter. I am so glad to see that. Unfortunately, I do not have Internet at home, therefore I write to you from my office. I use the working computer. I have no skype and messenger. Also I dont have facebook account. I hope, it not a problem for us and we can communicate by our letters. I was born on October,12 1981.
I work as the actress at local theatre. I love art. Often me invite as model for photosessions. My theatre often goes on tour in other cities of Russia. I like my work, it gives me enough money for my life. I work 6 days in a week. I have one day off - Sunday, therefore I cannot write to you on Sundays. My growth is 5,5, my weight is 120 pounds.
I do not smoke. I dont mind smoking. Every person has the right to a choice. I respect habits of other people. But I think, smoking does not decorate the woman. I drink wine and champagne only on big holidays. I spend my free time with my friends. I love my friends. I go to fitness. I wish to hold my body healthy and beautiful.
John, how you spend your day? Tell me more about your life. We are from the different countries, we have different cultures and different languages. It is interesting to me to know about you and about your life. I like to listen to various music, it depends on my mood.
Usually, I listen to radio. I like to watch movies. My favourite movie - the Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. Also, I like serial House MD. I do not understand in medicine, but I like it! I like bowling. If you have questions, you can ask me everything what you want. I will try to answer on every your question. I wish to know each other as it is possible is better. I hope, my letter was not boring for you. Today I send to you pics with me in theathre. I hope you will like it. I will wait your letter. Have good day. Your friend,
Letter 2
Hi my John!
How is your day today? Thanks for your letter. I like it.
Thanks for your pic. I like it. Please send me more of your pics.
I work as the bookkeeper at my theatre. I conduct financial activity of my theatre.
Every day we start to know better about each other. I want to tell you about my hobbys. My hobby is a cookery. I adore to cook different dishes. I have the big collection of culinary recipes. I very economic woman. My apartment is always in cleanliness and an order and I always have a ready supper or a dinner. My friends can come to me at any time, and they do not remain hungry. I would like to cook for you some Russian dishes. You are familiar with a Russian cuisine? John, I live alone in my apartment. I have one-room apartment in the property.
It about 50 square metres. I live in the centre Tver. My parents live in 40 km from my city. They have a cottage. I often go to them. My daddy's names is Nikolay,he is 55 years old. And my mum is Svetlana, she is 52 years old. Also I have younger sister Anastasiya, she is 16, now she goes to school. Anastasiya lives with my parents. My father works as the mechanic in car-care centre. My mother works as the hairdresser, therefore I always have a nice hairdress. My parents very kind and friendly people. We often gather all family in the house of my parents. I like to live one in my apartment. It is close to my work. Now I should continue my work. I send you my pics. I will wait your letter. Your friend, Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Good day John!
I am sorry, but today since morning I have no good mood. I have problems on my work. I understand, these are working questions and it is solved, however, my mood is spoilt. Anyway, how are you, John?
I hope your day better than mine. I was in bad mood all the day long, but now I see your letter and I smile. Your letters bring to me pleasure. To me it is very pleasant, that somewhere in the world, it is far from me, someone waits my letter with pleasure. I also wait your letters with the big excitement. I am always glad to read your letters. I try to check my mail every day, but not always I have such possibility.
John, I wish to tell to you, that I began a often to think of you.
I like your letters, I like you. I want that between us there were no barriers. The love has no age borders. I wish to tell to you why I do not search for the man in Russia. You, probably, often hear that men in Russia are unreliable, they drink ***** and do not care of women.
It on half truth. In Russia there are also many good men. Which do not drink and do not beat women, however all of them are already married and have families. I do not know, how in your country, but in Russia deficiency of men. I understand, it sounds ridiculously, but it is really so. I tried to find the husband in Russia, but I was unlucky. I met the guy two years ago. We were together 6 months. But as it has appeared, he wanted only my money. He never had feelings to me. I have seen as he make love with another girl in my apartment. To me it was very hurt. We have left. After that I have decided to try to find the man in other country. And I have found you. To me it is easy with you and it is pleasant to me to communicate with you. John, tell me how you imagine your future wife? What do you search in the woman?
What qualities your wife should possess? I search for care, courage, sense of humour in the man. I love cheerful and positive people.
Between us there should be a trust, friendship, love, understanding and respect. I trust you and I give you my home address.
TVER, 170000
Sovetskaya, 10-4
Ekaterina Petrova
My cellphone number is +79109490761. I do not know, what is prefix code. I will be glad to hear your voice. Today I send to you some my pics. I will wait your letter. With kisses, Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hi My Honey John!
How is the weather in your city? Today in Tver the sun brightly shines. The temperature reaches +25degrees. It becomes warm. I like summer. This winter was very coldly and I have frozen, now I wish to be warmed. Every day I wait your letter as the child waits a gift on birthday. Every evening, I come home and I think about you. Yesterday after work I went to fitness. I go on fitness two times a week. I am engaged in aerobics and gymnastics to hold my body the healthy. I care about my health. I am unpretentious in meal, but I prefer healthy low-*** food. I eat vegetables, fruit, rice, fish, a hen, beef. How you have spent your evening yesterday? What do you do at leisure? You thought about me? Every day I know better you and your life. In each your letter I receive the new information on you. It is interesting to me to read your letters. To me starts to seem, that we are familiar long time. I like our dialogue. John, I start to feel, that my feelings to you more than simply liking. Your letters - an obligatory part of my day. It is necessary for me to see your letters, differently my day passes in vain. I would like to know that with you everything is ok, I would like to know how you spend day. I do not wish to hurry, I do not wish to spoil our dialogue. But I also do not wish to hide my emotions, I wish to speak about my feelings openly. I do not hesitate of it. I start to think more about our meeting. I will present day when we will meet. I do not know, that I will speak when I see you for the first time. I do not know, that we will make and where we go. I never got acquainted thus before. For me acquaintance on the Internet is an innovation. I wish to tell to you, that I do not write to other men. I wish to be sincere and fair with you. I have found you, you my man and I write only to you. I do not play game. John, you seem to me most approach for a role of the ideal husband. You sociable, clever, at you are sense of humour. You serious, careful, at us are the general interests. And the main thing, we have the similar purposes. Both of us wish to be happy. What do you think in this occasion? You agree with me? I often think of our meeting. Our first meeting will allow us to understand our feelings. We will know, at what level there are our relations. By means of our meeting we can is better to know each other. Whether we can spend some time together and we will see to eat at us the joint future. You could arrive to Russia?
I soon will have vacation and I will have holiday. I with pleasure would arrive to you to my holiday. I like to travel. I was in Thailand last summer. I love the sea, a beach, the sun. I already said to you, that I have the passport and I can move to any country of the world.
John, you have desire and time to meet me? I should know when you will have a free time that I could talk to my boss concerning my holiday. The moments which we will spend together, we will remember all our life. It will be new emotions for us, new feelings. I am assured of it. The life is short also we should use each chance that the destiny gives to us! We never met, but I trust you. I feel that you the good man. You heard about female intuition? It never brought me. I always listen to my heart. The brain can be mistaken, but heart never will deceive. I trust you and I am ready to arrive to you.
Please tell to me that you think of it.I will wait your letter. With thoughts on you, Ekaterina.
Letter 5
Hi My Honey John!
How are you today? How is your mood? I am ok. I hope you are well.
The last night I have spent in the house of my parents... I like to remain in the house of parents. I feel the little girl, my parents care of me. Yesterday mum has made the big dinner. The whole evening we were behind a table... Talked much and had good dinner. I did not see for a long time the daddy, and he asked me about work and about my life. Yesterday I have told to the daddy about our dialogue.
Surprisingly, but mum spoke nothing to him... My daddy has asked, what is your name, and I have told, that your name is "John". My daddy set to me many questions... He interested, how we have got acquainted?
Where you work? Whether there are at you children? I have sincerely answered the daddy on each question. John, I have no secrets from my parents, and I think, that you do not become angry about me that I have told about you to the parents... My parents worry about me, and it my destiny is not indifferent. Also I have told to my parents that is possible shortly, we will have a meeting... I have told, that I start to plan travel to your country. My daddy and mum have brought up me the independent woman. However I arrive for the first time to other country for a meeting with the man. The daddy and mum have warned me against possible disappointment. Also daddy has told, that to it cases when girls from Russia fraudulently entice into other countries are known, and take away their documents, thereby making the girl the ****** *****. I have hastened to calm my daddy. I have told, that you absolutely good man, and I am assured of your feelings. Also I have told to my parents about trust which exists between us. I trust you.
We never met you, but we communicate, and you never deceived me. I want, that we have spent together the life rest. My vacation very close, and it would be good, if we have met on holidays together. This my hugest desire. I want to see your eyes in real and I want to take your hand in my hand. I do not want anything especial, I wish to be only near to you and to live your daily life. I think, that our meeting will be a fine gift for us. I wish to spend time with you, I wish to spend with you every year the remained life! My words to you serious. I feel, that already well I know you. Your letters, give every day me fine mood. My parents have told "Hello" for you! I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I send to you pic of my dad with bear. This pic was taken at house forest man. I kiss you!
Sincerely, for ever yours Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Hi My Dear John,
Today I have very intense day. I have just returned from my boss.
Since the morning we had a business meeting, and just we have finished discussion of all questions. The business meeting was very strained, time most part was spoken by the boss, and everybody attentively listened him. After meeting, I remained in an office the boss. I talked with him about my forthcoming vacation. John, at me good news to you today. I will soon have a vacation. Now it is necessary for me to finish some the important files and reports, to hand over all files to my boss. As soon as my boss will accept all my papers, I can have a vacation. I will speak you date of my vacation. I am very glad now. I dont know how we will spend first time after our meeting.
John, I have not asked you, how are you today? I hope you are well. I am ok, but I am sad, that we are not together. You have brought pleasure and sense during my life. I already wait our meeting that we could refuse our letters. I wish to see you every day and to talk to you. I wish to hear your voice, but unfortunately, I cannot call to you from my cellular phone. In a few days I will call you from telegraph. I will tell you when I will be.
I do not hesitate the feelings and I will not hide my emotions, therefore if I shout with happiness, please be not frightened. Thanks for your honesty. I always think of you. You always in my head and you always in my heart. When I work, I think about our meetings because it stimulates me and I try to make my work faster. You think about our meeting seriously? I very much want to spend my vacation together. As soon as I speak you date of my vacation, we will speak about a date of our meeting. I have 30 days of a vacation. How you wish to spend our joint time? Maybe we go to cinema or we watch movie at your home? You will show me your city? I wish to see it. I wish to get acquainted with your friends and a family. But if you do not want it we will not be. When we will meeting, we will make a next step together and we will think about together too. We will solve together I come back to Russia or we will spend all life together. I wish to bring to you a souvenir from Russia. You want something especial of Russia? I send to you pic of me in my office. Now I should work. I will wait your letter. I kiss you! With love from Russia, Ekaterina.
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