Scam letter(s) from Audrey O'Keeffe to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Bob, Subject "Toast to a new union"
Thanks for the lovely pictures and its nice of you to tell me about yourself and what you looking for.I do love to travel but for years now i have been seen the other part of the world.I do enjoy nature and walking along the park are one of my hobbies.Bob you talked about the age difference and yes i am aware of it and right now i am looking for a matured guy,previously I dated a guy my age only to be left hurt and heart broken,and it led to living my previous job so i can have my own space and find time to heal.and believe me after years with the kids i have really healed and i think its time to come out of my shell and find true love. I was raised by my mum she tried to give me the best of education so i had my high school and college in the UK.I am just a simple girl who is in search for a loving man to be with.someone who has a heart filled with love to give and receive. what come first right now is finding a man I can be happy with and if we are going to be happy without kids I am ok with it or do you think kids are the basic for one's happiness? Bob I really do like your being open and i think your divorce with your ex seems to be the most peaceful and matured.I just want to have a relationship base on honesty sincerity love and happiness to have a man who i can run home to be with. Will love to know more about you and hopefully we can fix a time when we can exchange mails and talk on phone, thanks for the pictures.Hope you do have a nice sleep,will be looking forward to read from you and here is my number +60166461097. Audrey
Letter 2
Hello Dear Bob, Thanks for the beautiful picture its looks quiet and peaceful and I am in love with nature.sorry about the phone not going through but it was nice getting to hear your voice and it hasn't stopped echoing inside my head.Seems you having a nice time with friends,they say all work and no play makes Bob a dull man,smiling.... You really do have a nice Motorhome and hope some day as we get to know each othe ri will be able to go on trips with you in it.Bob I dont know what is it about you that just took me off guard is it because I have been too lonely for long and Just want a man I can be with,so many questions going through my head but all i do know is I dont want a man who will hurt me,you have been matured in your mails and you seem to have the qualities I am looking for in a future partner. What email do you prefer i write you too.hope you do have a nice day Bob. Thinking about you,
Letter 3
Hello Dear Bob, Its always nice to hear your voice and you can call me by 4pm thats going to be an ideal time to call and whats going to be the time in USA. hope I am free to call you anytime.I dont know about skype.I am off to bed now and will be looking forward to hear your voice. Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 4

Hello Dear Bob, I do get your messages and its always a greta feeling reading your maila nd i must say I am really touched that you willing to go through an operations so we can have kids of our own.Bob thats a nice idea as i would love to be a mum and if having children is going to make our love more stronger its ok with me.In as much we will love to have kids our happiness should come first. About my last relationship thats the past now.I have learnt from it and right now I am trying to move on to a better man who deserve my love and who will show me what true love is all about.yes you right a woman deserve some dresser and closet but thats not too important for now Bob,the thoughts of being in your arms is all i can think of and when i saw that picture of you with the kid i just cant help but like you the more Bob you what a woman will dream of. Hope you having a nice day and it was nice getting to hear your voice. Hugs and Kisses,
Letter 5
Hello Dear Bob, or should i call you by your nick name, Otter bob?smiling.the phone connection is never reliable but i do enjoy the few minutes we talk on phone.and thanks for the pictures again and its nice to see that there are still good people out there who as the less privilege in heart.Just like you have made me believe there is still decent men out there and you have made me believe in Love again Bob.Ido spend most of the day thinking about you and all i do is looking forward to when we can be together and make this dream a reality. Hope you having a nice day at the park,i did had a walk today but its not fun these days seems its the Ramadan period(its the month the muslims fast) so most kids and parents dont come out for walk anymore.I will add you to my messenger and hope we can chat some day but the time difference wont allow us spend much time. I will try have dinner now and try get a quick nap.guess you sleeping now and hope to read from you soon. Love Always,
Letter 6
Hello Dear Bobby, Thanks for the mail and I really do appreciate your effort in making enquiry to see that we are together,I have been doing the same as well.I have travelled before and like i told you i had my education in the UK.all do need to come to the USA is the visa and to show when i get there i will be coming back,my mum do have a property in Malaysia so getting a Visiting Visa to the USA wont be a problem.Its the fasting month over here and everybody will be going for holidays so all i just have to tell them is that i want to go for an holiday trip. I cant figure out whats wrong with the phone calls,when we are together we won't have to worry about it any more,good news you got a call about the job,guess this are good signs and we are destined to be together,guess its just left for us to make it a reality Bobby. Wishing you sweet dreams and have a nice day ahead of you. Love Always,
Letter 7
Hello Bobby, Its ok now just that over the night i cant sleep much as well,never knew you will think so little of me.but its ok now.Bobby you need to go the outlet i saw from the link i sent you to make the transaction.
Name: AUDREY OKEEFFE Guess you about going to bed hope your day was nice. Love and Kisses,
Letter 8
Hello Bob, wow seem like you having a nice time and hope the brandy tasted good.thanks for the picture you looking great is it ok if i save it on my laptop? My weekend has been boring just home.goign to have a walk along the park.hope you having a nice weekend. Love and Kisses,
Letter 9
Hello Bobby, I haven't open my chat window just feeling a little bit tired and want to have a nap.i will call you when i am awake so we can talk on phone.hope you had a nice time at the party.and no woman was making advances at you.... Try get some rest and we will tlak when i am awake. Love and kisses,
Letter 10
Hello Bobby, was nice getting to hear your voice and now my day is just about to begin hope you had a nice weekend.are you serious about women giving you there body just to play their favourite music.Now i am jealous and when we together i will accompany you when you DJ ing. seems like you friendly with the animals on the park.hope you had a nice weekend honey,looking forward to read from you. Love and Kisses,

Letter 11
Hello Bobby, I don't do an 8 hour shift it varies on when the Mum brings their kids and when they do come pick them off.its non Muslim compound but Mulims are not restricted from coming in.Yes guess the American women are very dramatic.why is it most marriages in the USA doesn't last mostly that of celebrities. It was really a detailed chat we had today and Bobby time heal all wound and I am doing fine going through the healing process.hope you had a nice sleep.guess your day is about to start,for me its almost bed time and have a nice day ahead of you. Love and Kisses,
Letter 12
Hello Bobby, Thanks for the pictures,quite a nice family and lovely people you have around you,seems like we both surrounded with kids.Sorry for the belated reply,just got back from the Embassy the Americans are so full of themselves,sorry to say this we explain better when we chat. Hope you having a nice day and looking forward to our chat. Love Audrey
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