Scam letter(s) from Anna to Randy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello! Do you remember me? Actually, I did not think that you will answer my little letter on the dating site :) Well, as I said, if you will answer me I will tell you something about me I will do it )) OK. I am Anya, and I was born in Ukraine, in Severodonrtsk. It not very big town, it has near 120 000 inhabitant. It is in Lugansk region. It is not very clean, but not *****. We have few plants and factories here. My childhood was usual for this place. My family lived in usual flat, I went to usual school, when I was graduated from 9-th grade I went to Culinary lyceum of Lugansk. My profession is Confectioner Chef. Now I am working in Lugansk in a supermarket "Absolut". I also live here, but once on two weeks I going to Severodonetsk to visit my parents. I love them very much :)) I have no brothers and sisters, I am the only child. I never been married and I have no kids. Do you have? When I have free time I like to go to sports ot to stay home and to listen to music or to watch some movie with my friend Olya. We live together in the rent flat because it is more easily to pay for it both then only by myself :)) I think that my friend Olya is good, but I want to find a man for my soul... I want to have children, to have my lovely husband :)) But here are no right man for me. As you may know most of Ukrainian men are alcoholics (( That is why I started to seek my love over Internet in another countries. I saw your profile and decided to write you :)) In people I like honestly and openness of their hearts. I like cheerful and loving people. I have good sense of humor, so I can understand any kind of jokes. Even black humor :)) Well, I have told you basic aspects of my character which can help to describe my person :)) I wait for your soon reply, if you still interested in me :)) I attached some of my photos to you, and I hope you will do the same in your reply :)) Bye-bye, hug
Letter 2
Hello! How are you on that side? I hope you are fine. I feel good since our correspondence been started. Also I like your letters. You are very handsome and wise man with right thoughts. I was touched by your words. I like your company and I like that feeling that begins to exist between us. It is very tender and if we want to grow it, we must be tender with it and to be tender to each other. What do you think about it? Dear , I want to tell you, before you ask, that the difference between our ages is not matter for me. I think that there is no reason to be worried of that. You became a friend to me, and I hope we can grow up our relation to the next level, because I am very glad when you thinking about me and when I am receiving your letter. I think you would like to know some more information about me? Well, My complete name is Anna Chumak, I was born on 3-th of September 1985 year. My sign of Zodiac is Maiden, and I am athletic type of body. I am cheerful, romantic, I love life, and try to spend it with a smile on my face, I hope you would like it))))) In relations I like honesty, openness and truth. I disrespect lie and people who lies. Pity, but big part of Ukrainian men are liars, who can not be loving and tender. They are selfish in their hearts and souls. I disrespect it in people. I was disappointed in men in general, but then my friend Olya advised me to try to find good relations in another country by the Internet. I thought that it is good idea. As I do not have computer at home, and I do not speak or write English, Olya showed me fine translation bureau. It is relatively cheap, and it is comfortable for me :)) Besides, Olya already find her love with their help:)) I believe, That we can become to each other more than good friends.
What do you think about it? Well, I will finish my letter for now, and I will be eagerly waiting for your reply. Please, dear, send me your photos, photos of your friends, because I want to know more about you and about the world you live in, dear))) Sincerely yours, Anya.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear! I hope you will smile when you will get this letter from me, because your letters making my mood better every time I getting them :) How are you, my dear? How is your health, mood? Dear, do you feel the speed with which we becoming closer and closer to each other. It is unbelievable! I am thinking about you all my days from sunrise to sunset, darling. Dear Randy, yes, I can cook, as it is my profession, I told you in one of my previous letters. And no, I have no camera, and I have no skype or Internet, I told you about this in one of my previous letters too)) By learning your thoughts I begin to understand, that I did not mistake when I choose you to making relations! You are that man whom I was looking for. And no doubt that you are the most attentive and sensitive man that I ever seen, my dear. I like that you are agree with me about my likes and dislikes. I think, my dear, that we are became to the next level of our relations, do you think so? Do you have wishes and dreams? I trust you and I trust in you and I trust that you will not hurt me, so I am ready to share it with you. My dream for now is to be more closer to that man, whom I was looking for. Guess whom I mean? I mean you, darling :) I want to rise up and fall asleep nearby with you, darling. I want to speak with you, I want to see you, I want to touch you, make great love with you, darling. I feel how this tender and beautiful feeling is growing up in my heart. Every second it getting ******, and I do not want to stop it. What do you think about it, honey? I hope you feel the same as I feel, darling. Well, I got to go for now, my dear. I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope to see your photos in next letter, would you attach them to your letter? I hope yes, darling.
Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart! How are you there? I hope you are fine on that side, because you are dear to me and I wish to you only the best things on this planet, darling. I want to tell you that after your letter my thoughts about you as a right man for me became much stronger. And I am not think that it is fast to me to feel feelings like I have to you, honey, because we, women, have more developed intuition and my one says me that I am right about you, dear. Also I consider that you are the right man to me because I am thinking about you all the time, dear. It is not without purpose. It means for me that I want to be with you and that it will be good for me to be with you, my darling. My love, I want you to know that every time when I come into the agency and receive your letter, I feel something warm and soft have rise in me. I feel that you are close to me. I feel that if you were here I would kiss you and hug you all the time, with care and tenderness. Honey, you became very meant for me, you are my soul, my heart. I live with thoughts about you. I have no idea how can I live without your attention, without that care that I feel from you.
Sweetheart, you made my days light and brightly, you gave me possibility to feel that feeling that I never had before I meet you.
You bring a new sense into my life, my love. I wish for now that one day we could meet each other, you could take my hand, and we will walking over the evening beach, and to watch to the sunset on sea, then we would come to comfortable home where we would drink tasty good wine and laugh, we will kiss each others bodies and then we would come into bedroom and make the best night in our lifes, and it would go on until sun start to shine, then I will fall asleep in your sweet hugs, isn't it beautiful? By the way, I attached more frankly photo to you can image me better when you would probably dream about me, darling. It was made especially for you. I show it only for you, my love Randy. As for me, me and you becoming in our lifes as inseparable union, which would be live as long as our souls would live, dear. I want to be a friend and lover to you, I want to be your interlocutor and your wife, I want to be with you in joy and sorrow, dear. Honey, I think that I can trust you my gladness and my worries. I just want to be honest with you, my dear. It is difficult to say it, but you know that I am not from rich family, that my family is simple and my salary is not big, and when I came to the company I detected that I have money only to pay for this letter, and I will have no money to pay for translation of your reply, my love Randy. But I know that you are the best, and you will not let to interrupt connection. I believe that you feel the same as I feel. Please, don't make me suffer without you, honey. I need to feel our closeness constantly. I won't sleep without some news from you, and I would be thinking and dreaming about you all days and nights, please, my dear do not break my heart, I can not stop myself to feel this great feeling to you. Well, darling, I must to finish this letter for now, and I will be eagerly waiting for your answer, I hope you will answer soon, my dear.
This night I will be dreaming about you and me to be together, dear. Many many many kisses and my sweet hugs.
Letter 5
Hello again, my love! My love, how are you there? I hope you are fine and I hope this letter that I am writing finds you in best health. My love, I want you to know that i am really interested in you very much and I want you to know that I love you very much and I have been looking forward for conversation with you since our firs letters. My love, had better be frankly with you, I still do not know English and i still need help of Translation agency, and I still have no finances to fill up my account and keep corresponding with you. Dear, I want you to know, that I really want to proceed our corresponding and i really love you too much to lose you. My sweet, I hope you love me such strong as I love you and you still interested in me and in our future relations. I have only one plea to you, if it possible to you, help me to keep in touch with you till I can do it independently. My love, I love you and I know that you are the best and would not let the circumstances to break our feelings. I believe in you and I believe in power of our feelings to each other. My love, now i need to go, so I will finish my letter. I will be eagerly waiting for your answer. I love you very much. Yours Anya.
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